The Office 2009 Emmy post

The OfficeCongratulations to Jeff Blitz winner of the Best Comedy Series Directing Emmy for his work on The Office post-Super Bowl episode, ‘Stress Relief’!

(And how cool was it that he thanked Bandit the cat in his acceptance speech?)

While the other nominations did not go our way, I’ve never been prouder to be a fan of The Office, and of all the wonderful people who are involved in its production. You guys rock, win or lose.

PLEA TO FANS: The one video I’m still looking for is Jeff Blitz’s acceptance speech. If you see it, please post a link. Thanks!


Ricky Gervais:

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  1. I’d like to see the Emmys NOT dominated by 30 Rock again this year. I think Idris Elba should totally be nominated for Comedy Guest Actor. He did an incredible job in the role. Krasinski for Supporting Actor would be nice too, and the usual Carell and Comedy Series noms. Charlie Grandy for writing Broke too. He wrote two of my favs from the season (Crime Aid). Heck throw Carell in for directing Broke too!

  2. I feel like Amy Ryan is a lock for Best Guest Actress. Make it so Emmys!

    And comparing this season of 30 Rock and The Office…I feel like TO really made a comeback, especially if everyone just submits one of the last five episodes, haha. 30 Rock was ok, but I enjoyed the previous season more.

  3. I tried to download the Emmy rules and wasn’t able to. Does anyone know how they narrow the list down to the final five or so nominees?

    And I’m with you, mr.dude. The Office is smarter, funnier, better written, better acted, and better directed than any comedy show out there. Period.

    The Office for the win!

  4. The Office will once again reign supreme!!! Amy Ryan deserves to win hands down! This is the year of the Office!!!!

  5. Last season suffered a bit from the Writers’ Strike. This season, the writing staff was on full force. Amy Ryan made a bigger impact on the show this season than last season so she deserves a Guest Actress nomination… and the win.

  6. I think JohnK should be nominated as best supporting actor… He was amazing this season!

  7. We all know how this is going to end. 30 Rock will take all the major awards again and Jeremy Piven will win best supporting actor.

  8. Are there any rules about how many episodes you have to be in to be considered a “supporting actress”? Melora Hardin is great as Jan, but I would think that she’d have qualified as a guest actor this season…

  9. I know that they can only submit one episode, but I would think that there is some other regulation, other wise there would be no need for the “guest” categories.

  10. How is Rainn not eligible for Lead Actor? I mean, Steve is phenomenal. But how is Rainn just a Supporting Actor?

  11. I hope Jenna Fischer gets a nomination this year. I have loved the Pam/Michael dynamic this year – it’s been hilarious! Steve and Jenna for the win! I agree with the 30 Rock comments – as much as I love Tina Fey, it would be nice if that show didn’t dominate the awards season like it did last year.

  12. This is Steve’s year…I CAN FEEL IT! He showed so much growth with the Amy Ryan/Holly storyline!

    CoffeeHit = an anagram of “The Office”.

  13. If there is any justice, Amy Ryan will already have her name engraved on the Emmy for best Guest Star

  14. Jenna and John do not just deserve a nomination, they deserve a win. I thought it was their best acting they have done on the show.

  15. John deserves to be nominated this year, he did a phenomenal job. And obviously Steve as leading and the show as a comedy series. It would also be great for Jenna to be nominated with the Pam growth this season, and Amy as well, but now I’m being unrealistic.

  16. Nice to see The Office given the attention it so deserves. Amy and Steve for the win!

  17. I agree with the guy who said:

    “We all know how this is going to end. 30 Rock will take all the major awards again and Jeremy Piven will win best supporting actor.”

    Sad but true

  18. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Andy Buckley would win?!
    I really hope he does! Amy and Steve too of course!

  19. I’m just gonna echo what everyone else has said, but this has got to be the year for The Office. They definitely deserve it, especially Steve.

  20. Congratulations Oscar and Craig (I didn’t even realize they weren’t on the list in previous years). My vote: submit Employee Transfer for Craig and Business Trip for Oscar.

    I’m with the folks who say The Office was particularly good this year, including compared to 30 Rock (which I do love, but which wasn’t as strong this year).

  21. Really hope these awards aren’t more of the same. And I really REALLY hope Jenna Fischer gets some acknowledgement.

  22. “Jenna Fischer. Enough said.”

    My thoughts exactly. She held the whole MSPC plot together.

  23. Okay, since the Emmys have been intent on snubbing The Office for the past few years, I’m reducing my demands. Andy Buckley, Amy Ryan, and Steve Carell for the win? Oh, and obviously a win for best comedy. That’s all I ask.
    I really do think that both Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski deserve Emmys, but unfortunately their best moments aren’t comedic. They both need nominations for Comedy Supporting Actor/Actress Who Manages to Pull Off Intense Dramatic Moments Within the Half Hour Comedy Format. A sadly neglected category.

  24. According to the actual Emmy nomination ballot, Creed isn’t listed.

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  25. If John doesn’t win Best Supporting Actor, and Steve doesn’t win Best Lead Actor, and The Office doesn’t win Best Comedy Series, I’m going to seriously be convinced that this ENTIRE thing is rigged.

    Of course, I may be a bit biased, seeing as how I’m completely obsessed with TO, and think every other show should bow down to it lol

  26. Ok so here’s what episodes each actor should submit to the Emmy committee:
    Steve Carell: Heavy Competition (although he was great in Broke and Crime Aid too)
    John Krasinski: Company Picnic
    Rainn Wilson: Heavy Competition
    Leslie David Baker: Stress Relief
    Brian Baumgartner: Blood Drive
    Ed Helms: Business Trip
    Oscar Nunez: Weight Loss
    Craig Robinson: Employee Transfer
    B.J. Novak: Weight Loss
    Paul Lieberstein: Frame Toby
    Jenna Fischer: Lecture Circuit Pt. 2
    Angela Kinsey: The Duel
    Phyllis Smith: Crime Aid
    Melora Hardin: Baby Shower
    Mindy Kaling: Customer Survey
    Kate Flannery: Business Ethics

  27. I was looking at the performers ballot and they give descriptions, which should clue us in on what those actors have sent for consideration. It appears that Amy Ryan sent “Baby Shower,” Ellie Kemper sent “The Michael Scott Paper Company,” Andy Buckley sent “Broke” and Idris Elba went with “New Boss.”

  28. I would love to see Amy Ryan, Angela Kinsey, and Ed Helms win (or at least get nominated). Same for Ellie Kemper, but she was only in a few episodes, and I think it might take more to get her nominated. Nonetheless, I think any of those four deserve it.

  29. I hope the Office gets a lot of wins this year! I’d be so happy if Steve got an award for directing ‘Broke’, it was so good.

  30. Even though the Michael Scott Paper Company story line is a bit controversial, I think Jenna should submit one of those episodes. She was great in them, and there was a lot of different stuff going on with her character. Jenna deserves an Emmy already!!!

  31. I forgot to predict Amy Ryan, and maybe Idris Elba for outstanding guest stars, but Amy ryan for sure. And if she is nominated, she IS GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!

  32. Predictions:
    Comedy series
    lead actor, Steve Carell
    supporting actress, Jenna Fischer
    supporting actors, Rainn Wilson or John Krasinski
    Directing, Stress Relief, Cafe Disco
    Writing, Cafe Disco, Stress Relief or Lecture Circuit
    Guest stars, Amy Ryan for sure, and maybe Idris Elba.
    …Hopefully, Jeremy Piven, and Alec Baldwin don’t win. The’ve won enough!!:)

  33. I hope they get every possible nomination, but I am campaigning for AARON SHURE for writing TWO WEEKS. One of the most well written episodes ever.


