1. This has me almost literally peeing in my pants.

    I haven’t read any spoilers for three weeks, so I have absolutely no idea.

    I’m ready to be shocked. BRING IT.

  2. I swear I will cry if Jim and Pam get engaged!!! It will be the happiest day in Scranton. :)

  3. I’m going crazy for this finale! Too bad I have to try to study for finals next week…

  4. any thoughts on the pam/jim hug in the promo? pam seemed sincerely happy, and jim was eye level with her while she was apparently sitting…perhaps he is kneeling? (but the break room is a really lame place to propose)

  5. Oh boy, a security guard by michael and toby, and michael by another microphone. It can only mean side-splitting laughter!

  6. i’m so excited for next thursday!
    but then i realize that there will be no more office until september—but we survived the writers strike, we can survive the dreaded summer hiatus.

  7. I like to think that the ferris wheel is there because Michael is throwing a carnival for Toby’s going-away. Wouldn’t that be great?

  8. Oh my God!!!! I can’t wait to see this episode!!! Good things better happen! I don’t want a huge cliff hanger.

  9. Yay! Can’t wait, although I’m sad that the seasons already over….

  10. I just laugh every time I see Dwight wave his hand and say, “Pam! I’m over here!”

  11. I’m avoiding this video for as long as possible…but they also just showed another clip from Jenna on Leno tonight – new prank on Dwight!

  12. I can’t believe we are going to be up to the finale already?! I don’t think I’ve been this nervous for a finale in so long… it’s wrong that I’m this obsessed right, right?

  13. I so wanna know why everyone is gathered around Jim’s desk. Well, everyone except Pam … hmmmm …

  14. Jan is pregnant… WITH HUNTER’S BABY!

    (cue guitar strumming… “She took me by the hand…”)

  15. did we notice hank in the background of michael and toby?!?!.. in need of security???

  16. I’m going with Pam thinks she is pregnant – notice the scene in the break room – looks an awful lot like she had some interesting news for Jim.

  17. I did not think that Toby would actually leave because he is a writer, also I did not think that they would have Pam and Jim actually get engaged or married because it would be too perfect and therefor boring, and also because she was JUST engaged. But, after watching this, I am rethinking things! She did look super happy when they hugged at eye level.

  18. Fans of JAM – I would like to say that in terms of TV, Jim and Pam having been dating for over a year. Dinner Party picked up in real time, and in Chair Model, Michael had been in the America Room for 6 weeks. Do the math, the happy math dance. It is time. Time for JAM goodness. She broke up with Roy over 2 years ago. I mean, my husband proposed to me on the 2nd date. 7 years together next Monday, and we met at work! I’m just saying.

  19. “Pam I’m over here!”

    Hahaha. Makes me laugh so much.

    Maybe Jan is leaving? She’s hasn’t been in the last couple episodes and Melora Hardin herself has been doing lots of things outside of The Office recently. She gets pregnant but doesn’t want to have the baby with Michael?

    Why is everyone crowded around Jim’s desk? WHAT IS GOING ON?

    What is Dwight biting down on? (I think it’s an engagement ring- to see if it’s fake of course. Awkward!)

    That one clip of Jim and Pam’s shocked expression seems to look much different then the rest of the clips. They look more made-up or in different lighting or something. So does the last clip of Michael outside.

    I can’t wait!

  20. Tan Monster, it is so not fair that you know what is going on in some of those clips!

    [from tanster: who, me? :) ]

  21. what’s up with jim’s hair?

    32 | Ash Thu. May. 8, 2008 at 10:07pm

    I think it is once again movie hair. I’ve seen pictures from the filming of Farlander (the Sam Mendes movie) and he looks scruffy. He even grew a beard! At least they didn’t have to write that into the Season Finale script.

  22. anyone notice that Hank is behind michael when he wraps the thing around his neck? is that standard procedure now?

  23. My prediction: Jan is pregnant, Ryan gets fired, Jim is offered his job and Pam takes a graphic design course in NY. Of course that might all be too straightforward!

  24. Who is the person, in the suit, with their back to the camera, in the scene with everyone around Jim’s desk?

  25. Could the ring be in the vending machine? Maybe Jim gives Pam a bag of nickels!!

  26. “It’s big, really big.”

    1. TWSS…
    2. WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?! Proposal?! Pregnancy?! Maybe it’s just me fantasizing, but that JAM hug seemed like she just told him she’s pregnant and he’s totally into it.

