About OfficeTally

Hi! I’m Jennie Tan (aka tanster). Welcome to OfficeTally, my blog about NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy, “The Office.”

OfficeTally is your one-stop news source for all things Office. That’s what she said.

OfficeTally stats (as of May 31, 2013, end of series)

  • Start date: February 4, 2006
  • Number of posts: over 3,300
  • Number of comments: over 141,000
  • Total page views: over 77 million
  • How often updated: nearly every day during the active TV season
  • Number of Twitter followers: over 28,000

My visits to The Office set

I have visited The Office set six times (full reports).

My appearances on The Office

I have appeared on the show twice, first as an extra in Company Picnic, and then with a speaking role on the series finale!

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