  34. Here’s what episode they should submit.

    The Office: ‘Weight Loss’

    Steve Carell: ‘Broke’
    Rainn Wilson: ‘Heavy Competition’
    Ed Helms: ‘Business Trip’
    Craig Robinson: ‘Employee Transfer’
    Leslie David Baker: ‘Stress Relief’
    John Krasinski: ‘Weight Loss’
    Paul Liberstien: ‘Frame Toby’
    Brian Baumgartner: ‘Golden Ticket’
    Oscar Nunez: ‘Business Trip’
    B.J. Novak: ‘Dream Team’
    Jenna Fischer: ‘Broke’
    Angela Kinsey: ‘The Duel’
    Phyllis Smith: ‘Moroccan Christmas’
    Kate Flannery: ‘Business Ethics’
    Mindy Kaling: ‘Lecture Circuit’, Part 2
    Melora Hardin: ‘Baby Shower’
    Amy Ryan: ‘Company Picnic’
    Ellie Kemper: ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’
    Andy Buckely: ‘The Duel’
    Idris Elba: ‘New Boss’

  35. The Office is in the top 10 for the 2009 Emmy Awards – Best Comedy! The actor/actress lists have not yet been released.

  36. I hope ‘The Office’ wins big this year. Season Five was really good (better than ’30 Rock’, which is a great show). I am sure Amy Ryan will win. Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Idris Elba, and Jenna Fischer, I think, have a good, if not great chance. ‘The Office’ better win for best comedy, though!

  37. Congrats to The Office! I really believe it was a better show than 30 Rock this year. I hope Emmy voters actually watch the shows, not just vote for what they usually vote for every year…

  38. Hey, the Office actually has a much better chance of winning something this year! Rainn got his nomination in supporting, which is cool! The Office matches 30 Rock in every category except Guest Stars, which means Amy Ryan got gypped.

  39. okay, the emmys is completely rigged, because Jenna fischer, John Krasinski, and Amy Ryan all should’ve gotten nominated. And not ONE writing nomination. Cafe Disco, and Stress Relief are the best written episodes this season… … Disappointment.
    But good for Steve, and especially Rainn, as he could actually win, because Jeremy Piven isn’t even nominated.
    I also wanted to see Amy Poehler get nominated for parks and recreation, but she didn’t. at least she’s nominated for SNL.
    But here’s what I would’ve given for nominations
    Outstanding Comedy Series: The Office
    Outstanding lead Actor: Steve Carell
    Outstanding Supporting actor: Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski
    Outstanding Supporting Actress: Jenna Fischer
    Outstanding Writing: Cafe Disco, and Stress Relief
    Outstanding Directing: Stress Relief, and Weight Loss
    Outstanding Guest Actress: Amy Ryan
    …oh well…

  40. You know what? Who cares! The Emmys don’t know a good television show from another, and I think the thing is rigged. The Office doesn’t need awards like that to show that it’s a good show, it needs more fans like us…

  41. So happy for Steve, Rainn and the show in general! But no Jenna or John?! Come on! What’s going on?!

  42. 24 nominations for 30 rock, and only ten nominations for the office… …A damn shame.
    But, whatever, the office is the best television series on television these days.

  43. Just to echo everyone else’s sentiments, really??? No Amy Ryan?? No Jenna? No John? Craziness! I really think John and Jenna get jipped just because they’re the romantic couple, it’s total bull. Congrats to Rainn though!! =)

  44. Did they not get any writing nominations? Hello! That’s just crazy.

    [from tanster: i know! i think it’s ridiculous.]

  45. Office Family Sidenote:
    Ricky’s Stand-Up Special got nominated for Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special.

  46. Congratulations to all of the nominees! I wish there were a few more, though.

    And,unless a switch was made again, I believe the awards will be given out on September 20th.

    [from tanster: oops, forgot to change that one. thanks!]

  47. these are all great nominations, but it makes me sad that john still hasn’t been nominated. He was SOOOOO good this season, and he deserves that nomination!!!

  48. 22 noms for 30 Rock? It’s a funny show, but this season was pretty weak, and The Office is always miles better. The Office was robbed (in particular, Amy Ryan and the writing staff), yet again, because the Emmy voters are sheep and vote for who think they should vote for and not who actually deserves it.

  49. It’s like Christmas morning!!! 10 nominations! Wow!

    I completely agree, like others have already said, that John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Amy Ryan all 100% deserved a nomination. But either way, I am still super pumped for the Emmys. 10 nominations AND Neil Patrick Harris is hosting…I can’t complain (much :P)

  50. You really have to wonder if the people choosing nominees really watch these shows. John and Jenna got ripped again. It’s a shame, because they have done consistently amazing work.

    Congrats to all our Office friends with nominations!

    Seriously, I love this show.

  51. Congrats to all from The Office who got their nominations, but no Jenna and no Amy means an Emmy w/ a serious lack of legitimacy and relevance. At this day and age, these awards should be a little more serious.

  52. My jaw hit the floor when I saw there were no nominations for writing. That’s just shameful for the Emmy people. Completely insane.

    However, Rainn FINALLY got the nom he has deserved to be up for the past 4 years, so… I guess that’s better than a stick in the eye.

  53. I have to agree with Matt (54). I’m a fan of 30 Rock, but this year was not its best (in fact, there were actually episodes I turned off so I could go wash my dishes instead – their gratutious use of guest stars with no plotline to support them was just one reason). The Office had a tremendous season – the best since season 2, in my view. Steve’s work on the MSPC arc alone is worth an award. If he doesn’t win, I’m going to craft him a homemade Emmy and mail it to him, I swear!

  54. This season for The Office was Jenna Fischer’s year for (at least) an Emmy nomination. We are shocked that she didn’t get one, because Pam was amazing this season.
    And not even a writing one!?! Woah, that just doesn’t makes sense.


    Yes, I’m glad that the show and Steve got nominated, but even though Rainn is always excellent, I feel like both Ed and John had better seasons.

    And NO WRITERS and NO JENNA FISCHER OR AMY RYAN?! I wasn’t expecting Jenna to be nominated, even though she COMPLETELY deserves it, but what mostly shocks me is Amy Ryan. I thought everyone (fans, actors, the media, etc.) agreed that she was one of the best things that had happened to the show period? And there is no way that Mindy didn’t deserve a nom for writing Lecture Circuit pt. 1

  56. I thought John K should have gotten a nom, but seriously, Idris Elba knocked it out of the park with Charles Miner! Can’t believe he wasn’t nominated. I guess I don’t see the fuss over Amy Ryan. Maybe because I don’t care for her character that much.

  57. I’m happy for Steve, Rainn, and the show as a whole, but dang what is it going to take for John and Jenna to get nominated?! C’mon they were awesome this season–with extra awesome!

    (on an unrelated note, I was happy to see Flight of the Conchords get a couple of noms, too).

  58. ok, we know how this is going to turn out. 30 Rock will get most of the awards including best actor (Alec Baldwin) and actress (Tina Fey). Supporting actor will go to Jeremy Piven. oh wait, he’s not nominated. Wilson might stand a chance…

  59. I am utterly dumbfounded by the comedy writing category. Ridiculous.

    On the upside, congrats to all of our nominees! All very well-deserved, of course. :)

    [from tanster: me too. i can’t believe it!]

