What’s your favorite part of The Office set?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 | 41 comments


I am going to be filmed tomorrow giving a tour of The Office set!

(Yes, I am super crazy excited.)

I want to make sure I hit all the good stuff, so that’s where I need your help:

What is your favorite part of The Office set and why?

UPDATE Thu Jan 19, 7pm PT: I’m moderating Pool Party comments while waiting for my flight out of Bob Hope Airport (a blogger’s job is never done!). Yep, flew in this morning, and flying back home tonight. Full day on The Office set, but a little bit different from my past set visits in that 1) most of the morning was spent being interviewed by Reveille, 2) the time I got to spend watching scenes being filmed was not on the main set, but in a crowded hallway, and 3) most of the cast was off today. Still, I love coming here! Got to stand about 10 feet away watching some groundbreaking Jim/Dwight interaction being shot, and learned some interesting stuff about upcoming episodes and guest stars. And tried to take as many pictures as I could, based on your requests! Hope to post more this weekend. :)


  1. 1. Roy's Mugshot  

    This may sound odd, but my favorite parts of the set are the parts I’ve never seen. I would love to see how the Office set relates to the larger studio. Where do the doors actually lead? What do the “windows” actually look out on?

  2. 2. Mabby  

    I wanna see an extensive view of the annex!

  3. 3. Magda  

    It’s not really a set but a prop. I REALLY want to know what’s written on Jim’s red mug that he always drinks from. I can’t figure it out and it drives me insane.

  4. 4. Pete  

    Kelly’s nook!

    Also love the accountant corner,,,, I have always thought their little island is a little under-used, they bounce off each other so well.

  5. 5. tanster  

    Oooh, lots of good ideas. Thanks you guys! Keep ‘em coming!

  6. 6. Clarence  

    I want to see what’s INSIDE Creed’s desk lol

  7. 7. BringMePlayers  

    I would love to see what’s behind the mystery door–the one Jim and Pam came through after their Valentine’s Day “walk” :)

  8. 8. CreedFan  

    I want you to take me with you :) Also, I like Roy’s post about parts of the studio we’ve never seen before.

  9. 9. elena  

    Ryan’s closet and Erin’s desk

  10. 10. TheMichaelScottOnFacebook  

    There’s a door right between the Accounting island and Meredith’s desk I’d really like to know goes where. I always thought it lead to some sort of outside fire escape since it doesn’t match up with the architectural structure of the interior of the building.
    Would also love to see Andy’s office a little more in depth dice it’s been remodeled to his satisfaction. (or at least redecorated.)

  11. 11. Katrina  

    The inside of Dwight’s car. I always wondered what it smelled like, what he had in the backseat, how neat it was, what cds (besides REM) he had…LOL I know…I’m freaking crazy. LOL

  12. 12. tunatunatuna  

    Aren’t there doors in the annex that lead to some other areas?? I want to see that!!

  13. 13. TobyFan  

    I’m with 10/TheMichaelScottonFacebook – I’d like to see more of Andy’s new office. Also, where are the other parts of the building (Cafe Disco, the coffee shop, the elevator, Vance Refridgeration) located? Are they permanent stages or put together as needed?

  14. 14. RafaBrazilOfficeFan  

    Tanster you’re very luck , haha!
    I would do anything to visit the office set , but since i live in brazil it’s almost impossible.
    Well , i would love to see Ryan’s Office (Closet) more , and like someone said before , where the doors lead.
    It would be awesome!
    Have a nice set visit =D

  15. 15. DJ Jazzy Flax  

    The refrigerator – inside & outside!

  16. 16. FlonkertonChamp  

    agreed with magda!!! what does jim’s mug say?!?!?!?!

    please tell me jenna will be there! we miss her!

  17. 17. WaitWhat  

    Maybe a look around the kitchen area (including the bathrooms and Ryan’s office). Thanks!

  18. 18. Taylor  

    I would love to see all of the pictures on people’s desks!

  19. 19. pete  

    The supply closest that was once Michael Scott Paper, Cafe Disco, and Dwight’s Child Care room.

  20. 20. Brigette  

    I would also like to say Ryan’s closet office! What is on his desk? And the break room, just because that’s where a lot of my favorite scenes have taken place. Have fun, Tanster!

  21. 21. Colleen  

    On the wall in Andy’s office, there is a collage of pictures in the shape of a music note. I would like to see a close up of that.

  22. 22. Sarakaya Komzin  

    Erin’s desk from what Erin can see. (I kept trying to call it Pam’s desk! I watch too many re-runs.)

  23. 23. beahappy  

    I would also love to see the different pictures on the desks, and what’s behind Erin’s desk.

  24. 24. ilovetheofficestrikesback  

    Try to get pictures and video of the parts of the office that we never see. Places like the door that Jim and Pam came out of at the end of the episode Valentine’s Day, and hallways that we never see. Other parts of the studio, parts that are behind-the-scenes would be cool too.

  25. 25. tanster  

    You guys are super awesome, thanks for all the ideas. :)

    I’m going to be at the set for the day, so I’ll do the best that I can! Two props I really want to see in person — the boxing cat puppet and the Pyramid tablet!

    If there are any props you want to see, please post those ideas, too!

  26. 26. Emily  

    I love the calendars posted on the wall! Forgive me if I’m wrong about the location, but I think there’s one between Meredith and the accountants. I’d just love to know all the events and (hopefully) jokes written on it!!

  27. 27. Michael  

    The accounting area, specifically the things on the window between Kevin and Angela’s desk.

  28. 28. Tiffany  

    Tanster! So awesome you get to visit the set. Please get a picture of the break room fridge. I’m always intrigued when I get a small glimpse of the contents. Have fun!

  29. 29. Carla  

    Lucky you, Tanster! I like idea #1 and also the white boards and certificates and things on the walls that might have inside jokes or other nonsense written on them. Have fun!

  30. 30. Brandon  

    I’ve always wanted to know where the door in the corner behind Stanley goes to, as well as the “EXIT” doors.

  31. 31. Emiellucifuge  

    Show us in detail what is on Jim, Pam and Dwight’s desks

  32. 32. Kelly  

    Toby’s desk! I want to know more about how this guy thinks! And more about why his life is so pitiful.

  33. 33. SchruteNation  

    Anything dealing with Creed’s desk, or what is behind the Vance Refrigeration door. Enjoy the tour! :)

  34. 34. DinkinFlicka  

    The warehouse, Dwight’s gym for muscles? Or…the famous bailer?

  35. 35. Jaydee  

    I’d love to see PA related items. I thought I saw of picture of Penn State Old Main once, and I think I spotted a Sheetz magnet on the refrigerator.

  36. 36. Obie  

    It would be cool to see where all the doors really lead to, and or any other reality continuity issues. Like if certain things aren’t as close as they appear to be.

  37. 37. Tom  

    Simply, Ryan’s “Office” !!

  38. 38. Katiepi  

    I’ll be visiting too!! Just won a visit to the set!!!

  39. 39. RafaBrazilOfficeFan  

    Are you going to post a video and pictures of your set visit?

  40. 40. Aaron  

    They mention in a commentary that the drawers below the windows of the conference room have gum inside them. But this was years ago. Check if they’re still there.

  41. 41. jules.  

    Sounds like you had tons of fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it! I love when you visit the set!

    [ from tanster: thanks jules! i’m writing this from Southwest wifi on my homebound plane. have to be connected on a thursday night. :) ]

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