The Office cast reunites for a quarantine wedding

Get the tissue box out.

In John Krasinski’s latest edition of SGN (Some Good News), he reports a story of a Maryland couple who got engaged à la Jim and Pam, in front of a gas station mini mart.

Oh, but it gets better.

John proceeds to officiate the wedding, Zoom-style.

He even enlists Jenna Fischer as maid of honor.

But the best part of the celebration comes after the ceremony, with the entire cast of The Office performing the dance from the show’s wedding episode!

And I mean, everyone got in on the action, reprising their roles (and special dance moves): Angela Kinsey, B.J. Novak, Brian Baumgartner, Creed Bratton, Ed Helms, Ellie Kemper, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Rainn Wilson, and Steve Carell.

Complete with a kick to the face, tissue box shoes, and some serious vogueing.

Check it out here:

The wedding story starts at 7:20, with The Office cast dance at 15:00.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! I totally fell in love with SGN and when I saw they were doing a cast reunion, I was like: it’s about time! I’m so glad they did this! I love them all so much!

  2. Lovely spirit among the cast. Wonderful wedding gift to the happy couple. Thank you for keeping the site up Jennie – hope you are doing well

    [from tanster: thank you. you too! 💖]

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