1. * Kelly gets a great goodbye episode
    * Michael comes back for at least one episode (hopefully a wedding episode)

  2. I agree with Novak becoming the showrunner, he’s great at his job.

    -Nellie being written as a good character instead of a manipulative woman who will do anything to keep her job. This season tried to throw in some redeeming qualities but after taking the job of our main character and not paying for it at all, it leaves a bad taste.

    -Dwight achieving things in his career. One thing I did like about this season was that they showed Dwight actually attempting to move up in his career. When Michael was the manager, Dwight was obedient to him. Over the years Dwight began to want to further his own career more and more, accumulating with him getting Michael’s job and failing. This season we saw him actually going to Sabre headquarters looking for a promotion, trying to get one from Robert, and it worked when he got to assemble a team for the Sabre Store project, and actually became the V.P. of the project. I want to see more of this next season, more of Dwight giving reason to why he is a credible character.

    -I want to see more of Jim and Pam actually doing something. Obviously the first few seasons were focused around their romance, and then their marriage and kids and now that that is done they fell flat this season. They attempted to write the Cathy storyline with Jim however that went nowhere and was finished after a few episodes, with no aftermath from it either.

  3. A return to the tone the series maintained through the first few seasons. Any sense of reality has disappeared and the program has become more of a cartoon.

  4. 1) It’s the final season.
    2) Less Andy, way less Andy/Erin
    3) More Jim/Pam, give Jim something to do besides prank Dwight.
    4) Less wackiness, more reality.

  5. Michael Scott comes back!
    Creed is highlighted in a whole episode, if not more.
    The annoying British boss lady does not come back at all.
    Dwight finds love that is not Angela,but Angela wants him back.

  6. – that the writers realize that andy doesn’t work as the boss at all
    – that season 9 is the last season, and give the characters a decent ending.

  7. -WAY more Jim and Pam
    -WAY less Andy and Erin (As a couple and separately, we got way too much of them this season.)
    -No more Nellie (Her character wastes screentime that could go to other actors)
    -For Dwight and Angela to get back together
    -For Philip Lipton to be Philip Schrute and for Dwight to propose some sort of Philip vs. Philip baby fight (wherein they just sit and look adorable)
    -More plausible storylines, getting back to subtleties
    -More from minor characters

    [ from tanster: “Philip vs. Philip baby fight” — lol! ]

  8. B.J Novak or Greg Daniels as showrunner

    Would love to have Greg Daniels/Michael Schur/Jennifer Celotta write an episode or two

    -More Jim/Pam

    -Andy Buckley/David Wallace return full time

    -I didn’t mind Nellie at all but it seems a lot of the fans do so maybe have her appear here and there.

    -Also didn’t mind Andy but would love to see more of pre-anger management andy make a return

    [ from tanster: agree with return of Michael Schur and Jen Celotta. miss them! ]

  9. To be honest, all I really want is Dwangela action. Don’t really care about the rest. I would wish for there to be less Andy, but that’s not realistic.

  10. • Michael Scott returns in Season 9
    • David Wallace hires Mose as VP of Public Relations… or as part of the warehouse crew

  11. I want to see simpler plots where the humor is based more on situations than slapstick humor, or Dwight pulling his pants down. I would love to see more of David Wallace.
    And side note, I want Toby back. I don’t know how else to put it. His character has been terrible this whole season, some of my favorite moments from the show are the Michael- Toby story lines.
    But, I did enjoy this season and I am looking forward to great things.

  12. 1. Either BJ Novak replaces Paul Lieberstein as showrunner or Greg Daniels returns to “reboot” the series.
    2. Ditto on David Wallace. He should be a regular – if you look back, it’s surprising he wasn’t a regular in Seasons 5 and 6.
    3. No more Nellie.
    4. A Steve Carell return appearance, especially if this is the final season, although the 22-episode order doesn’t bring them up to 200, so I’m guessing there will be a 10th season.
    5. Rainn Wilson stays in the office for most of the season, and the spinoff starts up in March/April, like the Office did.
    6. Like we were initially promised for Season 8, more focus on secondary characters, such as episodes centric to secondary characters (ie series regulars who are listed after the opening sequence, such as Stanley and Kevin).

  13. 1. BJ novak showrunner
    2. Michael Holly Wedding
    3. Less Caricature Kevin
    4. No oscar and gay senator storyline
    5. Dwangela
    6. David Wallace
    7. If there is a series finale i want an hour long episode with all the characters ie(michael, jan, carol, holly)

  14. All I really want is for Dwight and Angela to get back together…to have more babies and to get married and live happily ever after at Schrute Farms. =)

  15. Episode with Michael Scott….wedding episode!

    David Wallace opens a Colorado branch and Michael Scott manages it.

    Super Prank by Dwight on Jim…..his last episode!

  16. First off, great idea Tanster.
    1. Yes to BJ or GD as showrunner.
    2. Love to have any of the original writers come back for some episodes. A 100% agreement for Mike and Jen.
    3. Lots more Jim and Pam with some realistic advanced stories for me. They will always be the heart of the show.
    4. Way less Andy (and Andy/Erin), they tried with him more in the spotlight and didn’t work for me.
    5. Tone the show down of crazy, sitcom comedy. Go back to the normalacy of office life.
    This show has all the components to still be the best sitcom on tv. Let’s hope season 9 can bring it.

  17. More JAM! I’d love to see a run-in between Jim and Pam and Karen and her new family…

  18. – Dwangela wedding…Pleeeease :)
    – And please let the baby be Dwight’s (I’m afraid there will be some weird twist where it’s not Dwight’s or the senator’s, but someone else’s all together :/)
    – less Andy, less Erin, less Andy & Erin
    – more subtle humor, less slapstick
    – for the writers to stop dumbing Kevin down to the extreme, we get it, he’s not that smart ;)
    – Guest appearance by Michael
    – Company retreat somewhere
    – A little bit more of the old Jim & Pam

    Overall though I have a feeling the next season will be much better than when season 8 started out.

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