Write a letter (part 2)

Tonight I received this email from Michael Schur, writer and co-executive producer of The Office:

Hey tanster,

Saw this somewhere and thought TallyHeads might be into it.

This site, Firedoglake, has made it really easy to send emails to the companies on behalf of specific shows. I’d encourage them not only to do it for The Office, but for any show on any network they like and want to see come back.

Constant pressure on the networks is having an effect — and on advertisers, too. At least one large national company is considering pulling ads from shows because of pressure from consumers. (Unconfirmed but there’ve been a lot of rumors.)

Anyway, thought this might be something good for the site … as always, thanks.

If you wrote and sent a letter the first time around, you are a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Now it’s time to do it again. Tell those network execs to get back to the negotiating table!

Do it for The Office. Do it for Mose.