The Office to end after Season 9

In a conference call today, The Office showrunner Greg Daniels announced that Season 9 will be the show’s final season.

Here are some more details (some spoilerish).

  • Artistic ending to the show. Last season of The Office. Big exciting last season. Lot of familiar characters coming back. Wedding. Lots of drama for Jim/Pam. Darryl will learn PowerPoint. David Wallace running things.
  • We’ll find out who’s behind the documentary, meet some of them
  • Big Jim and Pam year.
  • “All questions will be answered.”
  • Gangbuster season.
  • Jim and Pam are the heart and soul of the show. From the early years, had an inkling of their ending.
  • Last few years didn’t do arcs so much, it was more episodic comedy. Season 9 will be an arc-heavy year, and will be set up in premiere.
  • Mindy and B.J are coming back briefly, hopefully more later.
  • Now that we have an end date, we can blow things up, take some chances, hopefully it will be very exciting for the audience.
  • How that we’ve announced this is the final season, hopefully we’ll get guest directors and stars to fill in on great guest star roles
  • The majority of the fireworks will happen in creative writing choices and things happening to characters you already know.
  • Would love Ken Kwapis to direct the finale since he directed the pilot.
  • In an upcoming episode, Nellie has a charity drive; Dwight wants to donate to the Taliban in protest.
  • We’ll find out who the Scranton Strangler is.
  • Protecting characters long term: “maybe that’s not important.”
  • Break the fourth wall of documentary
  • Why are the documentarians still filming after nine years? This will be explored.
  • Michael Scott returning? We would certainly wish for it, would be fantastic.
  • Will make Season 9 special, memorable, and exciting for fans.
  • Still the highest rated scripted show for the network.
  • Greenblatt mentioned “Explosive ideas” in upfronts? Greg: I know what he’s talking about.
  • Try to get back to people being surprised when they watch the show, instead of finding out three weeks earlier.
  • The Office Season 9 premiere airs September 20.