1. So good to hear! I thought he was a great addition to the dynamic, love the actor, and I look forward to this!

  2. So…is Toby done then? Doesn’t make any sense to have both of them, not that it has to necessarily, it is TV.

  3. Toby would not be done because of this. Gabe is the Sabre liason to DM Scranton, not a part of HR.

  4. Yay! That’s awesome, I’ve loved Gabe from the start of the Sabre storyline.

  5. I love the Gabe character and I’m happy for the actor. However, I was sort of hoping that Sabre would be ejected and that David Wallace would somehow be brought back to be in charge. I guess this means Sabre is permanent? Oh well, I’m not really a big fan of the Sabre transition.

  6. I was really happy when the actor came in, I loved him in “In the Loop” where he plays a similar character, and I’m glad we’ll see him more now.

  7. I’m pleased – I really like Gabe/Zach. And I’m in the group that hopes Kathy Bates shows up a few more times next season too – she and Steve are brilliant together. I miss David Wallace, but it seems like Andy Buckley is pretty busy these days and so at least I’ll be seeing him on the big screen! Maybe he can come back as a customer or something. Once “Suck It” gets off the ground he’s going to need lots of office supplies, right?

  8. Gabe might bring some realism and sanity, and he’s actually pretty funny. I really hope Jo doesn’t make any more appearances, though. Kathy Bates is a great actress, but the character serves no comedic purpose at all.

  9. This is great news! The Office writers are at their best when creating new characters. In the original cast, everyone was so well rounded and developed, and yet they can keep adding great characters with such depth like Andy, Erin, Holly, Gabe, Charles, etc. that all have their own individual qualities. Only misses are Pam’s Mom and Karen, IMO.

  10. Oy! Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy Gabe. Not liking the whole Sabre storyline. I think David Wallace and Jan should team up with some of David’s NYC friends/backers and go after Sabre in covert hostile take over. We need the old gang back, and this would provide many new stories that would have history to them as well. We need to revisit these relationships; their characters have a lot of life left in them and they tie the whole office together.

  11. Yay! i was really hoping they would make Gabe a regular. I haven’t been this happy since ryan started wearing bowties:)

  12. Gabe (Zach) promotion is great news on MANY counts:

    1- NBC, and The Office producers, are positioning the show & cast for a run at Season 8, post Steve & Michael! The Office may be around for years!

    2- Season start, Gabe will become Michael’s new Ryan-type protégé. Turns out, Michael has nothing on Gabe when it comes to crazy mindset!

    3- In mid-season, Jo will promote Michael to some Sabre job, the result of their goodwill talk in the Season 6 finale.

    4- Jim will turn down the Scranton regional mgr.job because it pays less than his sales position. He & Gabe become friends. Jim stays as #2.

    5- Season start, Angela falls hard for Gabe, though Gabe at first is oblivious, then repelled. Naturally, their unlikely pairing leads to a disturbing romance.

    6- Michael grooms Gabe for his job. Strangely enough, unlike Ryan, Michael’s insane business acumen actually makes sense to Gabe, who eats it up. Folie a deux.

    7- Seasons end: Michael leaves, Gabe takes over, Jim is #2, Gabe promotes Dwight to Sabre assistant sales mgr, Gabe proposes to Angela (cliffhanger?), Erin pines for Gabe, Sabre adds two people to the Scranton branch.

  13. Woo hoo! Gabe became one of my favorites this season. He is the most awkward character…LOVE HIM!

  14. So I guess this means the whole Sabre storyline will continue, NOT thrilled about that. No offense to Zach Woods, but I have not been a fan of the Sabre stuff that took place this last season.

  15. Go Gabe! I’ll like him even more if we do see a weird Angela/Gabe relationship like Robert suggested

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