What hints do these promo shots hold?

SPOILER WARNING! Photos and comments posted here may contain spoilers.

Okay, since you guys LERVE to analyze photos for possible spoilers, here are some fuzzy screenshots I extracted from the NBC promo that ran right after “Job Fair” last Thursday night.

Speculate away …

The Office


  1. the first picture with Hank doesn’t indicate anything specific because Michael would probably just ask Hank to come up cause Toby is leaving.

  2. My bet on the picture of Jim and Pam (the second one) is that Jim just proposed! It looks like he’s kneeling and Pam is sitting down! That’s just my bet!! And I REALLY hope I’m right!!

  3. Who’s behind Dwight? Is it Holly or Pam?
    Where’s Oscar?
    Who’s to the right of Kevin? It looks like Ryan…

  4. I’m closing my eyes!

    But I love you for writing “LERVE.”

    Shoot, I just saw the first one… wait, what the hell!? Is that Toby getting ARRESTED?

  5. I highly doubt that one of the possible reasons Jim would have everyone gathered at his desk would be to show everyone what ring he’s getting Pam. That just is kind of corny – not to mention, he’s a pretty private person so something THAT big I doubt he’d want to share. Especially with Michael. We all know how good Michael is at keeping secrets.

  6. The first one of Jim and Pam looks like they could be at the top of the ferris wheel that we saw Michael and the new HR woman on. Like maybe they got stuck up there or something? Of course I have no idea how the camera would have been up there with them but you never know.

  7. Omg! Michael took everyone to a fair or carnival of some sort! I think this will span the second 30 minutes of the episode. There, Jim will propose, Dwangela will share a sundae, and Michael will try to kiss the new HR girl. Or pretty much anything else. So many possibilities…;)

  8. Maybe they’re all looking at Dunfer Mifflin Infinity 2.0 on Jim’s computer? Also, I think that they went to the amusement park to celebrate Toby’s last day because there was a problem with the Party Planning Committee.

  9. Tanster, you are a saint for doing this for us!

    I am most interested in the first picture. Could the police be there because Toby refused (well, not refused, but he did push the subject away) to give Jim and Pam the “Love Documents”? I doubt you could get arrested for that, though…Or could he be involved in Ryan’s drug escapade? Or could he have at some point inadvertently sexually harassed Pam?

    I know, my ideas are quite far fetched.

    Thanks again, Tanster!

  10. One more thing! Caitlin – I agree with you. It actually looks like they are looking at his computer screen; take a closer look at Creed, Kevin, and the mysterious person next to him.

  11. That’s easy: they’re like everybody else. They’re checking at officetally.com to learn about the spoilers for the finale.

    [from tanster: lol! best answer of the day!]

  12. Don’t think that Jim is kneeling down-she would have to bend down much further. He is sitting on the break room table like in Fun Run, which would put him eye level w/Pam. I also don’t think he would propose in the break room.

    The one I can’t get a hold on is the one where they are standing around Jim’s desk. Pam is not there.

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