OfficeTally’s impact on The Office: the Mashable interview

As part of the series Tales of the Early Internet, I was delighted to be interviewed by Mashable about OfficeTally’s impact on the Office.

As I told Mashable’s Nicole Gallucci, it was a perfect storm of events that happened back in 2007–I stumbled upon The Office while channel surfing in Season 2, I became so obsessed with the show that I created my first blog about it, and I started communicating with cast members on MySpace.

I remember that time in my life, and OfficeTally readers, with so much affection.

And apparently, so do some of you!

Here’s an email I received last week from an OfficeTally reader:

This email pretty much made my week.

Anyway, give the article a read and let me know what you think! And thank you for being part of a very special perfect storm. 🥰

Link: ‘The Office’ fansite that the cast actually obsessed over


  1. Just heard about this site from Kevin Baumgartner’s podcast, The Office Deep Dive! I’m definitely deep diving these posts :-)

  2. As an Office geek, I just devoured Andy Greene’s The Office…bestseller. He mentions this site repeatedly, so I had to come take a look. How the hell did I miss this…

  3. I finally finished the last season this evening. I was a fan (or viewer) originally but moved overseas for a new job around 2010 and just lost track of the series. Watching the Finale episodes the line Andy stated “I wished there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them” made my eyes water up. Pretty much sums up the series and life in general for me.

    Lovely ending to a very captivating and interesting series.

    Thank you to all of the actors and staff.

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