Who’s returning to say goodbye to Michael?

The Scranton Times-Tribune reports that a beloved character returns tomorrow night to say goodbye to Michael.

Andy Buckley’s tenure on “The Office” ended a while ago. But he was more than happy to come back to bid farewell to an old friend.

Mr. Buckley’s character, who was let go when the printer company Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin halfway through the sixth season, was brought back by the writers to share a scene with departing Scranton branch manager Michael Scott (Mr. Carell).

Of course, the last time it was officially announced that Andy Buckley would make an appearance on The Office, it was for the episode ‘Threat Level Midnight.’ Unfortunately, his scene didn’t appear in the aired episode.

Here’s hoping that this time, we get some David Wallace!

Link: ‘The Office’ retires Michael Scott; Colleagues share emotional goodbye

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