Office Convention:

Here are’s highlights of the convention:

  • Day 1: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  • Day 2: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
  • Cast Q&A: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6
  • Angela goes to Scranton: Part 1 | Part 2

[ videos no longer available]


  1. Aww, that is the coolest! I wish I lived in Scranton, cause that looks like a blast!Hope that everyone has the time of thier life! :)

  2. The students of Scranton are too awesome. The cheers at the U. and the “ain’t no party” song by the H.S. – sooo great!

  3. I really wish I could’ve been there also, but I’m betting this will be an annual thing since it seemed like everyone had a great time. :)
    And I’m betting all these videos are going to be on the Season 4 DVD! :)

  4. How awesome to get to hear the cast and writers answer the questions! Everyone looks like they are having a blast–wish I was there to go to Poor Richard’s with them!

  5. It’s great that NBC has put up these videos, too. I did notice, though, that Ed’s singing was cut out – I assume that has to do with legal/copyright issues with the songs?

    [from tanster: mg, yes, anything musical had to be removed due to copyright issues]

  6. Thanks for all the links tanster. I think I posted it somewhere, but NBC updated the blog from the convention with some behind the scenes info.

  7. The Convention really was awesome, and especially cool for those of us who are Scranton natives or current residents.
    I must point out, however, that Poor Richards is such a non-hangout it’s not even funny. I didn’t even know it was a real place (in a trashy bowling alley!) until last week. I’ve never known anyone who’s gone there. There are plenty of fun bars downtown, but Poor Richards, of all places, gets all the attention on the show and at the Convention!?! Alfredo’s does have good pizza; it’s a popular destination.
    But I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about Poor Richards.

  8. I was wondering what happened to Rainbow Connection. I believe I got it on video though so I’m happy!

  9. Thanks again tanster! I can now see my question being asked at the Q & A. Do you know if the convention will ever come out onto a DVD?

    I’m sure they may have a couple little things about it on the Season 4 DVD, but it was such a great weekend experience!

  10. Sarah 10: Poor Richards was introduced way back in “The Dundies”, when the writers had little more than a deck of playing cards with the names of local businesses printed on them. If they had to choose a hangout today, they would probably do more research first.

  11. Yay, I’m glad there’s video of Mindy’s face in response to my question cause I thought it was a priceless expression. Also, to get to see Greg Daniels say “Woman, bring me my sammiches!” again is just hilarious.

    The entire convention was fantastic. I hope the footage they taped gets put on a DVD or something… but mostly I really hope they come back next year!

  12. At least they got Cooper’s right, b/c Cooper’s does rock…I would know, proud member of Cooper’s Beer Club :)

  13. I really enjoyed the actor’s Q &A. If they put up the writer’s block, I will love NBC forever! Thanks for posting!!!

  14. I so hope there’s going to be a second convention next year. I REALLY wanted to come this year but I’m from Finland and couldn’t afford the plane tickets. Student budget.. It seemed like you had a lot fun. Next year I’ll be there!

  15. My prays have been answered!!! Yay! NBC rocked the house and put up the writer’s block, the ONE thing I was so looking forward to at the convention. I hope they have one next year so I could attend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for posting!!!!

  16. I hope that this isn’t the only vidoes for the writer’s block. There’s was way more left so i hope i can see the visual. I heard it from TWSS. thanks again for posting!!!

  17. I miss them already.

    I really do. It’s so quiet around here now. A few days ago, they were walking the halls of my school and now we just have our standard priests, nuns, and students. No hating.

    What an unbelievable experience for all involved! I hope the cast knows how much it meant to our city. They certainly got the rockstar treatment. And I don’t necessarily know if it was a star-crazy Scranton that they met. I think collectively we were just thrilled that a show we love would visit a town we love and be able to keep up with the way we drink.

    Scrantonites can party. The song is true.

    I can’t wait until next year.

  18. Wow, kudos to NBC for posting this stuff — well done. And can I just say how utterly charmed I was by these folks? Craig was like the honorary mayor of the whole event, and Angela the tireless cheerleader. Writers, actors, producers, et al., they are all such class acts.

  19. The entire cast was so amazing last weekend. I cannot get enough behind the scenes especially with Angela.

  20. Awwww, Angela’s videos! She is the best! I wish I had gotten to speak to her, but she did give me a high five :)

  21. (23)fromspain: Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything. The “Nard” is the last syllable of Andy Bernard’s name, and “dog” is youth slang for “friend”. You can always count on Michael to try to sound hip and totally fail.

  22. To fromspain – Andy’s last name is Bernard, and “dog” is just slang for a guy, like a friend. But I guess Andy gave himself that nickname so it is not cool. It makes him look dorkier. Hope that helps.

  23. Is anyone else having trouble playing some of the vids? I can get some to play but when I try to click on the cast q&a it says “video not found!” bummer…

  24. Thank you for your answers. “Dog” got me confused, because he barked (I know, the song). “You just got ‘nard dogged” does sound dorky, lol. My English is not bad, but there’s so much slang and cultural references in this show… But I still love it. Thank God for those NBC videos, since the quality of those in Youtube wouldn’t let me understad many things. It’s a shame I can’t watch the Writers’ Block from my country, though.

  25. I hope those writers’ block videos are back up soon…I had just finished #4, so I’m dying to see 5 & 6!!!

  26. Wow, did NBC pull the writers Q&A because of the WGA strike? That blows! Good thing I got through them all yesterday. Those were really interesting and fun to watch. I hope they include all of the convention videos on the Season 4 DVD.

  27. I heard the rest of the writer’s block on TWSS, but the visual helps so much. I actually find out who’s talking! I hope you’re wrong about the writer’s strike, Tony. I know they’re striking but leave the viewers with something. PLEASE!!!!

  28. Ahh! I was waiting to watch the Writers’ Block videos until I could get on a computer with a faster connection… but they still haven’t gone back up.

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