What final season questions do you want answered?

Now that The Office showrunner Greg Daniels has announced that Season 9 will be the final season of the show and that “all questions will be answered,” which questions do you want answered?

I’ll start it off:

  • Why are they making a documentary of The Office?
  • Who are the documentarians?
  • Who is the Scranton Strangler?
  • What did Jim write in his Season 2 Christmas card to Pam?
  • Will Jim pursue his dream of being a sports writer?

Please add to the list!


  1. – What went down on Jim and Pam’s first date?
    – What is Jim hiding under those too-big dress shirts?

  2. What did Pam’s mom ask her on the phone before Jim kissed her in “Casino Night”.
    And most importantly: how is Michael Scott doing? Bring him back for the finale!

  3. What was Pam’s sixth movie on her Desert Island list? I know Jenna has said it’s Singing in the Rain, but confirmation please.

    What is Tanster going to do with her free time when this is all over? :)

    [ from tanster: :) ]

  4. Who are Erin’s birth parents? Is she an orphan or was she abandoned? Why does she not know who they are? Why was she never adopted? And I’ve also always wondered what Jim and Pam’s first date was like, and also what their home life is like, and stupid as it sounds, what their living room looks like now, since ‘Frame Toby’! And what does Andy’s home look like? Also, what did Jim major in at college? In fact, if we could just have spin-off series for each and every character, that’d be great!

  5. Oh, man, there’s so many…

    What are Michael and Holly up to? Did Michael get to have kids? And if so, what are their names?

    What happened to Roy after he was fired? (I’m assuming we’ll find out when he returns at least once this fall)

    Is the new Corporate under David Wallace going to be similar to the original Dunder-Mifflin? Particularly, will he rehire some former Dunder-Mifflin employees (Charles, for example)?

    What happened to the other lottery-winning warehouse workers?

    Where is Bob Vance? Is he still across the hall at Vance Refrigeration?

    Is Gabe returning for this season despite Sabre’s liquidation?

    Any other former cast members returning for a “last hurrah”? We already have Roy and (presumably) David returning, what about Jan, Karen, Danny, Deangelo, Josh, and anyone listed in my above questions?

    And, of course, will OfficeTally continue after the show’s demise, perhaps as a fansite for “The Farm”?

    There are others, but too much to list here.

    [ from tanster: ‘will OfficeTally continue after the show’s demise, perhaps as a fansite for “The Farm”?’ hmmm… ]

  6. “If I advance any higher, this would be my career. And if this were my career, I’d have to throw myself in front of a bus.” – Jim Halpert, Season 1 Episode 3

    10 years later, Jim is still a paper salesman. Will Jim finally have the stones and initiative to move on?

  7. What did Holly write to Michael in the document that Pam read on the flash drive and then deleted?

    [ from tanster: oh good one! ]

  8. (Knock on wood) Will Jim and Pam stay together? Will Andy & Erin stay together? Will we ever know more about Creed? Daryl & Val? Will we see a return of the Jell-O prank?

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