1. That looks amazing. Normally I’d have said no show without Steve but the guys can more than handle it.

  2. The only one of those contenders I’d really want to be the boss is Jim Carrey, and chances of that are slim…

    Aside from that, the next few episodes look hilarious!

  3. @2 Excellent observation! I didn’t pick it up the first time I saw it. Looks like a character.

  4. @Katy: That’s Cody Horn sitting in Dwight’s chair (she’s a new series regular coming in during next week’s episode).

  5. @Katy
    It’s Andy, haha…it doesn’t look like him from the side, but I paused it and it is him =D

  6. Matt is right…..I mis-read your comment. My bad, but all the same, Andy is sitting in front of Dwight :).

  7. I have watched this so many times! It’s like it is the new Harry Potter trailer or something. I always look forward to The Office every week, but I am seriously excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.

  8. The only one i’d like to have stick around is Will Arnett. Definitely a good choice having the rest of them just do interview spots. But i do wish Will would would stay awhile. I like Jim Carrey, but wishing he’d stay is out of the question. Him simply doing a cameo is amazing enough.

  9. I like it when Dwight and Jim tagteam. Like when they planned Kelly’s party. But I hope Ricky is the new boss.

  10. @Dave: They could have Charlie Sheen be the new manager and instead of having him be really big on improv like Michael, he could be all about WINNING.

  11. Wow, as much as I hate to say it, they’re managing without Michael. Can’t wait for the next episodes :-)

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