1. Was that a Jim/Pam air high five I saw? That’s a nice callback to the old days! So excited, looks like another exciting episode!

  2. Whether or not you think these last episodes are good, I believe that any quality show should keep its viewers guessing, and The Office is doing just that. None of us really know what’s going to go down in these last three hours. Heck, half of us are still debating over whether or not Jim and Pam are going to stay together or if Michael’s gonna show.

    (As an aside, does NBC’s marketing even talk to anyone outside their department? The P&R season finale’s summary hints pretty strongly at who the pregnant person is — seriously…)

  3. YES!!! Dwight with the Michael Scott foot on the desk callback!! He’s gotta be the manager! LOL

  4. Even though the show is ending, it’s sad thinking of Andy leaving Dunder Mifflin. I wonder if they’re setting it up so the show can end with Dwight becoming the boss. I hope so. He’s wanted it for so long.

  5. Even if Jim has quit Athlead, he still invested that $10,000 in Here Comes Treble, so if Athlead is a big success, he will still be a shareholder and might make a lot of money from it. I am surprised a lot of people forgot about that.

    Looks like a GREAT night!!:)

  6. Holy moly…..I predicted a pregnancy for…a certain person… based on the summary! @2 aka Lin Belfunk: I didn’t know there would really be one! Well, maybe. It could be a fake-out. But, back to the main comment purpose: Three more episodes…Sadness…

  7. the headshots of Andy seemed like a possible shout out to Arrested Development. If not, still cool

  8. Wow, Thursday’s gonna be a great night.

    I’m a little confused though… am I correctly understanding that the Office is actually starting at 8:30, airing for an hour, and is then followed by Parks at 9:30?

  9. The first time I watched this I really thought that Dwight was bowing to Michael! I’ve watched it over and over, but, I don’t think hitting the replay button will make *that* dream come true. Haha!

    I can’t wait!!!

  10. I was bored earlier and watched some Jim and Pam videos on You Tube. I think that when the documentary airs, Jim and Pam will both have a change of heart with how they feel about the Philly job.

  11. @Ohhelms, I also thought it was Michael (Scott)! I had to pause and rewatch a few times.
    I’m a little worried about Pam’s comment, “It’s nice to have you back.” Of course it makes me happy, but I also share the opinion of most that Jim should not stay at DM. He’s not satisfied there and needs to move on.

  12. @Dave – You made my heart skip a beat!! :)

    @Bad Idea Jeans – I am also a little worried about the “nice to have you back” comment. I’m hoping he plays a prank on Dwight and that he is “back” to old self.

  13. I’d love to see dwight finally get to cross out the ‘assistant to the’ of his assistant to the regional manager sign with a huge grin on his face.

  14. I really hope that Andy actually makes it. It’s better than trying to force him to be David Brent, he deserves better. It’s sad to have to see him go after such an awkward season.

  15. Eli, I hope you’re right. But one thing I’ve learned this season is that these NBC previews can be pretty sneaky. On the face of things, I’d agree with you that it looks like Dwight is RM. However, after last week’s JAM hug preview–what it looked like and then what it turned out to be (which was AMAZING!)–I’m merely along for the ride. No more trying to predict what’s going to happen by way of the previews. Sure is fun trying, though!

  16. @Bad Idea Jeans the “nice to have you back” kind of reminded me of Beach Games/The Job when Jim said he’d never really come back and Pam said she wished he would. I hope that it’s a figurative “have you back” than a literal one, anyway… I want Jim to have the Philly job!

  17. Typically when Pam is wearing pink and Jim is wearing blue we have a great story with them. I’m going to call it and say that TH has something to do with “getting reacquainted with each other”.:)

  18. @Miki. I am with you on the Andy front. I hope Andy is allowed to have some degree of success in chasing his dream. He has had a very weird final season.

  19. 8/remember to call – yes, The Office is at 8:30 p.m (Community at 8:00, The Office from 8:30-9:30 and Parks and Rec at 9:30) – I was confused too so I looked it up.

  20. @Karen, Yes! You noticed the pink and blue thing as well? My husband and I are always commenting on that when we watch The Office.

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