Welcome to OfficeTally 2.0!

After more than two and a half years, I decided that OfficeTally was due for a little makeover.

A few things to note:

  • No matter what page you’re on, you can click “OfficeTally” in the banner to go back to the home page, same as before.
  • See those icons next to some people’s comments? — if you’d like your own, create an account at gravatar.com. Whatever email address you sign up with there, make sure you use that same address when posting a comment here. (If gravatars wreak too much havoc server-wise, I’ll turn them off. But for now, have fun!)
  • The “Comments” link is now at the top of the post instead of at the bottom — for easier reach.
  • You can now find the “About,” “Chat,” “Links,” “Spoilers,” and “Calendar” links at the top right corner of the banner.
  • The “Links” page now includes many more websites!
  • You can now chat directly on the “Chat” page.

OfficeTally 2.0 — it’s the same as before, but fresher. Hope you like it!

P.S. OfficeTally 2.0 looks fine in most browsers, but it looks best in Firefox.


  1. Everything looks fantastic! I love it! I especially like how the new layout fills my whole screen. Now there’s more officetally to love. :)

    [from tanster: thanks! i figured it was finally time to expand to 1024 x 768 resolution. :) ]

  2. The new look is great. I hope it works out well and there are no problems with it unlike Dunder Mifflin 2.0.

    [from tanster: LOL!]

  3. Oh PS, guess who just went dork and tried out OT in 5 browsers just to see what it would look like? Yeah, that would be me. So congrats Tanster: you work in Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari, with the only major difference in Safari being the font. Nice work ;)

    Also, may I express my appreciation for chronological comments? It’s great.

    [from tanster: a little bit of OT2.0 trivia — it took over 100 hours to get this redesign right, partly because I had to make sure it looked reasonable in all the major browsers. yes, i wish Safari rendered the font the same as the other browsers. a little nit for me, grrr.]

  4. It looks awesome! The first Office Tally had lots of zing and pep, but this has even MORE zing and pep!

    [from tanster: LOL! thanks matt!]

  5. I LOVE it tanster! it took me a while to find out how to comment this though.. hah.

    [from tanster: lol, yes, i moved the “Comments” link to the top of the post. i hope it’s more convenient there than at the bottom!]

  6. Lurving the redesign. I could nitpick, but I won’t because I don’t want to reveal just how much of an anal freakazoid I am.

    carl mentioned that the font is different in Safari. Maybe I’m going blind, or maybe the plethora of fonts available to me on my Mac has affected how the page renders (I consider myself somewhat of a typophile) but both Firefox and Safari are rendering the body font as Arial. So I’m not really sure what you guys were talking about. And yes, it is bugging the bejesus out of me. Aaaaaah!

    [from tanster: thanks, andrew! please, nitpick away. i’m equally anal about the details. which is why it’s taken me over a month to release this thing.]

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