  60. That Amy Ryan did not get a guest spot nomination is a CRIME. A CRIME, I tell you!

  61. No John and Jenna!!! No Ed!!! Writers?!? What a total disappointment. They all had great years. Jenna’s stuff with The Michael Scott Paper Company was awesome! All those nominations for 30 Rock I don’t get. I’ve never actually laughed out loud watching that show like I did with The Office.

    We should hold our own awards effort for the cast and crew!

  62. Awesome. Except for no AMY RYAN OR IDRIS ELBA???!!!!! It’s seriously a crime!!! And no WRITERS???!!! Well most likely 30 Rock is going to win everything AGAIN but oh well. Congrats to the nominees!!!

  63. John, Jenna, Amy, Idris, and the writing staff was ROBBED!!! Robbed, I tell ya! I mean, I’m glad that “The Office” is up for Best Comedy and Steve and Rainn got nominated, but please! It’s ridiculous that 30 Rock got all the attention (22 noms????) and more deserving shows (TO, HIMYM, FOTC) didn’t get a whole lot. I’m utterly saddened.

    Anyway, congrats to “The Office” for the nominations!

  64. I am glad that Rainn was nominated for his work. I think he had the best storylines this year.

    As for Jenna and John, while they had a few strong scenes, I think their characters were fairly boring this season (especially Jim). I am not sure if that was the writers intent, maybe to focus on other characters. Therefore, I could not see Jenna or John with nominations. (As a native NY-er, I do love Jenna’s 2-1-2 area code bit).

  65. Mark my words. This year’s Emmys will be no different than last year’s. It’s going to be 30 Rock this and 30 Rock that. I call it the Tony Shalhoub Effect. Stop giving it to the same people every year!

  66. Get ready for those tacky “Look how many awards ’30 Rock’ wins” promos. And the sad thing is, ’30 Rock’ didn’t get so many new viewers. It’s really a shame because ’30 Rock’ and ‘The Office’ are the best shows on television. But, ‘The Office’ is my favorite.

  67. ‘Broke’ and ‘Dream Team’ were some of the best written episodes ever. Also, twenty-two nominations is ridiculous. Just not as ridiculous, as the fact that ‘The Office’ wasn’t nominated for even one writing nomination.

  68. Wow. Just wow. I don’t know who/how votes work, but how does Amy Ryan NOT get a guest nom but Jennifer Aniston does for 30 Rock? I like 30 Rock, but c’mon, she was the worst guest star in the history of guest stars plus that was the worst 30 Rock episode ever! Her nom could’ve easily gone to Amy Ryan! Ugh, SO WRONG! Is this The Wire effect? Amy Ryan, Idris Elba & the whole staff as lovers of The Wire? Or they need ratings because Aniston is in the media every ridiculous day? I don’t get it. Ugh seriously, voters, for once can y’all actually watch their 2 respective episodes side by side & honestly say who is the better actress? Geez.

    And wow. I’m just baffled at how TO couldn’t score even 1 nom for writing or directing for ANY of the MSPC episodes. Just. Wow.

    Side note: If Jeremy Piven or anthing Boston Legal wins yet again, I am seriously gonna lose it.

  69. Most award shows are rigged, so I watch but don’t get my hopes up.

    If they were honest, I bet the cast of the Office appreciates this website (and the fans) more than any Hollywood award.

  70. Steve Carell should have won a long time ago. It just gets more and more ridiculous every year he goes without winning.

  71. Seriously, no nomination for Idris or Amy?!?! What is this? ALSO, no nominations for writing! The Office is getting snubbed!

  72. Ok, retraction time: I completely blanked on the fact that Rainn was nominated last year. My rage and denial that he didn’t win made me black out the memory :) Now that Pivs is without a nom, Rainn stands a solid chance…give that man an Emmy!

  73. Hah! DJ Jazzy Flax (72) I totally agree about the Jennifer Aniston episode – perhaps the only worse ones were Oprah and Steve Martin (such a disappointment because I love Steve Martin).

    I think the fact that The Office episode that received the most attention by the Emmy panel – Stress Relief – is also the one with the guest stars, shows just how drawn in the voters are by big names. You would think people in the business would know better.

  74. i have been going back and forth in the focus of my emmy nomination disgust. i can’t decide if i am more outraged that battlestar galactica was completely overlooked AGAIN or that the office was overlooked in so many areas: writing, guest stars, actresses… and if steve doesn’t win this year i am going to throw up all over the television. not that i will be watching the emmys. i will be boycotting because the nominations are a disgrace. and no ed helms?? he sings, he acts, he duels, he plays the bango – what more do you want emmys? what more do you want?!

  75. and amen TobyFan. 1. because toby is awesome and 2. because as a steve martin fanatic i was super disappointed by his episode. i am a big 30 rock fan but i thought this was their weakest year so far. by contrast this was the office’s strongest year since season 3. maybe even since season 2. they also took a lot of risks this year and really shook things up with fantastic results. that should be rewarded, in my opinion. sigh, in case you haven’t noticed, i am really annoyed!

  76. I, um, actually kind of agree with things as they are. The writing was pretty lazy and dodgy this season, and Amy Ryan’s character grated me the wrong way. She was basically a female Michael, and I sure don’t need two of him.

  77. And one more thing: does it seem grossly unfair to anyone that Jack McBrayer(admittedly awesome), Tracy Morgan(pretty good)and Jane Krakowski(meh)got supporting noms while John and Jenna didn’t??
    And don’t get me started on the Amy Ryan snub!

    I say again, outrage.

  78. Amy Ryan more than deserves an emmy for her performance! Maybe they figured her work was so good, it was beyond emmy-worthy! So they decided not to belittle her by giving her a dinky emmy ;)
    I hope this is Steve Carrell’s year. I love me some Alec Baldwin, but Carrell deserves it at least one year. If it weren’t for Alec Baldwin, I’m sure he’d’ve won the past 4 or so years.
    Did anyone else think it was supremely weird that John McCain congratulated Rainn? Are they buddies or something? Now that’s an interesting pair…

  79. i give up! the emmys will always screw over the office. no amy ryan, no writing? come on!

  80. I’m sorry, but I have to share that I let a big, loud WTF out of my mouth when I read this and saw that Jenna got completed robbed of a nomination this year.

    Seriously ’emmy folks’, get it right. 30 rock does not need 22 nominations for a not very good season. The office deserves it for one of their best seasons.

    Ps, the writers were also robbed, along with Idris & Amy Ryan. At least they are all winners in our books!

  81. Really surprised none of writers got a nomination.

    I think The Office has a chance. Entourage had a solid season but they never win the big one. HIMYM is the underdog but I’m glad it finally got recognized. The only thing that stands in the way is 30 rock of course.

    Rainn has a good chance too with no Jeremy Piven (surprisingly cause if Alec Baldwin get a nod every year why can’t Ari Gold?)

    Steve Carell really deserves it this year. With all the ups and downs of the season I think we can agree that he and Ed Helms are ALWAYS brilliant. And he’s too funny to be losing to Baldwin every year.

  82. I love 30 Rock, but I’m sad that The Office didn’t at least get one writing nomination. It’s been a uneven season in my opinion, but there were some really well-done episodes in there.

    When all is said and done, I think 10 nominations is a great achievement, regardless of who takes home the statues in September.

  83. What? No noms for writing?! Jenna Fischer? Amy “AMAAAAZING” Ryan??? Lame. And yes, 86, I also found it weird and random that John McCain congratulated Rainn on his nom! Guess he’s an Office fan!

    [from tanster: the rainn/mccain connection probably started with this.]

