1. lol the show that brought NBC down. Oh Steve…You crack me up. Ed Helms…full frontal…priceless.

  2. WOW! At this point speculation can run amuck but I just have NO idea what to expect. I’m not gonna try to guess either because there are just too many possibilities. I’m sure I’ll be surprised no matter what!

    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be one of the cast members right now and you can’t even tell your family what’s gonna happen- that would be so weird!!!

  3. I seriously cannot wait for more Angela/Phyllis tension. Pretty much any tension emanating from Phyllis is comedy gold, given her explosive personality.

  4. Can anyone catch if there is a ring on that finger?!??!? I tried to pause the feed multiple times, but my eye just isn’t that great!

  5. so here’s my thought. they said that a scene in the season finale was shot in front of a green screen. I read in an interview with greg daniels that they were going to start playing with the fact that the people in the office might actually see their documentary. what if jim proposes to pam using documentary footage??!?

  6. Leslie David Baker was great. “I’m going to rent me a womb”.

    #3 Jenna could have been hiding her fingers intentionally, it looked like that was the case on Tansters set visit photos.

  7. well when Steve was talking about next season he mentioned he and toby together which lend me to believe Toby is not really leavinng, then again it could me one big master scheme to throw us off lol

  8. I love that Jenna can’t NOT give up some information. Everybody else is just flat out lying, but she finds one thing she can tell.

    11–Isn’t it 30 half hours? So maybe that means four 1-hour episodes next year.

    3 & 13–I wouldn’t bother trying to ring spot. What’s easier than just taking OFF a ring while you’re taking a photo or doing an interview?

  9. Steve Carell is just so funny! I wonder if the Angela-Phyllis battle will be over party planning. Those are some of my favorite scenes when the girls plan the parties and Angela’s the boss of it. Maybe an engagement party for JAM???

  10. I think definitely that Toby will be back. Steve seems to just try to be funny in interviews…I don’t think he was worrying about spoiling the fact that Toby isn’t really the one leaving.
    I’m new to these forums…why are we looking for a ring on Jenna’s finger?

  11. 18 Aileen, I think we’re mostly looking for what’s on Pam’s finger…To see if Jim proposed!

    Everyone was hilarious. I actually wouldn’t mind 47 episodes of improvisation; that’d be great! I also wouldn’t mind joining Andy’s a-cappella-based cult.

  12. Steve Carell is the funniest person alive. LOVE him!

    I can’t remember ever being so pumped for a season finale. Just 10 more days until all our questions are answered! ;)

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