The Office Emmys post, 2011

This post lists The Office Emmy coverage for 2011.


September 18, 2011

12:05am: Paul Feig tweets: “…saw that Steve Carell has now officially never won an Emmy for The Office. Um … okay. #areyououtofyoureffingmindstvacademy”

10:56pm: Rainn Wilson tweets: “The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott. Goodnight.”

10:25pm: Michael Schur tweets: “The fact that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for playing Michael Scott is a goddamn fucking embarrassment. Good night!”

7:54pm: the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series goes to ‘Modern Family.’

7:06pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “@OfficeTally: I’m stunned. Glad a camera wasn’t on me. Zero poker face. #Emmys” I’m so sad. :(

5:55pm: Some new Dunder Mifflin employees explain what they hate about their job. Pretty funny!

5:50pm: Brian Baumgartner tweets “Wow. Just don’t know what to say. Speechless. Ridiculous. Stupid. #Emmys”

5:41pm: the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series goes to Jim Parsons of ‘Big Bang Theory.’ I’m speechless.

5:30pm: the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series goes to ‘Modern Family.’

5:22pm: Kate Flannery tweets “Backstage at the Emmy..s. Its dark With occasional patches of insane light.”

5:00pm: Brian Baumgartner tweets: “At the #emmys . Here was some pre Emmy fun from yesterday with Cloris Leachman.

5:00pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “Finding a shady spot on the red carpet with pals @BBBaumgartner and @RachaelEHarris!

4:55pm: Rainn Wilson tweets: “The Office has about zero chance of winning this year because the cast has been relegated to rows U & V. #Emmys”

4:47pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “Love me some @kathygriffin!

3:41pm: Rainn Wilson tweets: “Me & my beautiful wife, Holiday @ The Emmys

2:55pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: ““@JennaFLover: @AngelaKinsey @RachaelEHarris Is jenna going ?!” no. But she came over and hung out with us while we got ready. #bestbffever”

2:53pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: ““@WeTidyupUSA: @AngelaKinsey @RachaelEHarris dont trip!! ;)” I might! My train is super long. :/”

2:44pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “Goofing off in the limo…

2:35pm: Angela Kinsey tweets: “On my way to the Emmy’s with @RachaelEHarris!

12:49pm: Kate Flannery tweets: “Backstage at the Emmys and I have met @TheTweetOfGod! Talk about a religious experience.”

12:01am: Kate Flannery tweets: “Doing a music thing on the Emmy’s tomorrow night. Keepin’ it vague. I will tweet from backstage if anybody gives a crap. Anything can happen, Jane is Live!”

September 17, 2011

Ed Helms is scheduled to perform with Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph. Read more

Mindy Kaling tweets: “Omg @icecubetray did you see Mariska Hargitay? The one Emmys I’m in Boston, and Missoni Target swag! #thepits”

September 15, 2011

Kate Flannery is scheduled to perform as part of the Emmingtons. Read more

September 15, 2011

Alec Baldwin tweets: “No Emmys for me this year. I’m hosting Tony Bennett’s EXPLORING THE ARTS gala. And I voted for Steve Carell!!”

July 17, 2011

The Office was nominated for four Emmy awards.


  1. No Jenna!? :( I guess I can cut her a break since she’s very pregnant but that’s still a bummer! Good luck to all of them, crossing my fingers for Steve! Go Office :)

  2. Understandable, but too bad Jenna can’t be there to celebrate Steve’s win with everybody else. Yes, Steve WILL win. Everybody knows this. I’m on pins and needles!

  3. i had a feeling jenna wouldn’t go… she is due any day now. wouldn’t want her water breaking on the red carpet!

  4. Does anyone else wish that Rainn kinda sorta still uses this hairstyle for Dwight (Remembering Seasons 1-3)?

  5. Hope Steve Carell gets his Emmy. It’s long overdue! Also, wouldn’t it be awesome for the Office to pull an upset?

  6. I’m at a loss. HOW is is possible that Steve lost?! I now have no further reason to ever watch the Emmy’s again. Not only is the supporting cast continuously snubbed, but now this?