    Yeah, maybe just me.

  27. Wouldn’t it be cool if Pam’s engagement ring is in the vending machine???

  28. I was trying to pause the video when Pam hugs Jim in the promo to see if there was a ring on her finger – but I didn’t have any luck. It was too blurry to tell. Hopefully they’re hugging because they’re engaged and excited :)

  29. Yes, it is embarassing how much I care about this. I, too, feel nervous–excited, but nervous–about the finale.

    What about Jim saying “Yeah, it’s really big!” to someone on the phone?!?! That has to be about work or Pam, right? Maybe informing someone of the engagement? Or a promotion?

    This might be the longest week EVER…but I just know they’ll leave us with a cliffhanger…which means we’re headed for the longest summer EVER!

  30. Weird to see Jim with an ear piece thing on. Buckling down / working hard?

    Can’t wait ’til next week.

  31. I’m thinking that in the finale Pam will tell Jim she’s thinking of going to NY or Philly (whichever cities the Graphic Artist told her about in Job Fair). Which will prompt him to speed up his engagement plans…

  32. Did anyone catch the gift in Toby’s hand? Wonder who that’s for/from…

  33. During Jenna’s appearance on Leno last night (where she looked unbelievably awesome, BTW), they showed a clip from the finale that explains the presence of the Bluetooth :).

  34. Ok is it just me going crazy or does it look like Jim and Pam are at an airport in that one frame? It could be the roof (proposal scene please!) or maybe they’re at an airport because they are going to elope!? Sorry, but my mind is racing now with possibilities. Safe to say I won’t be getting much sleep this week!!

  35. The crowd around Jim’s desk makes me nervous… I really can’t imagine him telling everyone at work about the ring before proposing to Pam, and I also can’t imagine him finding a way to romantically propose to Pam at the office, either.

    Are Pam and Jim on the roof or in the parking lot?

  36. Did any one see that the security guy is in the back round when Michael has the think around Toby’s neck? What is that about?

  37. my prediction is that Wallace will fire Ryan because of his drug problem/general obnoxiousness. Jim will replace him in New York, and Jim will tell Pam about it and then ask her to marry him! Then, they will begin a life together in the big city where she can pursue her graphic design dreams and Jim can earn some serious scratch. Boom.

  38. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up yet, but I’m thinking that rooftop scene of JAM looking shocked is hearing an “encounter” of Dwangela. There was tension in the room when Dwight and Angela were alone in Job Fair. Just a thought.

  39. Is the scene of Steve rolling around on the floor from Get Smart? It seemed out of place.

  40. Oh my god! Does Jim have blue tooth in one of the fast clips going by? I swear he does! And why is JAM hugging? Must be good!!!

  41. #48 and #59 – The vending machine was my first thought last night when I saw the promo. What a perfect was for Jim to propose to Pam!

  42. i thought that rolling on the floor scene looked like the dance floor from booze cruise. but the shirt and tie steve is wearing match the rest of the clip so i am assuming it is from the finale.

  43. As much as I’d love an on-screen JAM engagement, (tears anyone?) part of me thinks it’ll be something announced, but not seen, like others have said. I’m thinking they did the proposal jokes in the previous episodes to satiate us fangirls (and make us laugh at ourselves). Whatever happens, I just want them to be happy!!!

  44. From what I can tell…
    – Pam is not wearing a ring when she hugs Jim
    – Pam and Jim are in the parking lot in that one clip
    – When everyone is leaning over Jim’s desk, they’re looking at his computer screen (I think).

  45. Kinsy (#61) – I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I’ll go a step further – here’s my predicition -Angela’s the one who is pregnant. With Dwight’s baby. Come on, all that tension while in the office, alone, and NOTHING is going on between them? ;D I may be wrong, but I can’t wait to see if I am! And I like the idea of the ring in the vending machine. That’s cute.

  46. Oh GOD I hope they don’t, like, totally ignore the engagement rumors and come back for season 5 and they’re engaged! I want to SEE it!

  47. My prediction ;

    When Michael says ” Did you see it? Wow! ” He might be talking about Jim’s ass kicking proposal..

    Just a theory. ;)

  48. I don’t think Jan’s pregnant, unless it’s not Michael’s baby. He had a vasectomy, remember? “Snip, snap, snip, snap!”

