1. CREED!!!!! They really should have kept this scene in just because of Creed. He is definitely one of the greatest/weirdest characters of all time.

  2. The second deleted scene should have definitely been left in there, and I’m not just saying that because I love Creed.

  3. Both of these were fantastic. Sometimes I agree that scenes should’ve been cut because they just didn’t add anything to the show, but… I really wish they would’ve left these in!

  4. Yeah, Jim’s face through the window was too adorable! Also the look on Pam’s face when she received her gift and her ,”No”

  5. That $10 of stamps quote made me laugh out loud at 12:47 am. No one appreciated that but I don’t care.

  6. I DEFINITELY think the second deleted scene should have been left in. It was so frakkin’ hilarious. Especially Creed, he’s just too much, I love it. and Dwight wearing his wig!

  7. Haha! Jim shipped Dwight’s desk to Roswell! :D

    That’s quite a bit of money to fork out for a prank, though.

  8. The deleted scenes have a tendency too wacky and just not funny, but these are just hilarious. I think this show would definitely work in a 1 hour timeslot.

    The hat on Dwight…that’s just priceless. I’d love to see him wear that randomly in a later episode.

    And Roswell! ahh i love that Dwight goes to vacation in Roswell! haahaaa he’s so awesome

  9. Completely off topic (apologies), but does anyone know where I can find the promo for next weeks episode? I missed the little ‘next week on the office.’

  10. Hey, pedants! The postcard joke doesn’t make sense. $10 Jamaican is only worth 15 cents US. The actual postcard rate to the United States is no less than FIFTY Jamaican dollars.

  11. Both of those should have definitely been left in. What do we gotta do to get longer episodes EVERY week??

  12. There was a preview of next week’s episode shown during the Cowboys v. Seahawks game last night. Any episode where Andy is singing the “Oompa Loompa” song must be hilarious, right?

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