  7. Steve Carell was robbed again. Hoping the Emmy’s will do the right thing is a fool’s game.

  8. WHAT A JOKE. What do the Emmys have against Steve Carell? 7 seasons of such an iconic character & nothing. Damn shame.

  9. Kate is such a class act. Every year she looks stunning!

    Regarding the massive kick in the nuts that was Steve’s snub… I’m burning Utica to the ground! Who’s with me?

  10. I’m all for “burning Utica to the ground,” but all kidding aside, what a horrible snub to Steve. I can’t imagine how disappointed he must feel.

  11. Emmy voters are a bunch of idiots. That award belongs to Steve.

    That Office skit was the only good part of the show.

  12. I love that all BJ tweeted was “um okay”. That was my response as well as anger. I didn’t want Steve to get a pity win, but the fact that he hasn’t won any of the 7 years is crap. I don’t understand what the Academy has against him.

  13. It’s the same thing every year. Why did i bother getting my hopes up? One show is always favored and wins everything, year after year.

    Steve was straight up robbed. The cast is equally angry on Twitter!

  14. Totally shocked. With the range that Steve played this season and the growth he was able to give Michael as a character, he deserved that Emmy, no question.

    So basically, what I’m saying is I’m in for the Utica party.

  15. You tell ’em Brian! Steve – we love you! (And really it’s not slight to the other nominees – they really are all wonderful – but seriously?)

    P.S. Everyone looks amazing, but got to see that Kate hit it out of the ballpark again!

  16. Any one else disappointed that Jon Stewart didn’t reference Steve (or his snub) at all? :o(

  17. What an awesome skit! Seeing Mariska Hargitay and John Slattery’s talking heads, and Ashton Kutcher in Michael’s chair were priceless!!

  18. I really feel bad for Steve, and his wife Nancy who had misty eyes after they announce Parson’s as the winner. Seriously, what does the academy have against Steve. Is it that he is too damn talented, or what?

  19. I am absolutely disgusted. Steve not winning for the role of Michael Scott is sickening. I don’t know who votes for these awards, but you have to wonder if they are even watching The Office.

  20. @Spleegan I really don’t think they are. That, or they have something against Steve. It’s obvious talent that has obviously been snubbed time and time again.

  21. I seriously can’t believe this. So, so indescribably wrong. I’m still angry. I can’t imagine how the cast must feel.

    Not that it matters to the people behind the Emmys, but I won’t be watching again for at LEAST a few years, if ever.

    And if they really did put the cast in rows U/V or some other place really far back, that’s almost disrespectful.

  22. @Speegan and Angie, I’m having a hard time believing that they dislike Steve… who could? He has been respectful to the Office and went out on a high note; I’ve never heard negative things about him. I’m so confused…

  23. as much as i think that it sucks that steve got snubbed, if he had to lose, i’m glad it was to jim parsons and not alec baldwin. the big bang theory is hilarious! i love the office, but i’m sorry, the last few seasons have just gone downhill. i nearly pee myself laughing during every episode of the big bang theory… the office, not so much.

    okay, commence the hating.

  24. I’ve given up expecting the Emmy’s to do the right thing. Or the decent thing. Or the comprehensible thing.
    One last emmy, though. Outstanding comedy series.

  25. @Bad Idea Jeans I’m not saying they dislike Steve, but perhaps they don’t like Michael Scott. I really don’t know either. I guess the best answer is they’re just damn fools.

    Except Alec Baldwin.

  26. Enough Modern Family! Ugh :< Try getting some RANGE Emmy voters. One show doesn't have to win everything, really!

  27. @FlonkertonChamp I’d rather have Big Bang Theory than Modern Family. That show is just not funny to me, and really kinda annoying. The Emmy’s are still a complete joke. They’ve snubbed Steve during the best and worst years, so they clearly don’t care about the quality of the show – if they did, Steve would have won years ago when the show was in its prime. More than once. No, this is them showing their bias again.

  28. @theofficefan84 I DID! then punched my couch and stormed out the room… but seriously steve was robbed… lowest point of my day :(

  29. All of the people I wanted to win tonight lost. Steve, Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Steven Moffat, who got a Writing in a Miniseries/Movie nod for “A Study in Pink,” the premiere episode of The BBC’s acclaimed Sherlock. In my opinion, if the show wins an Emmy, everybody, from actors on down, oughta get one.