  49. OMG! That cold open is HYSTERICAL! I love it!! Good to see Jim playing pranks on Dwight again. “Pam! I’m over here!”

    I can’t wait for the finale!

  50. Michael and Amy Ryan are totally going to hook up. They’ve been building up to it.

    Mark my words, Tallyheads.

  51. Yay cold open! I’m really loving Jim’s hair. The pranks are back, people! :D

  52. OMG when you first look at the cold open before you click play, it looks like Jim & Dwight are kissing.

  53. I love seeing Jim and Pam teaming up for a prank against Dwight again.. It feels like old times. I can’t wait for the finale! :)

  54. That cold open is, without a doubt, the most hilarious thing I have seen in a while. Priceless.

    Thank you, Office writers, for not forgetting about having Jim play pranks on Dwight. I missed that.

  55. That is the cold open we’re used to! I love Jim pranks on Dwight. :)

  56. And THAT is what we’ve been missing. I’m beyond happy to see a JAM prank again.

  57. Aside from this being an awesome prank, I’m transcribing this episode for OQ.net, and this is SUCH a big help to have this part done already! I heart NBC!

  58. Oh, how I missed Jam pranks on Dwight!
    And Jim Halpert: you sound sexy.

  59. Loved the look on Jim’s face when Dwight reached his hand around for the bluetooth, and how he smushed Jim’s chin. Hilarious.

  60. I love the way Rainn says “Rightnow.” !! Really really funny. I’m so addicted to spoilers. Now there’s a whole cold open to see ahead of time. What’s next?

    If I had to rank the seasons, I think for me the 4th and 1st would be tied, with season 2 getting first place and season 3 second place.

    Still, I’ve laughed and smiled so hard at all these shenanigans since “Then, it’s a date.” And the pump is all primed (twss) for another amazing finale. Can’t wait.

  61. Welcome back, classic hilarious Office cold opens! Oh, how I have missed you.

    Let’s start a poll right now. Bluetooth or Future Dwight? Hmm….

  62. 78- My thought exactly!

    I really loved this cold open! So funny and awesome!

  63. This has got to be the best cold open prank since the Future Dwight faxes!

  64. Haha before you press play it looks like Dwight is trying to kiss Jim…Pam may have some competition…lol this is the greatest cold open!!! Can’t wait!!

  65. There’s no way that’s the entire cold open, because the editing is too abrupt between Pam’s confusion and Dwight yelling at Jim. Something’s been removed in between the two. A revealing talking head perhaps?

  66. Haha, how many more phones are they going to force Dwight to destroy, I love it! That was perfection.

  67. is it me or does Jim look EXTREMELY cute!! I love the good ole’ jim/dwight banter!

  68. I can’t wait. That was fabulous; I love the JAM pranks on Dwight. Jim anticipates exactly how Dwight is going to react and counters it every time!

    I love Jim Halpert.

  69. #73, I agree. He got a vasectomy, then Jan wanted to have kids, so he had it reversed, and then had it again.

    Also, what happened to the company issued Blackberrys?

  70. So amazing. I love Pam’s “I’m confused”! And yeah, Jim looks really fantastic. I’m so glad the JAM pranks are back too!

  71. I beg to differ….I think it’s the best prank since gaydar. *ah the good ol days! I’m so glad they are coming back*

  72. “Dwight left his cell phone on his desk. So, naturally, I paired it to my headset.”

    Bahaha! Loves it!

  73. I was sooo happy that I could see this, being in Canada and all! I loooved it, so funny. It’s wonderful to see a hint of the good Season 2 days of Jim + Dwight = hilarious!! oh love

  74. i have self control. thank god for that jim prank. i was going to be so disappointed if the season ended without one!!

  75. This made me pee my pants a little from laughing so hard. I am SO glad the pranks are back. Jim/John looks AMAZING! Love those green eyes!

  76. Jim does look so hot! He is a very good looking man. I am also so glad the pranks are back. There needs to be more of those.

  77. Oh my god that was amazing… the promo makes me sooooo excited!!!! I don’t think that I can live until Thursday :)

  78. “You sound sexy”
    “Thanks, I’ve been working out”


  79. Classic, original… why I started watching The Office… ah, I hope they saved the best for last!

  80. 93- I agree! There something missing in there. Hopefully something important.

