What’s your speculation?

I’m putting the entire contents of this post behind a jump link, to shield the eyes of our anti-spoiler/speculation brethren. :)

Now that we’re just hours away from The Office Season 3 finale, I figured you guys needed some kind of outlet for all that nervous energy you’re undoubtedly feeling.

So tell me, what’s your speculation?

Lots to think about:

  • Now that Rashida Jones’ show The Rules for Starting Over has been officially picked up by Fox, how does this affect Karen’s appearances on The Office?
  • Will we see any JAM action tonight?
  • Who will be offered the job at corporate? Who will take the job at corporate?
  • And my favorite, regarding the “literally big” Michael/Jan development that various members of the cast have been alluding to for weeks, what is that big development? Is Jan pregnant? Did Jan get a boob job? Does Jan take Michael’s old job in Scranton?

Discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. Predictions:

    Well, BJ was on KROQ in LA this morning, and he gave some MAJOR hints……again, he said that Jan comes in with news…and what ensues is hilarious.

    He then said that Dwight takes over Dunder Mifflin…at least in this episode…

    And that there are “quite a few” Jim and Pam moments

    He then said the episode will leave “everyone psyched” and that they’ve already started writing season 4, and what they are writing is based on what happens in the finale……..

    My personal opinion:
    * Pam and Jim confront the issue, but they are going to “work on their friendship”
    * I think Michael will get the job at corporate…but then maybe next season miss DM so much that he comes back
    * I also think they give Rashida an option of staying at corporate, which she ponders….and we might not know the answer until next season..

    As for the “Big News” from Jan – Maybe she is coming to DH to be closer to Michael (?) That is, if he doesnt get the job at corporate.

    THE END.
    9.5 hours and counting.

  2. My guesses:
    I think there will be some JAM action, but not as intense as last year’s kiss.
    I think Jim will be offered the job, but for some reason or another Karen will somehow wind up with it in the end.
    And I think Jan is pregnant.

  3. It’s ridiculous how nervous I get before finales like this one… seriously. Based on things I’ve read, I’m saying Michael gets the job. I’m not sure HOW in the world that’s going to work considering… it’s Michael. And it will totally change the tone of the show if Dwight – or someone else – is in charge in Scranton, BUT putting Dwight in charge does bode well for lots of Jim and Pam pranks, so hey, works for me. I just don’t think it makes sense to send Jim away for the second year in a row. And surely it’s not something crazy, like two of them get corporate jobs or something… no, no, no…

    On the Jim/Pam front, I don’t think (no matter how hard I might wish) they’re “getting together” tonight. My biggest hope at this point is that Jim tells Pam he misses her as well and they start rebuilding their friendship. I’d love to see S4 Jim and Pam return to their S2 state… And honestly, I’m still waiting for a bit of a fight or argument between the two about everything that happened.

    The wild card is Karen. With Rashida’s pilot picked up, how will they handle that relationship? Will she and Jim break up or try to get through this “rough patch” – eventually to no avail? How much can Rashida actually be around if she’s on another show and how do they handle it in the finale since they had no “for sure” on her pilot getting picked up…

    *sigh* Is it 7 yet?

  4. Here you go:

    1) Rashida doing another show will lead to her not having enough time to be a regular, thus breaking up Jim and Karen.
    2) Of course. But I doubt they’re going to reconcile the whole thing. They’re going to want to milk this for as long as possible. I’m guessing until the SERIES finale.
    3) Jim will have it offered to him, but Karen will take it (her being in New York is a good excuse to get her out of the picture but still have her available for the occasional cameo.
    4) Karen is pregnant. That’s 99% sure.

    I’m pulling on the writers to put Jim and Pam together so we can be done with that and move on to other plot lines. Honestly, it’s dragged on to the point that JAM is taking away from the show and I’m not sure if I’m watching The Office or The Young and the Restless. For most other shows getting the star-crossed lovers together might spell doom, but The Office is unique and creative enough to pull it off. The only question is: Do the writers have the guts to do it?

    Tonight we’ll find out.

  5. Okay, here goes:

    I am so beyond speculation this point, but my biggest fear is that the cliffhanger will be who actually ends up going to corporate. If they do this, I will cry!

    I tend to lean towards Jan being pregnant. I think that Karen will get the corporate job. I think it might be offered to Jim, though. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we ended up with a scenario where Karen got a job in NY, and Jim was also offered one? Then Jim’s choice would be between NY-bottled-water-Karen, or Scranton-grape-soda-Pam. hmmmm.

