How can I submit a news tip and become a ‘tipster’?

If you would like to be credited as a tipster (as shown here), then email me with a newsworthy article, photo, etc. If it’s something I haven’t seen before and I post it here at OfficeTally, you’ll be credited as a tipster! (Don’t randomly post a news tip as a comment on an unrelated post; it will be deleted.)

Why was my comment deleted?

Probably because it violated the comment policy. Just revise your comment and then re-submit it!

Why haven’t you responded to my email?

I get so much OfficeTally correspondence every day, I am no longer able to personally respond to each and every one. For that, I truly apologize!

As far as news tips go, rest assured that if I do post it and if you alerted me to it before I saw it on my own, I will definitely credit you in the post. That I can promise.

I can’t view the NBC videos outside the U.S. Any tips?

Yes, check out this comment. Note that UltraSurf works with Internet Explorer on the PC only. If your anti-virus software labels UltraSurf a virus, check out the information here. I’ve downloaded and used UltraSurf without any problems!

Why are OfficeTally contests open only to U.S. entries?

While many of the contest prizes are generously donated, I pay for packaging and shipping out of my own pocket. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or budget to ship outside the U.S. So sorry! :(

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