    I am so glad they’re pranking Dwight again. This really does feel like season 2.

  81. The best prank since gaydar?

    Have you all forgotten about “Future Dwight”?????

  82. I just realized something. Jim told Dwight’s mom he got married. Foreshadowing for Jim much? xD

  83. I wonder if that was actually his mahter calling. I forgot that dwight had a mother- I just assumed he was hatched after resorbing the other fetus.

  84. Awesome! I so miss the pranks…

    and for me that ranks with Dwight’s desk in the bathroom, future Dwight, Dwight’s stuff in the vending machine and gaydar.

    Is it Thursday yet?

  85. I thought Dwight’s mom was dead… he told Angela in Fun Run that they could have Sprinkles “buried out in the east field, by Mother.”

  86. Jim Halpert is one perfect man. He knows how to play a prank. He’s got that irresistible charm. And LOOK at those eyes. Just LOOK at them.

  87. #116- I think he wasn’t talking to Dwight’s mom, who is most definitely dead. Maybe he was just pretending someone was on the other line, when in reality, they weren’t.

  88. Loved the cold open!

    Okay, so I think that JAM’s shocked faces (on the roof) might be from the cameras interrupting his proposal. Even though Jim said proposing at the office would be rather lame, doing it on the roof (which is such a classic place for them) would make total sense!

  89. Who is the guy with his back to the camera at Jim’s desk at 0:14??????? Bothering me….

  90. 122- I’m pretty sure that’s Oscar. I don’t see him anywhere else.

  91. Toby, with security in the background…what did Michael get him with?

  92. If the entire episode is as good as that cold open was this could shape up to be one of the best episodes. I love the part where Dwight reaches for Jim’s earpiece and Jim casually turns his head so he can’t reach it. Classic!

  93. So just saw the second promo, which I’m assuming will be up here soon. Not much different except that Jim says “No way” to something. My guess is that he is saying that to whatever Jim and Pam talk about in the first promo that resulted them hugging. I’m thinking it has to do with Pam’s art and graphic design dreams per Job Fair. Sigh, 5ish days left.

  94. i have never laughed so hard in my life.
    if the rest of the season finale is like that…i might run out of oxygen. and die of laughter. literally.


  95. Oh!
    The scene with Jim and Pam looking shocked – It’s not on the roof or at the airport.
    It’s at the parking lot! You can see a car behind them, not a plane.

  96. “No way!” ??

    Jim is inside either the break room or the conference room, and it looks like it’s being shot without him knowing. Is he talking to Pam? Did she get another job? Did he get a promotion? Oh, the possibilities.

  97. That cold open is aMAzing. I’ve already gushed over it once, but I watched it again and it’s superb. When Jim turns his head to avoid Dwight reaching for it, I burst out laughing, every time. I don’t feel guilty for all the time I spend watching these spoilers, because soon it will all be over and I’ll have all summer to get a life until the the dvds and season 5. Oh yeah, and the spin off. (what?)

    Tanster–someone suggested a survivor game for all of Jim’s pranks, which I think would be extremely good. “Their bread is extREMEly good.” I agree with Jennifer (114) that this one is right up there with the desk in the bathroom and the vending machine. My all time favorites.

  98. I have a really big feeling the ‘no way’ is directed towards Pam, maybe like when she tells him she was thinking of doing more design…something along those lines.
    And then the hug ensues that we see from the other promo. A lot of people have been saying they think it’s a mad remark, but there is a slight smile at the end.

  99. do you think jim and pam are getting their own show? there is that spinoff coming…

  100. I think the “No Way” comment is about Ryan either coming back or being arrested.

  101. #129- Probably something little. Like, he just says it… it’s a teaser.

  102. I think that Jim’s “no way!” is about Pam’s graphic design thoughts, and that Michael’s “did you see it? Wow!” is about Pam’s new ring!!! And the scene with Jam hugging and when Jim says “no way” are the same scene; they’re both in the break room. Did anyone else notice that he was on his knees? Can’t wait till Thursday! And that cold opening was amazing!

  103. I don’t know.. Jim’s “No Way” sounded kind of.. serious.

    What do you all suppose it’s about??

    Gah! Surprises up to the last second?!

    Is it Thursday yet?!