  84. UGH. I am so mad right now. The Office got snubbed! Jennifer Aniston got a nom and Amy Ryan didn’t? And NOTHING for the writers? Ridiculous. And don’t get me started on John and Jenna. This was one of the best years for the office and they didn’t get half as many as 30 Rock which had its WORST season. I know it’s critically aclaimed, but jeez. I can’t believe this. (Sorry for the huge rant)

  85. Some website this morning posted that Jenna had received a nomination and I was happy that she had gotten the recognition she deserved. Then I saw the final list and have been depressed ever since.

  86. what about Amy Ryan & Jenna Fisher or J-Kras? Congrats Rainn & Steve! someone HAS to beat 30 rock.

  87. Dear Emmy voters,

    Please tell me how on Earth any series gets to be outstanding without great writing.

    In the meantime, go back and read all the articles and reviews saying that Amy Ryan was a shoo-in for a nomination.

    You should know better.

  88. Seriously, off the top of my head, I can think of at least 5 comedy programs that have done a great job at writing this year. The world doesn’t revolve around 30 Rock, which is what the voters seem to think.

  89. I agree with Greg Daniels’ statement. While I didn’t feel The Office was stellar this season, there were some episodes deserving of writing nods. I thought 30 Rock was a bit better than The Office this year (ducks a flying shoe), but it’s not fair that they should dominate each slot (except for Flight of the Conchords – who sooo deserve it). The 30 Rock love, to me, is understandable, but a little too far over done. It’s not fair that 90% of the writers nominated for a comedy should be one show alone.

  90. I agree with Debi, but I’d like to add that The Office peaked in the earlier seasons, and it’s never going to go back to how great it was. As for 30 Rock, I’m pretty sure that SNL has more friends than Tom, so it’s not entirely unexpected (to me) that when the top dogs on that show make their own, it does well.

  91. I’ve been saying it since it came on the air….30 Rock is an awards darling…it’s a show about show biz…obviously the people IN show biz are gonna vote for it and love it.

    And sorry to Rainn but Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory totally deserves it this year!

  92. Stupid 30 Rock. I’ll assume the show is worth watching… but four of five slots go to their writers? Come on…

  93. #98/Debi:
    I completely agree, but I also just wanted to say that 4/5 is 80%. :)

  94. @96 – That’s a great point. They basically just undermined the other nominees.

    @97 – Yeah, there’s a lot of shows that deserved to be up there. They seem to think that this now-blind support of 30 Rock translates into ratings for it. In reality, I think it alienates fans of other shows and fosters unnecessary resentment for a decent show.

  95. #91, I think McCain’s relation to Rainn Wilson is that he once claimed Dwight could be his running mate…?

    Anyways, I really really agree that there should have been at least a Jenna/writer nomination this year. The MSPC episodes were awesome!

  96. Though I am a huge fan of 30 rock and truthfully it is essentially tied with The Office on my list of top show I agree that it was a little odd that 30 rock received 4 writing nominations while The Office was shut out. In my opinion the writers of The Office deserve some recognition for their fantastic writing. Like a lot of you have mentioned, Amy Ryan was robbed! She did some fantastic acting and 100% deserved a nomination for guest actress.

  97. Of course, season two was the best season, but season five was probably my second favorite season. So what, it’s past its peak, it’s still a hilarious show. The first seasons are always the best because the characters are still developing. Seasons four and five had some development, and were still really funny, and that’s what the show’s about. Just because Jim and Pam are together, doesn’t mean the show won’t be funny, or they’ll become boring. Season Five was a large improvement from season four, in my opinion, and maybe season six will be an improvement from this season. Overall, sure, season two will always be the best, it’s really changed, Andy’s here, Erin’s a receptionist, Pam a salesperson, among other things. But, I am sure ‘The Office’ will continue to make us laugh, and make the relationships fresh without being contrived. The Office really should of been nominated for a writing Emmy because the writers handled the long season very well.

  98. It seems that the Emmy voters all jumped on the 30 Rock bandwagon a couple years and have never gotten off of it. I’m getting a little sick of it, personally. I’m so disappointed that The Office writers didn’t get anything or Amy Ryan (or Jenna or John for that matter). Seriously, Jennifer Aniston got nominated for her 1 episode but Amy Ryan got shut out? Just goes to show that 30 Rock seems to be the favorite. Not mine.

  99. Emmys are historically given to shows that push the boundaries of television. That’s why Arrested Development (an absolutely brilliant show, by the way, for you Office-lovers who haven’t seen it) won in 2004, why The Office won in 2006, and why 30 Rock continues to win.

    I have been a loyal supporter of The Office since the very beginning. I think 30 Rock is freaking hilarious, but, yes, somewhat overrated. And God knows Steve Carell deserves an Emmy. But there is a reason The Office has gotten fewer accolades since its second season: the writing has gotten unimaginative. There. I said it. Scream at me all you want, but that’s what I think.

  100. The Office shouldn’t be pushing the boundaries. The point of The Office is to see the lives of people at a dead-end job in Scranton through a documentary crew. I agree, people in the show business must love ’30 Rock.’ I think that they love big names (i.e. Jennifer Anniston, and Steve Martin). I think that all episodes from ‘New Boss’- ‘Company Picnic’ were worthy of being nominated for a writing Emmy.

  101. I find 30 Rock extremely bland, milquetoast and middle of the road. Its lack of irony and its excess of self-congratulation probably make it a safe bet for an industry where adulation often masks mediocrity (think Andy Bernard when he arrived at Scranton).Imo 30 Rock does nothing to push any boundaries except the ones of my patience.

  102. Well-said, Carlos, I agree. For the poll, I feel that Broke best highlights Steve Carell’s range, and The Duel for Rainn Wilson

  103. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it strange the deadline to submit episodes isn’t prior to the nominations being announced. Guess it is a popularity contest.

    Anyway, I say definitely Broke for Steve. For Rainn, I say either The Duel or Stress Relief or Heavy Competition.
    Does Rainn submit just 1 episode since he’s in the supporting category or 2? Or does that apply to just dramas?

  104. @Carlos: “The point of The Office is to see the lives of people at a dead-end job in Scranton through a documentary crew.”

    I agree, that’s what The Office should be. That’s how it pushed the boundaries of your average sitcom. It had a unique presentation with quirky but endearing characters, all grounded in a definite sense of realism. The humor was subtle, not in-your-face. The situations were wacky, but not completely ridiculous.

    But I don’t think The Office has been that way for a long time. It has become so conventional and ordinary. Funny, yes, but not in the way it used to be.

  105. I have to agree with #110. The Office is my favorite show of all-time, and I will remain loyal to it and watch every single episode, buy the dvds first day they go on sale, etc….BUT the quality the last couple seasons has not even come close to what we had seasons 1-3. Season 2 for me in the pinnacle; nearly every single episode was genius, hilarious, romantic. I maybe liked 3 episodes a lot last season, and I hate to say it but most I didn’t enjoy really at all.
    I don’t think they have a chance at the Emmys, as sad as that makes me (except maybe for Rainn). 30 Rock will win it all again, which sucks because I think that show is terribly overrated.
    But the writing is not even close to what it was in the first 3 seasons. I really, really hope they can get back to their glory this next season or we won’t have many left!

  106. I voted for Broke for Steve and The Duel for Rainn. I was also tempted to vote Two Weeks for Steve – watching him crawl across the office was classic – and Crime Aid for Rainn (the scene with him and Phyllis in the elevator was a highlight of the season for me).

