1. LOL I didn’t even notice Ryan!! Can’t wait to see why he’s back in Scranton :-)

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for Thursday I could just pee a little!

  2. I can’t believe we’re so close!! Summer’s over! Remember how agonized we were when we had the ENTIRE summer to get through?!

  3. that weight loss memo from DM HQ’s did set up an easy way to get ryan back to work at the scranton branch when it said the branch mgrs now have much more power and can hire & fire. or maybe this was the last DM newsletter? one or the other, but that specific point was obviously a lead-up for ryan’s return. michael has authority to hire whomever he wants now!

  4. Wow! Thanks for pointing out Ryan people! I was beginning to think no hints about Ryan’s where-abouts would be given! SO thanks very much for posting that :) And he has no beard! Hopefully his ego’s been taken care of as well! But he’s still wearing those black shirts!

  5. And that’s a clean-shaven Ryan. It also marks the return of Mumbly Jim – I had to listen several times.

    Odd that I don’t recall seeing Kelly in any of the clips, which is as good of an excuse as any to watch them again.

  6. Maybe after Ryan’s fraud conviction, he recycled himself through the temp agency, finding a place at Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton?

    However he got there, the season premiere will be awesome!

  7. Ryan is back. What company would let an employee who committed fraud back? It could be the best punishment for him. Because of his crime he can’t get a job anywhere else and Michael is the only one who will hire him.

  8. Ryan being back (although I don’t know the reason) may completely discredit anything this show had about being realistic. If he was actually able to be rehired by the company he allegedly committed fraud to, then I am utterly confused. Unless the allegations weren’t true and he’s just there for another reason then I guess it could make sense.

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