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I visited The Office set the week of March 11, 2013, while they filmed the series finale episode, Finale.

Here are links to all my reports:

Jen Celotta Schrute

My favorite cameo from The Office finale episode, hands down, was Jennifer Celotta.

Jennifer is a long-time OfficeTally favorite, having been a producer and writer during the earlier seasons of the show.

She has kidded with us over the years that her dream was to appear as a member of the Schrute family.

She finally got her wish last night! :)

For the full listing of my 2013 set visit content, go here.

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My photos from The Office wrap party

[This is one report from my 2013 visit to The Office set. See all reports here.]

The Office series finale wrap party was held on Saturday, March 16, 2103.

Since The Office cast was still shooting the finale when the party started at 8pm, they didn’t arrive to the party until around 10:30 or 11, I think. I believe every guest star that has ever appeared in an episode was invited, but because there were so many people there, I didn’t get to see them all.

The Office Executive Producer Greg Daniels gave a really touching speech, which was followed by a video reel, including new bloopers.

It was wonderful connecting with cast, crew, and writers. Thanks for inviting me! :)
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The Office photos from the set

Here are photos of The Office set I took on January 19, 2012 (I was able to roam freely around the bullpen — they were filming Last Day In Florida in a different building that day) and March 6, 2012 (filming the Season 8 finale, Free Family Portrait Studio).

As I requested in an earlier post, I asked you guys if you had any photo requests, so I tried to snap as many of those as I could; thanks for all the great ideas!

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Thank you, The Office cast and staff!

I spent about 10 hours on The Office set today, watching filming of the Season 8 finale.

Yes, The Office wraps up filming this week! How time flies.

Thank you, The Office cast and staff, for letting me hang out with you today. As always, it was a blast.