What is The Office ‘mystery story’?

In an Entertainment Weekly interview with The Office executive produce Greg Daniels, Greg makes an intriguing statement about this past week’s episode, ‘Goodbye, Michael.’

A tiny mystery story — which I’m not sure anyone’s going to catch and will come out a few episodes from now — is being set up here…

What do you think this ‘mystery story’ is? Post away! :)


  1. Either:

    1. Phyllis is Erin’s real mother
    2. Deangelo is the real scranton strangler. the way pam and jim look in the preview for the last 3 episodes totally look like it could be a reaction to that.

  2. As noted elsewhere, I’d lay pretty good money that the new plot is the Phyillis’ baby/Erin’s mom plot . . .

  3. To be honest, I’m going to rule out the official ‘outing’ of Angela’s boyfriend as I’m quite certain that most, if not all, viewers are already well aware of what may be going on in that corner.

    It is a definite possibility that Deangelo is the Scranton Strangler, but then again, he mentioned that he landed the job at Dunder Mifflin by having a run in with Jo and rescuing / saving her dog. Would this not imply that he was in Florida at some point, or perhaps it was while she was visiting in Scranton? I missed some of the story behind this so I could be wrong. It’s possible that he escaped to Florida after that police chase earlier in the season.

    I’d say it’s most likely that the mystery in question is the story behind Phyllis and Erin. They dropped subtle hints in last night’s episode that I didn’t catch on to until I read a few of the comments here at OfficeTally.

  4. I feel a little weird having to say it, but I think a lot of people aren’t joking when they suggest Deangelo is the Scranton Strangler. They already caught him and Toby, a member of the jury, is in the office with Deangelo.

    I am definitely thinking it is the Phyllis/Erin idea. Props to whoever thought of that first.

  5. #7 (Sean) – Perhaps they caught and sentenced the wrong individual, as Toby was so vocal about during Michael’s last Dundies performance? Just some food for thought. There could be something brewing there. :)

  6. I think that Phyllis/Erin thing would be so cool if it were true… Hoping so.

    Deangelo couldn’t be the Strangler because the Strangler is in custody.

  7. Hmmm…interesting theory about Phyllis/Erin. After all, wasn’t her nickname in high school, at least according to Michael, “Easy Rider?”

    At the Dundies, Toby said that he thought that the person convicted at the trial was not guilty. Perhaps Deangelo IS the strangler.

  8. It’s either Phyllis being revealed as Erin’s mother or DeAngelo being revealed as the actual Scranton Strangler (he framed the guy that went to court for the crimes).

    Both I feel are over-the-top and unrealistic even by this show’s standards, but…..hey, the writers do what they want to do.

  9. #6/9 Chris – I suppose it is a possibility, but it seems so far-fetched. In the cold opening for “Viewing Party,” the police caught the Scranton Strangler in a high speed pursuit. I can’t imagine them catching the wrong guy after a high speed chase like that. I guess it might be possible, but it seems too much of a stretch, even for TV writers! We’ll find out what it is soon enough though!

  10. Heh, let’s also keep in mind Deangelo’s odd sense of humor. You’ll remember that he would entice Andy to essentially inflict pain on himself, such as pouring a scalding pot of coffee on himself, eating soap, or unintentionally stumbling over a table and chairs.

    This sort of behavior would only further support Vickers role as the ‘real’ Scranton Strangler.

  11. This isn’t parks and rec or a soap opera. I would hate it if they did that baby storyline. The final three episodes look great though

  12. When I watched the episode a second time, I noticed that after the scene when Erin was talking to Michael about wishing she knew who her mother was, they cut to her on the phone then pulled to a wider shot of Phyllis on the phone holding it exactly the same way, and they were sitting next to each other in both conference room scenes…hmmmm.

  13. On his list of people he was saying goodbye to, Michael didn’t cross off Hank…maybe it revolves around Hank?

  14. I’m pretty sure Deangelo is NOT the Scranton Strangler… Toby was on jury for the trial so i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t let the Scranton Strangler work in the office.

  15. It’s Phyllis is Erin’s mother. They had Phyllis reveal that she gave a baby away and Erin wish to know her birth mother in the same episode. I think that a mother/daughter working together unknowingly is more realistic than Deangelo is the Strangler. He’s insane but he isn’t that insane.

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