  107. Casual Friday was one of the funniest Office episodes, especially when Meredith pulls up her dress!

  108. I hope The Office get at least some wins, they use to before. 30 Rock just wipes them away…but I can’t say anything bad about the show, because I never seen it, so yeah. Just rooting for The Office.

  109. I voted ‘Broke’ for Steve Carell and ‘Heavy Competition’ for Rainn Wilson. Although, ‘The Duel,’ or ‘Stress Relief’ would also be great choices.

  110. Steve has to submit “Broke”. That one episode had everything. It was funny, serious, and it had great moments for Michael Scott. He not only stood up for himself, but his employees as well, though he only had 2 employees (ha-ha), he stood up nonetheless and took back his office. And my favorite line from that episode…

    “No, no, You’re done”

    Take that Charles!! :)

  111. Hands down, Company Picnic for Michael Scott. One learned almost everything there is to know about Michael in that one episode. Brilliantly written and executed.

  112. 124: I agree completely. Broke and Heavy Competition for Steve and Rainn, respectively.

  113. For Steve, I voted “Broke”, since I really loved it, and I think he directed this one.

    For Rainn, I chose “The Duel”. The “Learn Your Rules” song was classic, and I loved his line “All you do is dress fancy, and sing, lalalalalala!”

  114. I said Broke for Steve because I loved the Michael Scott Paper Company arc and (bonus) Steve directed that episode. Dream Team 2nd.
    As for Rainn, I said Company Picnic. While that wasn’t his main episode I loved seeing Dwight stand up for Angela again. Heavy Competition was great acting but too mean. The Duel would be my second choice.
    No matter what episodes either of them choose, good luck to both (or is it break a leg?)

  115. The Duel will cost Rainn Wilson an Emmy. When picking an emmy tape an actor needs to choose something that sticks in voters’ minds, really makes them laugh and where they are not overshadowed (all of which are lacking in Duel). No actor nominated has a tape with a scene even close to the impact of the opening scene in Stress Relief. Add to that the rest of the episode Wilson is great and you have a winning tape.

  116. Just read this neat article from the Idaho Statesman that talks about the “unsung heroes” of TV who should, but never do, get nominated – among the list is Stanley/Leslie David Baker!


  117. According to Gold Derby, Rainn Wilson went with Heavy Competition as his submission.

  118. The Office submitted the following tapes for Outstanding Comedy Series:

    1. Stress Relief
    2. The Michael Scott Paper Company and Broke
    3. Golden Ticket and Cafe Disco

  119. Good to see they are submitting most of the MSPC episodes. Had Idris been nominated (which, for the life of me, I cannot understand why he wasn’t), I’d have said “New Boss” would have been his Emmy-winner.

    Go Dunder-Mifflin!

  120. Great decisions for Steve and Rainn to submit Broke and Heavy Competition for their respective categories. Stress Relief and Cafe Disco will definitely appeal to the casual Office fan/voter or someone who is unfamiliar with the show. No idea what the process of voting is or who votes. If Broke doesn’t win Carell an Emmy, I give up.

  121. Solid episode choices, except I wish they had submitted Customer Survey.

    I just hope the Emmy Awards don’t turn into 30 Rock Appreciation Night.

  122. I think that these are great Emmy submissions, hopefully they can take down 30 Rock.

  123. If ‘The Office’ doesn’t win, I’ll be shocked. They picked incredibly funny episodes with great writing, direction, drama, seriousness, and packed with hilarious talking heads and one liners. ‘Stress Relief,’ ‘Broke,’ and ‘The Michael Scott Paper Company’ are all in my top five. Cafe Disco is in my top ten. Golden Ticket, although not my favorite episode, was pretty classic and the B-plot was great. The Jim-Pam-Andy talking head should be enough for The Office to win. Don’t get me wrong, ’30 Rock’ is great, but it is way overrated. The Office has had some amazing episodes, and the ones picked give a great spectrum of the whole season. If I had the choice I would probably switch Cafe Disco for Customer Survey, Business Ethics, or maybe Weight Loss, but you can’t complain, they made great choices.

  124. Both Steve and Rainn’s submission episodes had some of the best lines in them!!! Spin Move!!! and woot woot for Cafe Disco…the episode that created new playlists for Office fans everywhere..haha (well at least it did for me, haha)

  125. “Broke” is one of my all-time favorite episodes. Steve Carell was amazing! He really showcased his range of acting talents. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll finally win the Emmy for Best Actor.

  126. I COMPLETELY AGREE with KevinLewis!


  127. I think they all made great choices for submissions, especially for Comedy Series.

  128. how is it that john and jenna aren’t nominated for anything? the emmys are really unfair to not just the office but a lot of other shows too. i mean, i like 30 rock, but does it really deserve this many nominations? i like 30 rock, but i love the office and in my opinion it’s much better. how is it that jennifer aniston was nominated for her one episode of 30 rock, but amy ryan wasn’t nominated for 6?

  129. I desperately want The Office to win and kill the roll that 30 Rock has been on. The Office deserves it, it is the BEST comedy show on television!

  130. UGH! Its completely unacceptable that John and Jenna were not nominated for anything. Also Amy Ryan I mean come on she was amazing! If The Office doesn’t win tonight I’m throwing my TV out the window.

  131. I’m TRYING not to get my hopes up…
    While part of me is going, “Don’t get excited,” the other part is going, “I won’t. I won’t. I WON’T!! I WON’T I WON’T I WON’T I WON’T!!!!”

  132. I get so mad when 30 Rock wins. It’s not funny at all. The only reason they’ve lasted as long as they are is because every single week they have AT LEAST one or two guest stars, so they can get ratings. The Office deserves it. Everyone knows it.

    P.S. I agree, John, Jenna, and Bj should be getting something.

  133. I hope Rainn Wilson and The office win for best tv show. If not I hope 30 rock for runner up.

    Sorry to Steve but I hope jim Parsons wins. he is really funny as sheldon on the big bang theory.

  134. This is your year Steve! Best of Luck to all. Can’t wait to see how great you all look tonight.

  135. C’mon, Office! You can beat “30 Rock”! I’m rooting for ya!

    I really hope they win something. Steve and Rainn really deserve to win in their categories!

  136. If 30 Rock wins for Best Comedy tonight, this will be my last Emmys.

    I don’t even care if Office wins, just anything but 30 Rock. It has enough freaking Emmys.

  137. I’m really not gonna get my hopes up for The Office (even though Steve Carell’s loooonng overdue); I’m pretty sure the odds on faves are the darlings of 30 Rock. What I am hoping for are some hilarious moments from Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and/or Ricky Gervais. Not sure if they’re all gonna be there presenting, but that’s what I’m hoping for; otherwise, it’s gonna be blah.

  138. 6 seasons in and Steve Carell still hasn’t gotten an Emmy??

    If he doesn’t win tonight, I give up.

  139. Best of luck to all the nominees!!! Steve has to win tonight. If he doesn’t then Mulder and Scully were right, there is a Syndicate out there and they are manipulating everything…

  140. Amy ryan, jenna fischer and john krasinski all deserve to win an Emmy, but it’s unfair when Pam and Jim never get nominated for their individual awards.

  141. Thanks for the updates, Tanster. I don’t have cable (and can’t watch the red carpet shows) and I LOVE the Emmys, so you are my #1 source for red carpet info :)

  142. Mindy and Angela look SO GOOD! I love Kate’s dress but I think she could have gone without the gloves. And Phyllis looks pretty but I’m not a fan of the hair.