  104. “no way”: he was kind of smiling when he said it! :) Also, everyone clapping probably has something to do with pb&j! also, jim says, “it’s really big” to someone so that must be something good! plus, jenna said, “someone is leaving, but it is not me or steve” so i don’t think that pam would be moving to NYC or Philadelphia for graphic design. i think they will be engaged by the end of the episode.

  105. I’m really anxious to see where Jim and Pam are (looks like the parking lot or roof) and why they look so surprised! And also, I really want to know what Jim’s “It’s big, really big” is… maybe it’s nothing but omg, I am so excited! I hope we get a JAM proposal scene or at least a close-up of Pam’s ring… I won’t be able to wait the whole summer if there isn’t one!

  106. Why do I have a feeling something big happens with Ryan in this episode. There’s a scene for a split second where everyone is crowded in front of Jim’s desk. Hmm…

  107. I love Michael’s one-liners to Toby, but I really cringe at his long hateful rants. To me it crosses the line from funny to ugly Michael, and I really hope “Goodbye, Toby” isn’t a slew of those hate speeches. I want Michael to miss Toby when he’s gone somehow.

  108. I REALLY think that Jim proposes and Pam tells him she is pregnant and that is where the NO WAY comes from…very unexpected…utterly fabulous!

  109. 133 mintdwight: i suggested prank survivor! glad you are into it too. i have started making a list of all the pranks, just in case!

    the no way sounded almost sarcastic to me. i like the idea that it has something to do with this legal trouble with ryan though.
    i am so excited, it has been a while since an hour long and i can’t wait for that feeling of “oh no, its almost over…. oh wait!!”

  110. It might just be the fan fiction talking, and I think someone else mentioned this, but let me set this up for you, shall I?

    Pam goes into the breakroom, Jim, following after. She is scanning the machine, and notices the little black velvet box. “Jim, there is a little black box where my chips should be.” “Well, maybe it’s a surprise.” Pam buys it, and opens it. Jim sneaks behind her and gets on his knee. Pam opens the box. “Oh my God, there is a diamond ring in here!” “No way!”, Jim exclaims. Pam turns around, Jim proposes, she says yes. They hug.

  111. Massive win for the Bluetooth prank. It’s been too long, Halpert. Good to have you back.

  112. I am the only woman out there that is really upset that Toby is leaving? I mean, yes, Jim is wonderful – but there is something really sweet and kind of sexy about Toby, too. Where are all the Toby fans out there protesting? Did I miss the big discussion on this? I am new to this site, so maybe the comments are elsewhere.

  113. Jim actually sounded…serious when he said no way. Why is Michael doing the karaoke exercise? He must be really happy to have Toby leave. I don’t understand what Toby ever did to Michael…

  114. Why in the cold open is there the weird jump cut from Dwight sitting down to him standing and demanding that Jim give up his headset? Anyone else think it is odd how when we cut back from Pam, Dwight is all of a sudden standing?

  115. About the promos, I think Jim will go propose to Pam, but she has some big news of her own, hence the “No way” by Jim.
    Also, in the second promo it has a voiceover that says “Down to the very last second” followed by Jim saying “No way.” Does that mean that Jim saying “No way” was going to be at the last second, or is that just randomly placed?

  116. I think in the last picture the person at the end is Ryan and there seems to be a space in between Andy and Creed so maybe that is Pam in there. But what I really think is she had an interview with the graphic design company or school, which brings us to the “no way” comment. Also, there is no sign of Angela or Oscar so maybe whatever they are looking at is something inappropriate?

    For the shocked faces, I am speculating that Jim and Pam (while in a parking lot) see a Dwangela moment because that is the same face Jim makes when he sees them making out in the office for the first time.

  117. Honestly, I think they’re going to have to set up drama for next season. I kind of miss the “will they, won’t they” Jim and Pam stuff…so I think they’re going to bring that back. At the end of the episode, right before Jim is about to propose in some completely spectacular way, Pam is going to tell him that she’s transferring to New York or something to attend graphic design school on the side. And then Jim won’t propose. And everyone will have a major “AAAAAAAAW” moment for Jim.

  118. #125 Fur-Shizzle, that is the security guard in the background. It looked like Toby was packing his things to leave. I wonder what brought that about???
    We’re all know that he’s leaving…right? But WHY?

  119. God, I love pranks that are just to annoy and frustrate Dwight. They’re funnier than the ones that show Dwight’s stupidity.

