What’s your speculation?

I’m putting the entire contents of this post behind a jump link, to shield the eyes of our anti-spoiler/speculation brethren. :)

Now that we’re just hours away from The Office Season 3 finale, I figured you guys needed some kind of outlet for all that nervous energy you’re undoubtedly feeling.

So tell me, what’s your speculation?

Lots to think about:

  • Now that Rashida Jones’ show The Rules for Starting Over has been officially picked up by Fox, how does this affect Karen’s appearances on The Office?
  • Will we see any JAM action tonight?
  • Who will be offered the job at corporate? Who will take the job at corporate?
  • And my favorite, regarding the “literally big” Michael/Jan development that various members of the cast have been alluding to for weeks, what is that big development? Is Jan pregnant? Did Jan get a boob job? Does Jan take Michael’s old job in Scranton?

Discuss amongst yourselves.