  6. I think Jim gets offered the job but turns it down without telling Karen why; she takes the job and they try the long-distance thing (confirming reports we’ll see “more” of corporate next year). I can’t imagine Michael getting a promotion, and I don’t like to think that the Office producers/writers would be so unoriginal as to have Jim leave the office again. I don’t think the boob job proposal is in line with the show’s humor/style, but I really can’t figure out what her “big” news is. I guess I’ll just have to wait 6 or 7 hours and find out…

  7. i think jim will be offered the job, but he’ll give it up because he won’t be able to stop thinking about pam’s speech. i think that karen will take the job instead. i really think jan is preggers…i think that jim will confront pam about her speech. pam will admit that she has feelings for jim, and that she’s jealous of karen.(that’s my hope anyways), i don’t know, but all i know for sure is that the writers won’t disappoint…

  8. I think Karen is off the show.
    Definitely some JAM action…I want to see everyone’s (of course Jim’s)reaction to Pam.
    Jim will be offered the job…Karen will take the job.
    I think Jan will interview Michael and when he sees her, she have HUGE boobs. This will cause him to act more Michael than usual.
    I think we’re going to get some major Dwangela action as well.

  9. Wow….soooo much to think about. I don’t think Karen gets offered the job, but I think she does go to Corporate (does that make sense?). Like maybe Jim/Michael gets the job but they turn it down. I would love if Jim turned it down and I think it would be kind of full circle, dont you think? Last season, Jim made a confession and ran. It would be a pretty big character development if he stayed, I think.

    And what’s the big “game changer” ala Lost? The only thing thats coming to mind is Michael leaving, but given the spoilers, and Rashida Jones’ show being picked up (which in the very least means she has a reduced role on the show), I’m not sure Michael does get the job.

    ARGH! I don’t know…..only 6 hours and 19 minutes.

  10. 2. I’d really like to see Jim come back to Scranton from New York as the “old Jim,” with his floppy hair and rolled up sleeves, and planning to pull a prank on Dwight with Pam. I’m okay with them just being friends again at the end of this season.

    3. I think Jim will get offered the job, but turn it down when he realizes he’s not New York Jim, he’s Scranton Jim. Then Karen will take the job.

    Either that or Karen will get offered the job and Jim will assume that he’s going to New York with her until she tells him otherwise.

    4. I have no idea what the big Jan surprise is. I think she’s pregnant, but since Melora has vetoed that idea, I’m not sure.

  11. The suspense is killing me! I’m still wondering what they mean in the summary by “Pam plays an interesting role.” Could it be possible that the fancy new Beesley decides she wants a shot at a corporate job herself? I know that’s far-fetched, but I’m not discounting any curve balls that these writers may throw our way tonight. I do feel good about so many of the cast members saying that “questions will be answered.” Can’t wait!

  12. Karen is out.
    Definite JAM action tonight and they will definitely be dating next season. The writers aren’t going to drag it out any longer.
    Jan and Michael switch jobs.
    Jan’s getting huge “chesticles”!

  13. My predictions

    Michael is offered the job

    Karen doesn’t get job but stays in NYC

    Michael picks Dwight for RM job — Jim doesn’t get RM Job because he turned it down last week –

    Jan definitely getting boob job (hence the title of episode “The Job”)

    sets up next year where Michael is at corporate and Dwight is RM with Jim back at scranton

  14. i think jan is pregnant. i think karen will get the job. i think pam and jim will get married and live happily ever after…it’s not going to be that simple is it?

  15. I agree with most of what Toby from HR says about JAM happening and Jan pregnant. I think Michael goes to corporate because Jan is pregnant. If Jan is not pregnant, I think they reconcile and get married, and again, Michael goes to NY. I think Jim will be the RM in Scranton.

  16. I definetly think that Jim will be offered the Job but turn it down, instead Karen gets it. But I dont see how this would involve changes for the whole office…
    Anyway, I think the Jam action will hapen after Jim comes back from NY, just telling Pam that he turned the offer down.
    Just a guess.

  17. Ok. I really have no clue what’s going to happen tonight, so I am just going to list my ideas.

    1. I think Jan is pregnant, especially after hearing Angela put the emphasis on “big” changes for Jan and Michael. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, it doesn’t sound like Michael and Jan are expecting a baby, but I really do think that’s it.

    2. About the job in corporate- I think that they will offer Jim the job, but of course after Pam’s heart-wrenching speech, he can’t leave her again, especially knowing how she feels about him now. So, somehow he realizes he’s not meant for New York material, he’s a Scranton boy for lifee =).

    3. Once, Jim turns down the job, I think it will be offered to Karen. Michael, on the other hand, will most likely stay as regional manager. Then, I think Karen will expect Jim to move to New York with her, since the relationship seems pretty intense. But, he won’t && I think tonight’s the eppisode where they break up (hopefully!! *crosses fingers*

    4. PLEASE WE NEED JAM ACTION. I really want to see some juicy JAM. Whoop! That’s my #1 priority of the night! Ha-ha.

    Ok, that’s my speculation. Thanks for reading! Respond if you agree/disagree! .

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