  120. Jim was on his knees to put his head on Pam’s belly!
    Dwight and Angela reunite, and Ryan fires Darryl to teach Kelly a lesson. He in his turn gets fired because of his drug habit. Jan gets her job back, dumps Hunter and buys a big flatscreen TV for Michael.

    the End

    Anybody noticed how depressed Toby was lately?
    Let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything foolish…

  121. Since the spin off isn’t going to debut until Feb isn’t it possible that the person leaving at the end of the season isn’t going to be the focus of the spin off? Maybe Toby will leave or even Ryan since they both write in “real life” and the spin off could even be about a new person not yet introduced.

  122. 151-Dunderlicious
    Well I guess my “name” says it all, but of course I’d be totally sad to see Toby go. I just love him. The night he hosted the “HR Nightmares” marathon was one of my favourite nights of television… ever.
    I guess I keep telling myself that if Toby was actually leaving then they wouldn’t be calling the episode “Goodbye, Toby” – where’s the surprise in that? It’s just too obvious, right? Right???

  123. First promo, 0.14

    Why is everyone standing in a circle around Jim’s computer? God,I wish I knew…

    Ideas anyone?

  124. I think that they are looking at the computer and seeing something about ryan getting in trouble with the law. Also I noticed creed looks sad. Could it have to do with Pam getting engaged or being pregnant…

  125. Maybe everyone is crowded around Jim’s computer to look at an ultrasound picture of his baby!!! Or, because Pam isn’t there, to show everyone the ring he is getting her.

  126. he already has the ring! “i bought it a week after we started dating” remember?

  127. I was sad about Toby, because I had a little crush on season 2/3 Toby, but recently he’s gone from being sweet to kind of skeevy, so I’m not so upset anymore.
    I love how Jim can keep a straight face, even as Dwight is manhandling him. It’s impossible NOT to love that guy.

  128. LOL @ the still image of the promo at the top of the page. It looks like Dwight is going to kiss Jim.

  129. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! YAY!
    All day tomorrow I’ll be like, YAYOFFICE! -quietmoment- …YAYOFFICETONIGHT! -quietagain-

  130. Looks like one mystery solved with the new promo – Ryan arrested and the office gang watching the YouTube video on Jim’s computer. Hilarious! I can’t wait!!

  131. 168 – I don’t think Phyllis can be pregnant [not only because Ausiello didn’t mention her] because on Dwight’s chart, it said that Phyllis is post-menopausal [same with Meredith].

  132. so, according to the global promo, its pretty clear that the reason everyone is standing around jim’s computer is to watch a video of ryan getting arrested on youtube..lol

  133. Maybe it is just me and maybe this has already been pointed out but it looks like the Booze Cruise boats dance floor during the shot of Michael “flooping” around…..hmmm.

  134. The You Tube guess was correct. That’s what they’re all staring at, right? That is hilarious!

  135. So that video is about Ryan! But what’s weird is, doesn’t it look like Ryan’s crowded around the desk too, watching? Or at least to me it looks like it is. AHHH I can’t wait!

  136. Global Preview has got me even more excited for tonight. Ryan is getting arrested, and the video makes youtube. That’s what Jim is showing evevryone from his desk. Wow!

  137. hmm, i was convinced the reason they were standing around jim’s comp wouldn’t be ryan or youtube related, shows how much i know.

  138. 161, I think you’re exactly right. I think Toby will “leave” this episode and be replaced by a new HR person – that woman in the photos – and then she will become the focus of the new spinoff.

  139. I don’t think Ryan is getting arrested. It looks like he might be getting escorted out of the office by security. I’m guessing he gets fired.

  140. What if the spinoff is about Ryan leaving and starting his own company? Remember he wanted to do that in The Fire?

  141. 181| Al,

    It’s really unlikely that new woman in the photos is going to lead the spin-off. That woman is Amy Ryan, who was recently nominated for an Oscar. I doubt she has time to try TV.

  142. I will agree with 183 here…And also, if she’s gonna replace Toby, it’s gonna be really strange to have a spin-off that takes place in the same exact place with the same characters.

  143. Yeah, I was thinking that she would then leave after a few episodes, and Toby would come back and restore Office balance. Then she’d go to some other not yet invented office or who knows where and that would be the spinoff.

    But maybe I’m totally off base. It would be way better if the spinoff were about Ryan, as long as he stops being such a jerk. I think his character could support a decent spinoff.

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