  30. The horror. The outrage. The Emmys. I turned them on just to watch Steve’s well deserved win. Needless to say, I won’t be doing it again.

  31. Everyone except the voters know that Steve truly deserved the win. The Office deserves some respect from the awards shows, before it’s too late.

  32. I am just beside myself. The only thing I can say is that Emmy or no Emmy, Steve Carell will be remembered for playing one of the all-time great TV characters.

  33. Dear Emmys,
    You crush your wife during sex and your heart sucks.

    I really don’t understand. He deserved this so much, and it’s complete bull that he hasn’t won once in 7 seasons. I’m so disappointed in the voters. I think I’m done with this awards show. It’s just becoming a bit of a joke and a letdown.

  34. I absolutely don’t think that The Office should have been a lock for Outstanding Comedy Series. In it’s prime for sure, but not now. I do however think that Carrell should have won for Best Actor. I felt so warm inside after “Goodbye, Michael,” and he deserved it entirely. I’m not well versed in The Big Bang Theory, but I can’t imagine that Jim Parsons did as well as Carrell towards the end of his tenure. Season 2 would have been a good time to give him an Emmy as well.

  35. WHAT.

    I mean, Michael Scott is iconic. He’s been called this generation’s Archie Bunker. Steve Carell lived and breathed that character. And NOT ONE Emmy? Ever?

    On a related note, enough of Modern Family, PLEASE. There are plenty of other extremely talented people who were passed over for nominations for no good reason. You can’t nominate one show for four out of six slots in a category. You just can’t do it. That defeats the purpose of the thing. It’s like when Toy Story 3 was nominated for both animated film and best film and then the Academy expected people to be guessing what would win for animated.

  36. When Jim Parsons was called…I really just…sat there. Shocked. All day, I kept thinking all day of what would be in Steve’s acceptance speech. Most likely something funny about how he finally won against Jim. And Jim didn’t even look excited! When he was called..he looked..liked he expected it! I was so upset!
    The Emmys were a BIG upset this year. It wasn’t very well put-together. Jane was hilarious, but it wasn’t nearly as good as last year. And Modern Family is a GREAT show, and they do deserve the awards they’ve been given! But now..I’m just not going to expect to watch them anymore. They’ve just…I’m totally disappointed.
    On the other hand, Melissa McCarthy, I’m glad she won! :D

  37. Carell definitely deserved it more than Jim Parsons but Louis C.K. should have been the one who got the award.

  38. Just woke up to find out the bad news, I wished so much that Steve would win for his final year and it be the perfect end to his role as Michael Scott.

    Watched the award being given out on Youtube, Jim Parsons did not deserve to win at all. Steve was gracious with accepting defeat, but his wife….she did not look happy at all, and too right. Steve deserved that award.

    Either he’ll win a Golden Globe for Michael Scott, or the Emmy voters will realise their mistake and award him for some guest spot he does years down the line, for something that didn’t resonate nearly as much as his most beloved role: Michael Gary Scott. (I’m thinking in terms of what the Oscars did for Martin Scorsese).

  39. Woke up still very bummed about Steve. Him not winning an Emmy for playing Michael Gary Scott is one of the worst travesties in Emmy history. Hopefully he got lots of love from his fellow actors afterwards.

  40. Steve was so robbed!! He earned an Emmy 100 times over. In one episode, we could go from wanting to punch Michael Scott, to laughing hysterically at him, to wanting to hug him. It was a brilliant performance (WAY better than anything by Alec Baldwin, ever, imho.)

    Do the people who give the awards actually watch any of the shows? This is ridiculous. I’m so mad.

  41. Bad conduct by the staff through twitter by complaining about who didn’t win rather than congratulating those who did. Bad sportsmanship.

  42. The emmys were horrible this year. So sad! The only good parts were the little clip filmed at The Office, and Ed Helms popping up during the little musical number ha!

  43. Worst!!! Emmys!!!! Ever!!!!! to quote Comic Book Guy. Seriously, what did Steve Carell have to do to win. His character is iconic and will be remembered for generations to come. He brought an unlikable character to life, and made you care about him even through his foilables. That is acting and he should have been rewarded. To quote the Malcolm in the Middle theme song: “LIFE IS UNFAIRRRR!!!!

