Jenna Fischer’s ‘Sad Happy Sucker’

August 12, 2010

The Office’s Jenna Fischer has updated her MySpace blog with details on Sad Happy Sucker — a play that she and her husband Lee Kirk are producing:

Sad Happy Sucker was originally workshopped a few years ago in Los Angeles to rave reviews. The play is about a young man, Eddie, who is literally and metaphorically stuck in his backyard. He can’t move from one spot. His mother fails to help him so she calls a doctor to analyze the situation. This is where the fun begins. We are excited to have most of the original cast returning and Sean Gunn directing! It’s a funny show but also thoughtful and a little dark.

Jenna also includes a teaser about The Office Season 7 premiere!

Link: Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog

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  1. I agree Marie. I just wish she would join Facebook. The only time I go on MySpace is when Jenna updates her page and I find out about it here.

  2. My name is Christopher and i attended Sad Happy Sucker it was so good! I went on Sep 4th when Jenna was there and it was great! Oscar was there too, which was a great surprise!! ! The play was really good. I went with my girlfriend Amy and we both had a great time! It is a really small theater, with the seats right up against the stage. We got there really early not knowing what to expect. It was in a small cafe place that had a theater. As we made our way in closer to the time of the start of the play we noticed people getting programs from inside so we wanted to get one. As my girlfriend and I walked in we noticed Jenna checking people in at a little podium. As i walked up to her i became “Star struck or something and i pretty much freezed up. The first words i said were “i just need to go to the bathroom” , since the bathrooms were right behind her. I have no clue why i said that, i didn’t even need to go to the bathroom. I then began to try to save myself from this embarrassment. I asked if we had to check in and she was really nice and gave us programs and i walked back outside to wait to enter in embarrassment. My girlfriend laughed at me and try to comfort me. Then as we walked in to finally enter the theater we had to pass Jenna again to get in. So as we walked in i apologized and said i was stunned to see her. I began to tell her how my girlfriend and I were huge fans and congratulated her on the play and on her work in The Office. After that we saw Oscar! He sat right behind us and that was So cool! We didn’t talk to him but it was cool to see him! After the play they had a Q&A with the actors, Jenna, Kirk her husband and Gunn. It was nice to hear how they all met and how the play was formed.

    Overall it was a great night! I hope i didn’t weird Jenna out. It was great to see everyone and an awesome play! Not to mention i saw three people from The Office!

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