The Office to end after Season 9

In a conference call today, The Office showrunner Greg Daniels announced that Season 9 will be the show’s final season.

Here are some more details (some spoilerish).

  • Artistic ending to the show. Last season of The Office. Big exciting last season. Lot of familiar characters coming back. Wedding. Lots of drama for Jim/Pam. Darryl will learn PowerPoint. David Wallace running things.
  • We’ll find out who’s behind the documentary, meet some of them
  • Big Jim and Pam year.
  • “All questions will be answered.”
  • Gangbuster season.
  • Jim and Pam are the heart and soul of the show. From the early years, had an inkling of their ending.
  • Last few years didn’t do arcs so much, it was more episodic comedy. Season 9 will be an arc-heavy year, and will be set up in premiere.
  • Mindy and B.J are coming back briefly, hopefully more later.
  • Now that we have an end date, we can blow things up, take some chances, hopefully it will be very exciting for the audience.
  • How that we’ve announced this is the final season, hopefully we’ll get guest directors and stars to fill in on great guest star roles
  • The majority of the fireworks will happen in creative writing choices and things happening to characters you already know.
  • Would love Ken Kwapis to direct the finale since he directed the pilot.
  • In an upcoming episode, Nellie has a charity drive; Dwight wants to donate to the Taliban in protest.
  • We’ll find out who the Scranton Strangler is.
  • Protecting characters long term: “maybe that’s not important.”
  • Break the fourth wall of documentary
  • Why are the documentarians still filming after nine years? This will be explored.
  • Michael Scott returning? We would certainly wish for it, would be fantastic.
  • Will make Season 9 special, memorable, and exciting for fans.
  • Still the highest rated scripted show for the network.
  • Greenblatt mentioned “Explosive ideas” in upfronts? Greg: I know what he’s talking about.
  • Try to get back to people being surprised when they watch the show, instead of finding out three weeks earlier.
  • The Office Season 9 premiere airs September 20.


  1. “We would certainly wish for (Michael Scott returning). We’re not going to put pressure on Steve by writing something that would only work if he returns, but it would be fantastic. I think for him, he really loved how he was exited, and probably was anxious about not messing up such a stylish exit — so that’s a perfectly legitimate point. So we’ll see. We haven’t written — we just have ideas for the ending, but if he were to participate, we’d have good times. … But he’s pretty busy.”

  2. I’m happy about this. Seasons 6-8 were complete trainwrecks and really lowered the overall quality of the show in my opinion. Season 9, from all the news that I’ve heard about it, looks to be a major improvement over those last three seasons though, so at least the show won’t go out with a whimper.

  3. BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!
    I Can’t believe this, i’ve been wanted this moment for a long long time.
    I’m gonna miss the show I lot, but it was time.
    Finally The Office will have an end. So happy!

  4. Can’t say i didn’t see it coming,it still none the less breaks my heart. What an amazing set of actors,writers and producers they’ve been..I’m really going to miss this show :(

  5. I’m incredibly sad. I feel like it is the right time to end it but I can’t believe my all time favorite comedy is coming to an end. I do however feel with an end date set this could be an incredible season as the writers have something to work towards and hopefully this will bring some great character arches and stories.

  6. As much as I hate to hear this, I can’t help but smile, honestly. Greg Daniels is the primary reason I’m returning, and already, it seems to sound much better than last season.

    Consider me a viewer once again.

  7. Sad news, this was the first show that I actually got attached to. Let’s just hope it’ll be as good as seasons 2-5, if not the best season yet, and a Michael appearance too.

  8. Thanks for such a great show Office staff! In the words of Michael Scott “Well this is gonna hurt like a mother******.

  9. Wow! I wonder what “Jim and Pam are the heart and soul of the show. From the early years, had an inkling of their ending” means…could mean a break up, some tension/fights, or it could just mean how their characters are finalized at the conclusion of the show. Can’t wait!

  10. all good things come to an end. i will enjoy each and every episode! they better have 30 episodes. or more.

  11. Wow, this is really sad. I have grown to really like this show, the dynamic of the show, and the characters. The dynamic was wonderful.

    Now that the show is ending, I really hope they pick up “The Farm”. That would make me feel a lot better knowing that I could still watch Dwight on TV (and possibly other characters from The Office).

    There are days that I will just pull out a season and watch episodes all day. This has been the first show that I could actually relate to and it had a “realistic” touch to the show. Most television shows are “glamored” and are not that realistic, and the documentary/realistic feel to this show was just amazing and I think that is why I have liked this show so much.

  12. “Darryl learns Powerpoint” hahahah. I am so sad about this but it’s also very exciting. Glad to see they are getting back to their roots.

  13. Sad, but I knew this day was coming sooner rather than later. I’ve enjoyed every season, especially the early ones and with Greg Daniels back to oversee the final season I know the quality will of the “golden years” will return. At least we are getting a return of “arcs” and plenty of Jim and Pam. I’m going try to not read any more spoilers so I’m surprised

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