1. omg, i’m gonna cry.
    i miss dwight too!
    and andy is so crazy.
    michael is sooo gonna fire his ass.

  2. I used to love Andy but I kind of want to punch him in the face now.
    That said, this plot line is kind of awesome in that it’s nice to see that while Jim and Dwight are combative at work, they actually do like each other.

  3. Kevin is so hilarious

    “I thought of that, like, 2 seconds after you left.”

    And Angela looked surprisingly happy to see Oscar, considering the way things left with them. I wonder if she’s just depressed that Mr. Shrute, from Sales, is gone.

  4. The universe quote was great. But I love Michael’s bit. “I don’t understand how someone can have no self-awareness.” This said as he’s hiding behind his door to his office.

  5. I love how they showed Dwight’s further total devotion to the office by showing him watering the plants and rearranging Michael’s toys every night…

  6. Oompa Loompa doompadeevee,

    I really hate yahootv.

    The videos all play at exactly the same time,

    Or else with sound, which is really not fine.

  7. I just can’t resist these previews – it takes away a little bit of the surprise when I watch the show “live” on Thursday – but I have to have something to tide me over till then! ;) I’m really looking forward to seeing how everyone deals with Dwight’s absence. Even Jim is missing him!

  8. rats… screwed up a perfectly good joke buy leaving out the word “no”

    “or else with NO sound…etc etc.”

    Lame, I know.

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