Office characters featured on "The More You Know" tomorrow night

Did you happen to catch Leno last night?

If you did, you saw Rainn Wilson (or was that Dwight Schrute?) featured on a “The More You Know” commercial — you know, those commercials that are part of NBC’s public service campaign.

The cast of The Office will be featured in TMYK spots all throughout NBC primetime viewing tomorrow night. Watch for them! — if last night’s spot is any indication, they should be darned funny.

See a complete list of events in the calendar.

Will the real Jim Halpert please stand up

Did you know that our favorite salesman Jim Halpert is named after a real person?

Amy Joyce of the Washington Post talked to The Office’s executive producer Greg Daniels about his old childhood friend, Jim Halpert, and discovered there’s more that’s similar between the two Jims than just the name.

(The haircut maybe?)

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When is the next episode of The Office?

Want to know when the next episode of The Office is? Or the next late show appearance by Steve, Jenna, Rainn, or John?

Then check out the OfficeTally Calendar. The link’s in the sidebar for your convenience. ;)

I try to update it only with “official” events — mainly those mentioned in official NBC press releases and the cast’s MySpace blogs.

The Calendar shows the current month and beyond; for past events, check out the Calendar Archive.

The latest news is that April is currently looking pretty sparse — a rerun of The Dundies on the 13th and a new episode on the 27th. That’s sheer torture if you ask me.

The good news is we get a new episode next Thursday, plus Jenna Fischer will appear on Leno that same night! Woo-hoo!

Michael’s Birthday

NBC has posted a summary for “Michael’s Birthday,” scheduled to air March 30:

It’s Michael’s birthday and he’s thrown himself a surprise party at a local ice skating rink. But, no one is in the mood to celebrate because Kevin is nervously awaiting his medical test results.

TV Guide Online has also posted a summary, with a little more detail:

It’s Michael’s birthday (which he proudly shares with actress Eva Longoria), but nobody in the office seems to care—except for Dwight. Meanwhile, Kevin waits to hear from his doctor about whether or not he has cancer. This upsets the staffers, but none more so than Michael, who sees the medical crisis taking attention away from his special day.

And the printed version of TV Guide has this:

Birthday boy Michael seems to have missed the point of the surprise-party concept. Technically, you’re not supposed to arrange your own celebration and then fake a startled response. In any case, he is astounded by the staff’s lack of attendance.

Update: A LiveJournal user has posted some hi-res photos from this episode!

the office michaels birthday