  143. Phyllis looks so happy, as always. And I love Kate’s hairdo! Mindy’s dress is also stunning. Good luck to them all!!

  144. Phyllis looks amazing!

    It’s so weird to see them so out of character (they look great)…except Creed.

    Is that Julia Louis Dreyfus in the back of the shot of Mindy?

  145. THE OFFICE for the WIN! I hope they get what they deserve! ’30 Rock’ is so overhyped. The Office is the best show around and deserved to be recognized!

  146. They showed an overhead of Melora on E! and I was like, “Is that Melora? No. Maybe?” But it was! I love her dress.

  147. Mindy looks great (such a beautiful color). Phyllis and Leslie look great as well. Can’t wait to see the rest, I’m watching and waiting!

  148. Angela and Jenna look absolutely phenomenal! I usually disagree with their choices, but not tonight! I especially love Angela’s dress.

  149. Thanks so much for the photos, Tanster – you’re doing an amazing job tonight (hope you have one or two awards to report on later too!).

  150. the cast and the writers of the office all deserve recognition, they blend together so well, and the entertainment level is through the roof… break a leg to one and all


    Mindy is adorrrrable tonight, like always. Loving the color.

  152. YAY!!!! Conrats to the office! You guys look amazing! They bet 30 rock!! And is anyone noticing 30 rock not winning as much? (ok it’s not a competition) ;)

  153. Question: How in the world did Amy Ryan not even get NOMINATED as guest actress in a comedy???

  154. If Carell can’t win with submitted “Broke” I don’t know how he’ll ever do it. Great for Jeff Blitz though!

  155. congrats to the office!! i am so happy right now. the fact that we won is an amazing feeling. and congrats to jeff blitz as well for an amazing episode. if the emmy couldn’t go to steve carell, then i’d want it to go to alec baldwin. congratulations!!!

  156. Congrats to the office on a nice win! No need to run down Alec Baldwin though, he is hysterical in that role and 30 rock is great because of he and Tina Fey’s chemistry. Good for them too!

  157. Beautiful cast! Everyone looks so lovely–thanks for posting these pics. I watched the Business Ethics commentary by the craft services/catering people today and it made me laugh so hard and feel so glad the people on the show I love are so wonderful. Awards are nice, but don’t really matter because this cast and crew rate a lot higher than an Emmy. That said, John Cryer, for crying out loud? Really?

  158. This is quite unfair, neither did Steve carell nor rainn wilson win in their categories. This is just absurd

  159. Alright, I’ve had it. Alec B. and Jon Cryer are not even funny. Jenna looks so gorgeous though. Best dress EVER!

  160. noooooooo :[ i really thought this was Rainn’s year. and DUH, ACADEMY! Steve in’Broke’ was the best acting this year. I’m waiting for John to finally get nominated. Mmm. He did look good on that red carpet though. Congrats Jeff Blitz. GO OFFICE FOR BEST COMEDY!

  161. John K. – Smokin hot! Sooooooooooo sexy!
    Melora – She is beautiful but that dress is absolutely atrocious! Blah!
    Jenna and Angela – Awesome!

  162. Enough with Alec Baldwin! Sheesh. I was rooting for Steve, but also secretly pulling for Jim Parsons.

    Congrats to Jeff Blitz!

    The cast looking gorgeous as usual.

  163. Don’t get too disappointed, now… just remember, 30 Rock may get all the glitzy trophies, but The Office gets all the glitzy ratings. ;)

  164. Okay, I don’t care if “The Office” didn’t win anymore; I’m just getting sick of “30 Rock’s” repeat wins…

  165. 30 Rock? This is new and exciting! This was completely unexpected, nice to see the underdogs come out on top for once.


  166. Stupid 30 Rock. Not again! at least we got one! YAY Jeff Blitz! Hands down Stress Relief was the best episode this season. The Office is so the best comedy. If you went on iTunes last year and looked at top TV series season downloads EVERY SINGLE season of The Office was beating the current season of 30 Rock.

  167. Agreed, this is getting silly. I think I actually would have gotten just as much pleasure out of anyone but 30 Rock winning as I would have if The Office had won. As I think someone here said before, 3R is an awards darling because the voters are TV industry professionals…and the show is about…TV industry professionals.

    Oh well, the cast looked HOTT!

  168. I just don’t get it! 30 rock is just not funny… but whatever! The Office beats them every week in ratings and the only reason 30 rock gets half of theirs is because of the office, i’d love to see how they do if that show started at 8! The Office does not need the awards to be funny :)

  169. omg, you guys, ’30 rock’ won an emmy! this is such a new and exciting development! this has never happened before! i am so excited!

    really, though: i am sorry, but i don’t even think that ’30 rock’ is all that funny.

    next year, everyone…next year.

  170. The only reason 30 rock wins year after year is because of the celebrity cast and celebrity guest stars.

  171. Aww…slapschticky 30 rock winning this award has become tiresome. I watch both shows, I know relevant comedy as much as the next person, and I see the higher writing and acting quality in the Office vs. 30 Rock. I wonder if the voters even watched and compared the entries.

  172. I have watched 30 Rock. It may win the Emmys, but it could never grab my heart like The Office, Steve, and Rainn. Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men….come ON!!! This is ridiculous. Just glad they at least recognized Jeff Blitz’s genius!

  173. There are some very adorable pictures of Jeff on stage accepting and backstage (at WireImage). Here’s one: link

  174. Although everyone looks great, Angela, Jenna, and Kate look Hollywood movie star elegant and gorgeous!

  175. My thoughts: “Yo 30 Rock, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but The Office is one of the best tv shows of all time. ONE OF THE BEST TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME!”

  176. Sure, sometimes I watch 30 Rock… and I want to throw up. It’s terribly loud. I do like it sometimes when Will Arnett is on. He’s so talented. <3

  177. We have the hottest, smartest, wittiest, and bestest cast and crew ever in the history of everything!

  178. My theory is that the people voting like 30 Rock because it’s a TV show about a TV show…so, it’s something the voters identify with. I really tried liking 30 Rock but I gave up sometime last season. It’s had good moments in the past but it’s nowhere near as funny as The Office, Parks & Recreation and now I’d include Community. Oh well, awards mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  179. 246 (Luna): One of the best comments ever, and I love 30 Rock.

    Congrats to Jeffrey! I’m not terribly upset that was our only win. Nominations are more disappointing for me than the actual awards night anyway. Recognize John and Jenna, ATAS.

  180. I really do like 30 Rock, a lot. But The Office is just better and deserved more, especially tonight. I like 228’s way of thinking. =)

  181. why? first i would have rather had Jim Parsons win than Alec Baldwin, and why why why 30rock? i think the only reason they won was because of Tina Fey and how popular she got impersonating Sarah Palin. funny? yes, but that is SNL not 30 Rock. hmmp…… i still love THE OFFICE and STEVE CARELL!!!

  182. Dude, you serious!
    I demand a recount…this is the Florida incident all over again!
    Keep your head up cast of The Office.
    You guys n ladies have the peoples vote anywho.
    The Office is awesome blossom =)

  183. It feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears.

    I’m off to burn Utica to the ground.

  184. Don’t get me wrong, I love and will forever love the office, but I thought season 5 was pretty weak. Good things don’t happen when Pam and Jim are separated for half of a season.
    Here’s to hoping we have better luck next year!

  185. Kristen Chenoweth mentioned that she’s currently unemployed and loves The Office. Producers, make her a guest star ASAP! She could be Andy’s love interest…complete with an interest in singing. Or even a girl for Kevin! Kristen’s hilarious and I would absolutely love to see her on the show.

