Win a walk-on role on ‘The Office’!

Enter the Sierra Mist “Mist Opportunity” Sweepstakes for a chance to win a walk-on role on an upcoming episode of The Office!

The Grand Prize includes:

… an opportunity to participate in a non-speaking “Walk On Role” as an extra at the taping of an upcoming episode of NBC show “The Office” … round-trip coach class airfare for two, hotel accommodations for two, and ground transportation between Destination airport, hotel, and taping location.

Participating NBC stations:

  • KNSD San Diego, CA
  • KNTV San Francisco, CA
  • WVIT Hartford, CT
  • WMAQ Chicago, IL
  • KARE Minneapolis, MN
  • WNBC New York, NY
  • KXAS Dallas, TX

The contest ends May 6th.

Tipster: thatswhatshesaid07



    I know I have a 1 in 1,000,000 (or maybe worse) chance of winning this contest, but…!!!

    I can’t even express how awesome this is.

  2. I’m in through WNBC New York as that is where I get my news even though I live in NJ!!! You can enter once a day so I’m gonna do what I can.

    Good Luck Everyone – hopefully an OfficeTally fan will win!

    Thanks for posting about this!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever resented the fact that birthday is in November quite this much before.

  4. This just makes me want to move to one of the “specified geographic areas” until the contest is over. NOT. COOL. C’mon NBC! We should all have a chance! :(

  5. Yes, binford04, they have finished shooting Season 3, so this contest must be for Season 4, which I would guess, based on last year’s schedule, will start shooting sometime in July.

  6. New Zealand isn’t covered….and Dwight wants to come to New Zealand one day. The injustice!

    This is cool though, I really hope one of you all wins this!

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