The Office Fan Video Playlist

Here are some of my favorite Office fan videos.



  1. Hey Jennie! Thanks for the comment, and for including some of my videos on your playlist! You do such a great job with this site, keep it up! :)

  2. Hi Jennie! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the support. It’s been an honor and a privilege. So first off, I wanna thank my Skechers…

    You rock :)

    – Irene

  3. Wow! Great playlist, Jennie! I must say, the people who make these fanvids are sooo talented!

  4. LOL, I had to go to the Urban Dictionary to learn the official definition of ‘squee.’

    I had never heard the term until Casino Night aired.

    It’s pretty fitting. ;)

  5. Wow. Becca, seeing Kiss I and Kiss II in such quick sucession were so amazing, and it made me realize how much better kiss II was. Oh god.

    Um, Michael/Jan is in Pre-Production. I think I’m going to have to figure out every episode Jan is in, watch them, and then cut together something. It will be out by the end of June. Probably not before the end of school though. School ends June 9th. You have no idea how excited i am to make this thing.

  6. I love these videos… JAM is the cutest ever.

    I was hoping you would link my video too. I made it in February when I only had about 4 episodes of The Office on my computer, but I was so obsessed I made them work! Heehee. The link is in the website bar.

  7. hehe tanster! i learnt squee back when i used to be a huge shipper for a couple in stargate. it was used EVERY OTHER POST! so yea, not hard to pick that one up lol.

  8. Let’s see if we can list off the episodes Jan’s in for “J.” For Season 1, I believe she’s in the pilot and Health Care.

    For Season 2, she’s in Sexual Harassment, Performance Review, the Client, Valentine’s Day, Boys and Girls, and Casino Night.

    If missed one or incorrectly labeled one, please let me know. Hope that helps.

  9. I really liked these videos ! Especially the first one :Once. I would like to know the title and the artist of the song used in Once. Please.

  10. Hi cactuss – the song in “Once” is “Love Will Come Through” by Travis, and it should be available on iTunes. Best of luck :)

  11. All the videos are so great!

    The one that just cracks me up & I think is my absolute favorite, even though it’s hard to resist the “JAM” ones, is the “Got Booze” one. When Michael says “its a booze cruise” & Meredith says “All right!” & slowing down Angela’s disgusted look back at her-brilliant. You do great work Proudgirl.

  12. Hiya Jennie. Thank you for adding my latest video. I am thinking about making a Dwight Tribute or Michaels Musings or something. Not sure..maybe I will take a video editing break…lol

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