  186. Love the line about Ed Truck winning over Michael Scott.LOL I still love The Office win or lose.

  187. Since when is Alec Baldwin funnier than Steve Carell!? I don’t understand the appeal of 30 Rock. Or Alec Baldwin.

  188. At least 30 Rock didn’t sweep. Perhaps there are a few cracks in the rock? Maybe this is the beginning of the end for that show and its Emmy domination.

    Next year, fabulous Office, next year…

    Congratulations, Jeff Blitz!

  189. Enough with 30 Rock. I really don’t understand the appeal at all and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it keeps beating out The Office. I am super happy for Jeff Blitz though! Yay for at least one Office nod!

  190. Tanster, thanks for letting us know that you texted Jen Celotta. We’re all really impressed and envious of you now.

    [from tanster: haha!]

  191. #246 That’s hilarious. I just recently watched the ep. where Angela says that.

    I think that Steve Carell is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen on TV. And Rainn is simply incomparable. Perhaps the fact that they don’t seem to get these awards is more a reflection of the people who vote than of their talent.

  192. ugh 30 rock again?…anyway, I’m happy though that at least The Office won one tonight! :) Congratulations Jeff Blitz!

  193. I’m sad that The Office didn’t win some of the higher awards. The writers have done some amazing stuff in the last season, and Steve Carell did some of his best acting in season 5, IMO.

    Nevertheless, the cast looked stellar. And all I can say is that Kate Flannery looked DIVINE. Bombshell.

  194. Real Tweet:

    rainnwilson: “I don’t know what stings worse, losing the Emmy to Jon Cryer or losing both fantasy football games. Emmy, probably.”

  195. Everyone looked great! Congrats Jeffrey Blitz (we got 1 and on such a deserving episode). The Office will always have the best fans and biggest fan base win or lose! Congrats anyway.

  196. Really amazes me that there are people that don’t like 30 Rock. The Office and 30 Rock are in a dead heat for best show on TV. It would be nice to see Steve Carell get his Emmy but at least a deserving show is winning the awards.

  197. Everyone is talking about 30 rock and how it shouldn’t have won the awards. I agree, but how are you guys not talking about Jon Cryer? He won over Rainn???? How did that happen?!

  198. One of these years Ricky Gervais needs to host. Best presenter of the night, & other than Jeff Blitz’s surprising win (YES, FINALLY!), the show was a snoozefest. LOL at Gervais’ “above average looks,” “Steve Carell is considered handsome” & “Rainn Wilson….” Loved how the camera showed Mariska Hargitay laughing at Gervais like last year – maybe she’s a fan!

  199. Office should have won everything, but I’m glad it got at least one! Congrats! And boy, did the whole cast look fantastic! Wow!

  200. Has Rainn Wilson ever actually won an Emmy? JW…I mean, I was rooting for him, of course, but IMO, Ed Helms had a MUCH better season. I would’ve been more disappointed if Ed had lost. And I agree with Ausiello, Neil Patrick Harris was robbed.

    The shock and sheer joy of Kristin Chenoweth winning best supporting actress makes me slightly less bitter about Jenna not being nominated. Who was it that said she should guest star as Andy’s love interest? That would be brilliant! But I’m wondering if she’s already too famous at this point…shame…

  201. @273: Are you secretly me? I’m also Dave, and completely agree (although I would have been perfectly happy if Jim Parsons won best actor too).

  202. Can we count the Emmy Ed Truck won as one for the Office?

    Cheers to the cast and crew of the Office for a stellar year! You’re still my #1 show, and I think Dundies have more street cred anyways…

  203. I have already given up watching the emmy’s. I was flipping channels last night and said “I could watch 30 rock win again or I can watch Sunday night football” Turns out I was right.

    I’m sure 30 Rock is a funny show but does it REALLY deserve that many emmy’s year after year after year? Come on people…The Office deserves Emmys!

  204. Obviously The Office should have won more than they did, but it’s okay. We know, and they know, that they are always winners to us, and that’s what really matters.

    That being said, way to go, Jeff! :)

  205. I am glad the Office won at least one Emmy.

    I cannot be surprised that 30 Rock won all the awards it did. The show is the critics darling.

    While the Office had its moments last season, I thought it subpar at best, except for Rainn Wilson who was deserving in his Emmy nod.

    Hopefully, Season 6 will be a strong year.

    Oh, and Jenna looked amazing!

  206. I can’t believe that Steve didn’t win. Since when Alec B. is funny? Gimme a break!!!! Come on people!

  207. I agree Nick (#286) I think Steve definitely deserved the emmy and I’m saying this as a die-hard fan of 30 rock

  208. Why all the 30 Rock hate? It’s a great show. If you want to know why Alec won just watch the episodes St. Valentine’s Day and Generallisimo.

    also to beewcar you could say the same thing about The Daily Show.

  209. the biggest upset I would say is jon cryer over rainn wilson.
    Come on… acting in a sit com is much more forgiving than acting in the documentary style of the office.
    to prove my point: watch Jerry Seinfeld on 30 rock compared to Jerry Seinfeld ON Seinfeld.
    The fact that he can’t act is soooo much more apparent and I really think that its because the multi-camera setting is way more forgiving.
    On top of that the fact that Charlie Sheen is ever nominated proves that the academy’s judgment is at least little flawed.

  210. Words cannot express how bummed I am about this. First of all Jenna, John and Amy were not even recognized. Then Rainn and Steve both lose! Then The Office doesn’t win for best comedy! Unbelievable! Thank goodness for Jeff Blitz without him my TV would shattered right now. I suppose there’s next year =\

  211. I’m glad The Office got at least one! I thought since it didn’t look like 30 Rock was sweeping the awards maybe The Office had a chance, but no. Oh well, it’s really great that the show continues to get nominated.

  212. WT……? I would have been far less bothered by Rainn Wilson not winning Best Supporting Actor had Neil Patrick Harris been given the award.
    Seriously, Jon Cryer for “Two and Half Men” gave a better performance than either Rainn or Neil? I don’t think so!

  213. Congrats to Jeff, and congrats to the show. Emmy or no Emmy, it has been consistently amazing for the past 5 years, and as a fan, that’s all I ask for.

    For me, the highlight of the night was seeing how hard Steve Carell laughed at Jimmy Fallon’s bit.

    And I don’t understand why Alec Baldwin wins everything. Is he really, REALLY that funny, people?

  214. Yeah, I feel a little bummed out when 30 Rock gets tons of nods and wins, but I have to say it is really funny. I still love the Office, but 30 Rock is really quite brilliant too!

  215. I like 30 Rock and all, but I felt this was its weakest season and was hoping the Academy would award other shows as such. Not so much.

    There were such better options than 30 Rock in some of the categories, especially in the ones were 30 Rock had four out of the five or six nominations.

    As far as Best Supporting Actor, Jon Cryer would have been 2nd to last on my list before Johnny Drama. Any of the others could have taken it and I wouldn’t have been as disappointed.

  216. Tanster, any word on if the producers and directors at “The Office” would be willing to look into Kristin Chenoweth after her speech last night at the Emmys?

  217. Congrats to Jeff Blitz! “Stress Relief” was a fantastic episode and I’m so glad that he was recognized last night! You go Jeff!

    The love affair that the Academy has with 30 Rock needs to stop. Seriously.

    And to even insinuate that Alec Baldwin is funnier than Steve Carell is an insult. And I’m sorry to those who are fans of 30 Rock – but it’s not worth the hype. I gave it a shot numerous times. Yawn.

