Relient K’s song about ‘The Office’


Michael Scott, Pam, and Jim
You got me glued to my television
Angela, you’re way too cute
To be messing around with someone like Dwight Schrute
Relient K and the Football Hall of Fame are in Canton
Won’t someone please, transfer us to Scranton

We just wasted … one minute and 57 seconds … of the show …

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  1. Love Relient K…and love The Office.

    Makes me love both even more knowing that one loves the other as much as I love it….


    Makes sense in my mind.

  2. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I love Relient K. If you guys aren’t familiar with them it is worth buying any one of their CD’s. They are hilarious

  3. Wow, that gave me chills…that was so cool! I’m going to see Relient K in concert in a few weeks and I can only hope they do something like this when I go.

  4. Oh man, the energy I got when they switched over to the theme. Wow.

    [from tanster: I know! I felt it, too.]

  5. they did this song at an October 18 concert that I went to. I could hear shouts of “I love Pam Beesly!” over the music. it was amazing.

  6. Relient K is my favorite band. I was at their concert in Dallas on the 26th, the day before the video in your link. I recorded it on my camera. That night was heaven for me. Go Relient K! Go The Office!

  7. Wow… this is so surreal… I post on the RK boards all the time, and we were just talking about this. I feel oddly honored? I can’t wait to link this page!

  8. i’m a HUGE relient k fan! and a huge office fan, so i’ve known they’ve been doing this for a while, but i never actually heard it, thanks for posting! i’m gonna see them with switchfoot (i’m an even bigger switchfoot fan) on saturday and hopefully they’ll play it again. they’ve been playing it every show anyways.

  9. Wow! That. Is. AWESOME!!!

    Our show inspires great bands to sing about them! They really need to release that as a single ;)

  10. What other songs do they have? I dont really know who they are, maybe if i hear the songs, i will. But i love them now! :)

  11. Relient K has been my favorite band since I was 13 (I’m 22)… I freaking love them even more now. Marry me, Matty T.

  12. Omg, this made me all kinds of happy! :D Everytime I hear the office theme song, sigh, it just feels like home. hahaha :)

  13. AHHH!!!! Relient K has been my favorite band for 6 years. Oh Matt Thiessen, you have topped yourself. this is perfection.

  14. I’m seeing them on November 20th! I am so excited! I hope they play this little tune at the concert!

  15. Oh my gosh!!! Relient K + The Office???? I think my brain exploded. I’ve seen Relient K over 10 times in concert and that just broke my brain. AND that concert was on my birthday!!

  16. Aah! My friend told me about this, but I never got the chance to look for it.

  17. I was at their concert last Thursday, and this song TOTALLY (well, not totally), made up for the fact I was missing the new episode. I was screaming like a little girl! And now I can understand the lyrics!

  18. That is so adorable!!!
    Someone’s poor little camera phone almost got killed by that bass.

  19. Ok, that was so awesome. I can’t help but smile everytime I hear that theme song! :)

  20. Relient K is my favorite band as well…wow surprised there are so many fans, but very happy to hear.

  21. Wish they’d sang that at their concert 2 years ago…

    Going to the Switchfoot/Relient K concert in Irvine on the 27th though. Hopefully they perform it there!

  22. My roommate went to their concert this weekend, and she told me about this! I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while, and this only makes me love them more.

  23. I love Relient K – though I love the Office more, what a amaaaazing combo. Can i get a ringtone?!?!

  24. Hadn’t really listened to Relient K before, but now I will. That rocked (and gave me goosebumps, too)!

  25. So, this just proves how amazing Relient K is!
    They are my favorite band and it’s super amazing that they love my favorite show! :)
    RK + The Office= one happy Kristin.

  26. I went to this show on Saturday night~ it was soooooooo good. I have three loves in life: Switchfoot, Relient K and the Office. Well that song pretty much made my life complete.
    Also– if anyone likes Relient K or switchfoot you should go see the show- first off they are AAMAZING, secondly the show is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity (the tour is called Appetite for Construction).
    I *heart* Relient K

  27. I went to relient k’s show and they played the song! it was soo amazing! my two favorite things in the world together! lol

  28. I was at that concert!!! I couldn’t believe they played the Office – it basically made my day.

  29. Saw them last night
    Performed this song with JIM ON STAGE
    it was incredible!!!
    blew switchfoot out of the water!!

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