  44. I don’t think that Steve should have won because it was his final season…I don’t believe entitlement for winning any kind of competition. Steve should have won because he was hands down the best this year. He was great all season, but goodbye Michael he was pure perfection. I’ve only caught Big Bang Theory a few times over the years because the characters felt like annoying stereotypes. I was glad to see Ty Burell because Modern Family is for me what Parks and Recreation is for a lot of other Office fans on this board. Like the Office, Modern Family has a solid cast, even the kids are great, and Ty Burell, like Steve Carell was hands down better than his competition. I think more Office people should have been nominated. John, Rainn, Ed, and Craig all deserved to be nominated as did Jenna, Ellie, Angela, ect. Jane Lynch’s hosting? Meh. She’s a great actress, but as a host she’s no where near Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman or Billy Crystal.

  45. I was not surprised SC did not win since I would not have expected him to win if he was still on the show or had won before. The Emmys have historically not been kind to TO. Sure, the show and SC have been nominated but JK has never been nominated and just a couple of supporting noms for JF and RW. I used to think it was because “the show is not as good as the British version” and “SC is not as good as Ricky Gervais” but it did not seem like there was a lot of love for P&R either so maybe it is the Academy is just not a fan of these shows, although Modern Family tries to use the documentary approach as well. I don’t dislike MF, but it doesn’t seem like I should have to be told so many times it is a great show.

  46. In all but one category the emmys were justified this year. I like Jim Parsons but that was Steve’s emmy!!!

  47. Surprised Steve did not win. “Goodbye Michael” was a wonderful tee-up to give him his Emmy,which he so richly deserves.

    Maybe Steve did not win because he makes the character of Michael Scott seem easy to play. Or maybe it was because Steve approaches his craft like a job, takes it seriously and does not kiss anyone’s butt (a rarity in Hollywood).

    Whatever the reason, Steve can take pride in the work he created on the Office, came away with some dear friends and made a boatload of cash.

    Not a bad life if you ask me.

  48. A complete sham that SC did not win last night. I know NO ONE that watches Big Bang Theory. Who are these voters??? Nancy Carell looked PEEVED after they announced Jim Parsons’ name. Good for her!

  49. A bit off-topic, but today I was reading the TV Guide and noticed that this week instead of 3 hours of The Office tuesday on TBS it has been replaced with…yep you guessed it: The Big Bang Theory.
    What.Is.Life. :(

  50. It’s a crime that Steve brilliantly portrayed Michael Scott for seven years and never walked away with an Emmy.

    Look, I don’t care about “not awarding someone just because it’s his last year.” It happens ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes you just gotta finally honor someone after years of being ignored. And I just thought for once the Academy would get it right and give an Emmy for all the other times they robbed him of one. Goodbye Michael was absolutely perfect.

    Rude, disgusting, unforgivable, really. And I’m so happy at the tweets by BJ, Paul Feig, Mike Schur, Brian, Angela, etc. I absolutely adore everyone involved on the show and I love how angry they are about this. As they should be.

  51. No, The Office did not deserve Outstanding Comedy Series, at least not ahead of Parks and Rec or Modern Family, and I’m glad one of those two won. Now I have not as much as seen a minute of Big Bang Theory but according to IMDb, Jim Parsons ISN’T EVEN THE LEAD; fellow Best Lead Actor nominee Johnny Galecki is the lead. That’s like saying Dwight or Jim (pre-Goodbye Michael, obviously) is the lead in The Office, or that Rob Lowe is the lead on Parks and Rec. Parsons did not even belong in that category and as such this whole award was a fraud this year. My hope is that in a few years, Steve Carell wins the Emmy for Guest Actor for his role in the series finale. And if he doesn’t, he better lose to a legitimate winner.

  52. I woke up still so bitter about this. To quote BJ and Paul, “um.. okay” really is all you can say. Because what the #!*# were they thinking!?

    All i know is this will only be remembered as the time the Emmy’s royally effed up. Not as the time Jim Parsons won, but as the time Steve Carell did not. And that i think says a lot. The fans, and i’m sure many, many others are with Steve on this.