    And then Rainn loses to Jon Cryer? If Rainn had lost to Neil Patrick Harris, that would’ve been fine by me. Both he and Rainn were deserving.

    And yeah, the bit where Steve laughed ’til he cried at Jimmy Fallon was worth it for me as was Ricky Gervais’ bit.

  218. I think Chenowith would be perfect to play Angela’s estranged sister of 16ish years. I mean who else is as small Angela Martin? Umm…no one.

  219. i am a big fan of 30 rock but i simply think that steve is more deserving of the emmy than alec and i do not understand why they give the awards to the same people year after year. it makes the awards meaningless. i was already boycotting the emmys because of the unforgivable battlestar galactica oversights but i think that hearing that jon cryer won an emmy over rainn wilson and nph defines adding insult to injury.

  220. The Emmys seem to be biased every year. The same people and same shows win every year. At least in the Oscars, the people who win deserve it.

  221. sure..30 Rock is funny but it’s just a bunch of SNL skits clumped together. unlike the Office which has story and direction. geez..who votes for these emmy thingies?? and carell should have won the other year but it went to RICKY GERVAIS!!! WT….?????!!! i say boycott the emmys!!

  222. I will be making darn sure that I change the channel immediately after The Office ends.

    And Kristen Chenowith as Angela’s sister would be amazing! Can’t you just see those two sniping at each other?

    Everyone looked amazing, but Jenna really rocked the carpet. Stunning.

  223. Casual Monday, I could kiss you for that absolutely perfect suggestion as a role for Kristin Chenoweth! It would make my head explode from excitement and happiness, but in a VERY good way!

  224. Why is 30 Rock so “critically acclaimed?” What’s so special about it? I think it’s funny, but I don’t get why it is superior to The Office and all other comedies for that matter. If they win again next year, that will be a sign to me that something fishy is going on. Maybe a lot of people on the 30 Rock crew are voters for the Emmy’s or something.

  225. I love The Office. I also happen to love 30 Rock. Is 30 Rock the best show on tv right now? Yes. However, I feel like season 5 of The Office was better than season 3 of 30 Rock. I still think it’s a shame that there were no writing noms for the Office for the last half of the season. I think both shows deserved to win this year, but I did feel the MSPC storyline deserved some recognition; I felt it was the richest storyline since season 2/3’s merger downsizing.

    Also, Jon Cryer, really? That show is the worst.

  226. DarbyWinner you hit it right on the head.

    People, do you forget that The Office won best comedy in 2006? Granted, I don’t think that 30 Rock should have won in 2007 but if you’re a fan of both shows I would hope that you would agree that the past two years of 30 Rock have been better than The Office.

    oh and chrysler, 30 Rock is not a bunch of SNL skits put together. and it also has a storyline. Just because it is more out there than The Office doesn’t make it less of a comedy.

  227. Dear Lord #314 thank you! I entirely agree. The Office past two seasons has not been as great as before and frankly 30 Rock gets stronger every season. The storyline develops and its hysterical. I agree with them winning their awards, and firmly believe if the humor of the Office went back to like season 3, it would be a contender. The directing award was well deserved as Stress Relief was a great episode.

  228. To Steve Carell: I feel sad that you did not win. But you don’t need a boring emmy to know that you are the best. That is why you constantly win teen choice awards because the average person and not industry insiders know that you are the best comedic actor out there. I know that a surfboard fails in comparison to a gold statue, but recognize that it symbolizes the appreciation of us the average viewer who love your skills so much that seeing you perform on the small screen isn’t enough, so we pay to see you on the big screen as well.

  229. Not to beat a dead horse, but I’m one of the six people who has been watching 30 Rock from season one and I thought last year was a dismal one for that show. The Jon Hamm and Selma Hayek storylines were dull (honestly, did anyone care when they were gone?) and the “star cameos” a waste other than Alan Alda and Elaine Strich. The previous season, I agreed was a great one for 30 Rock – and I thought Alec Baldwin deserved the Emmy last year. But not this year. The last season of The Office was excellent, and Steve Carell deserved the Emmy. I would have put Jim Parsons a close second.

  230. wowza! melora hardin is stunning! i want that dress. hands down the best dressed on the red carpet last night. and i’m really fond of mindy’s dress too. that color is amazing on her.

    And congrats jeff blitz! the office won all the emmys in my heart:) honestly, i tried 30 rock once, and i was bored. didn’t have as strong characters as the office. maybe i should’ve given it another shot, but…

  231. What’s so classy about Steve is he does his best and isn’t bitter about it. He even said on the red carpet 30 Rock makes him laugh every week. I wish his fans could be as classy.

    I’m a huge fan of both The Office and 30 Rock. There’s never been a better hour of television.

    I was torn, but in the end Steve should have beat out Alec. “Broke” was just perfect and it showed a different side of Michael. He was pretty funny and heart warming. Plus Steves never won and Alec already had one so it’s only fair.

  232. I loved all the red carpet photos especially the one of Kate Flannery! Loved the white gloves, that whole “look” was perfect. Angela’s Barbie Doll pose in the last photo made me laugh.

    I also liked seeing photos of Rainn & Holliday, Steve & Nancy on the red carpet.

    As for the awards, 30 Rock is funny but it’s nice to have some Office love at the Emmys too. Congratulations to Jeff Blitz, Stress Relief was an amazing episode.

  233. Was disappointed to see the Office not get some of the awards I think it deserved, hope this doesn’t affect it in any way though, as in I hope they keep it around..
    30 Rock is funny, but not as funny as the Office.

    Everyone looked so stunning!! Angela’s dress and makeup were flawles.. Ed really looked dapper too.

  234. I don’t understand the hype over 30 Rock. I’ve given the show a try numerous times, but can’t get into it. I rarely laugh and some of the characters are incredibly irritating (mainly Tracy Morgan) Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, The Office…those are/were great comedies. 30 Rock is not up to those standards IMO
    It’s a crime that Steve hasn’t won yet. He’s able to convey a range of emotions so well..he makes me care/root for Michael Scott.
    Alec has the same facial expression in nearly every scene he’s in.

  235. I had not seen the video of Jimmy Fallon… He hit his head really hard!… Steve has a contagious laugh… Damn it!

  236. Everyone looked fantastic! I like Melora’s dress! And Ed, who is such a dork on The Office, really is such a nice looking man!

  237. i’m surprised that no one has mentioned how stunning ellie kemper was. she looked absolutely amazing, i also thought angela looked great too! and #310, alisha, i completely agree with you. i understand that tina fey is pretty amazing to create, write and star in/for 30 rock, but otherwise the show isn’t that great. i mean it’s not even funny!

  238. okay, i promise this is my last comment. three is the maximum for me.

    rainn really should have won though, i truly think he is the best out of all the others in terms of all the energy he puts into each and every scene or talking head.

    just take a minute. have any of you ever seen someone who was so completely and utterly different from their character, and to such an extreme level? (i’m just curious, i’m not trying to be all intimidating-college-professor-ish!)

  239. just realized i had more to say!

    angela looks stunning, her dress makes her blonde hair pop, and she looks surprisingly tall. the makeup is flawless too. also, ditto to number #315, you are so right about steve. he should realize that, but he also should have won the award. how many people could go from everyday nice guy to extreme innappropriate michael as steve carell?

  240. I came across a video from the Emmys Red Carpet that includes Leslie, Angela, Phyllis, Rob Riggle (Captain Jack) & Larry Wilmore (Mr. Brown) talking up iParticipate, which celebrates volunteer service:


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