1. Calling Karen a ragamuffin

    Dwight quizzing Ben Franklin, but being 99% sure that it isn’t the real Ben Franklin, despite what Jim said

    Jim referencing wikipedia

    Dwight in a bra

    I. CAN’T. WAIT.

  2. I’ m glad we haven’t seen any Karen vs. Pam footage (yet), as for these scenes, i didn’t expect anything less than hilarious..ness (could that be a word?)

  3. I can never get the videos on yahoo to play on my computer here at work…am i missing something, maybe a security setting? Or are they posted anywhere else??

  4. I must resist!!! I’m not watching them anymore!!! I’m…not…looking…not…looking…arrrghhh!!!

  5. I told myself I was going to resist these Yahoo clip clips and I did . . . for about 30 seconds. But they’re good this week; they’re short and obscure enough that I don’t feel too spoiled.

    Michael’s not the only one that wants to see Karen in a skirt, one cartoonist even went ahead and drew her in one.

  6. Hey I never really posted a message here before but if go to tv.com and go to the office page, there is a really funny scene with Todd Packer!

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