  53. Our show is better than these misguided Emmy voters. In my mind Steve, John, Rainn, Jenna and the show itself are all multiple winners. Does Big Bang Theory or Modern Family hold a character that even comes close to the significance and brilliance of Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute? Do they contain a love story as genuine and honest as Jim and Pam?

    There’s no doubt in my mind everyone knows Steve deserved that award.

  54. Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce both won for the last season of Frasier. It’s safe to say that, even tho it was a good show, it was less than it once was by its eleventh season (I still love watching every episode, don’t get me wrong).

    They were honoured with the awards for the whole series, not just because of whatever episode was submitted that year. Do the emmy voters not realise what they’re losing?

    Well done to Jim Parsons for making this an emmys ceremony to remember for the voters and the backlash. I have seen the episode Jim Parsons was nominated for, and I can safely say that he showed nothing compared to what Steve Carell showed us. Let me summarise: Sheldon danced….and that’s it. It makes me sad.

  55. First, I felt bad for Steve because he didn’t win.

    Then I felt bad for Jim Parsons because he DID win and everyone thinks he didn’t deserve to.

    Then I realized these award shows are really silly, ya know?

    So I turned off the t.v. and did something else.

  56. In my rage, I forgot to mention that Alec Baldwin tweeted that not only was he rooting for Steve Carell to win, but that he had voted for him! That’s class, to me. I feel like if Alec had won (and had been at the ceremony instead of a benefit), he would have directly acknowledged Steve, perhaps even invited him up onstage.

  57. I can’t understand why Modern Family is so popular, I just don’t get it.

    Steve deserved to win, and I’m surprised the show got so few nominations as a whole. I’m happy for Jim Parsons though, he’s hilarious on TBBT.

  58. 62 – I felt similarly confused by it all. Jim Parsons is a lead actor, but no one on Modern Family is a lead, they are all supporting cast? Makes no sense. Even my husband, who loves Big Bang, was confused – he thought Jim Parsons had won for supporting actor and Jay Burrell had won lead actor.

  59. @62 & 73 – Jim Parsons is definitely a supporting actor, not the lead of the show. But what category an actor is in is usually due to what category they are submitted to the academy in by the network or whoever, because they think they’ve got a good chance of winning.

    I remember hearing this about a movie, the story was about one woman’s journey. But for the oscars, she was submitted for the supporting actress category, and someone else in the movie was put up for Best actress category. I think it was due to her being a newcomer, or something, but it does happen.

  60. Tallyheads, if you see these award shows for the nonsense that they’ve become, you’ll be far less disappointed. Winning would not have validated Steve’s performance, just as losing should not diminish it, in the hearts of those who count.

    In the award shows that we create in our minds, Steve has won Best Actor in a Comedy Series seven years in a row. That’s all that matters.

  61. Thanks for compiling all of this Tanster. I just wanted to add to the comments that it is absolutely ridiculous that Steve didn’t win. I believe this about The Office, and I think the same applies to Steve – there is so much heart in the show, and Steve gave Michael so much heart and personality beyond the humor, that it may distract those less sophisticated minds who were voting. Jim Parsons probably gets more laughs-per-minute (although I don’t find TBBT particularly funny), but Steve created a cultural phenomenon. No one else could have played Michael so well. I also love Modern Family, and I can understand why it won so many awards, but I think The Office and the cast need their own category. It’s just too good to be contained as a “comedy.”

  62. i’ve never heard of jim parsons or big bang theory up until these past couple weeks, due to commercials during tbs’ office marathons. i honestly thought it was a new show…i thought “hey look that kid from roseanne is acting again”
    i love how he was in the office spoof they showed and no one in the audience laughed at him :)

  63. I was surprised and upset when I saw Steve Carell lose to Jim Parsons. I thought he would for sure win this last time around. I don’t think those Emmy voters have any idea of what real comedy is. “Goodbye Michael” had everything a winning episode should’ve had in my opinion. I highly doubt TBBT episode topped it in any way. I now think these awards are a joke since Steve never won one. I also think The Office should’ve won for outstanding comedy series. I thought last season was amazing and it has only gotten better and better as the years have gone by! Steve might’ve have lost but in our hearts we know he was the true winner!

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