1. CREED!!!!! They really should have kept this scene in just because of Creed. He is definitely one of the greatest/weirdest characters of all time.

  2. The second deleted scene should have definitely been left in there, and I’m not just saying that because I love Creed.

  3. Both of these were fantastic. Sometimes I agree that scenes should’ve been cut because they just didn’t add anything to the show, but… I really wish they would’ve left these in!

  4. Yeah, Jim’s face through the window was too adorable! Also the look on Pam’s face when she received her gift and her ,”No”

  5. That $10 of stamps quote made me laugh out loud at 12:47 am. No one appreciated that but I don’t care.

  6. I DEFINITELY think the second deleted scene should have been left in. It was so frakkin’ hilarious. Especially Creed, he’s just too much, I love it. and Dwight wearing his wig!

  7. Haha! Jim shipped Dwight’s desk to Roswell! :D

    That’s quite a bit of money to fork out for a prank, though.

  8. The deleted scenes have a tendency too wacky and just not funny, but these are just hilarious. I think this show would definitely work in a 1 hour timeslot.

    The hat on Dwight…that’s just priceless. I’d love to see him wear that randomly in a later episode.

    And Roswell! ahh i love that Dwight goes to vacation in Roswell! haahaaa he’s so awesome

  9. Completely off topic (apologies), but does anyone know where I can find the promo for next weeks episode? I missed the little ‘next week on the office.’

  10. Hey, pedants! The postcard joke doesn’t make sense. $10 Jamaican is only worth 15 cents US. The actual postcard rate to the United States is no less than FIFTY Jamaican dollars.

  11. Both of those should have definitely been left in. What do we gotta do to get longer episodes EVERY week??

  12. There was a preview of next week’s episode shown during the Cowboys v. Seahawks game last night. Any episode where Andy is singing the “Oompa Loompa” song must be hilarious, right?

  13. Yay! I love that they mention Scottsdale and Arizona seeing as how I live in Phoenix! Being mentioned on the Office makes it so much more cooler!

  14. Hey, Neil (post 18)- $50 Jamaican for a postcard. Shocker.
    You could be the next John Sutherland!

  15. Question: last week Jan spilled her guts in front of the camera, so why is she now telling the camera/doc crew she was “in Scottsdale”??

  16. Did anyone notice that when the boxes fell the red cup was showing but when it went back to that shot, it was gone.

  17. The third scene make me think about a theory I have. I believe that the documentary film all the Dunder Mifflin branches, and not only Scranton. That explains why the documentary ‘followed’ Jim to Scranton, why they captured him asking for the ARM job in Stamford to Jan and why they film the NY office. What do you think?

  18. They do all of that stuff because it’s in the contract to follow all of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton people. Someone from Scranton is always in the scenes. It’s not like the are filming NY when Michael isn’t there. Jim was followed to Stamford because he’s from Scranton. Plus I’m sure they wanted to tag along with him because of the “P” situation. Also Jim is awesome.

  19. Correction, they film Jan because of her new relationship with Michael. But that’s the only instance of it.

  20. hahahahha.. as soons as i read “michaeltakes a chill pill” i thought it couldnt have ONLY been meant for chilling.

  21. so with all these deleted scenes already being released online will there be anything new other then commentaries on the DVD release?

  22. In the fifth scene, did anyone notice that Michael drove by a building that said “Dayton Rogers of California” on it? Scranton…California…it’s all the same, I guess!

  23. I don’t think so, Angie. They follow Michael all day (like in Halloween episode), but how can they got the image of Jim asking for the transfer if he went to talk to Jan in the morning? They didn’t get Michael cooking his foot in the morning. They never say anithing about it, so we never know.
    (Sorry for my english, again)

  24. Jim’s a Scranton guy, so they followed him, I’m sure in TV world they all have camera’s followeing them to work events.. like Jim’s house party, or the booze cruise. I dont know. I just think if they taped at other places, we’d see more of it. It’d be a whole dunder mifflin thing, rather than a dunder mifflin scranton thing, which it is.

  25. Makes you wonder what the final “Office” project is supposed to be in the context of the TV show. Is it supposed to be a feature length film? A miniseries? A PBS special?

  26. In the deleted scenes, the camera crew films Jan telling one of her coworkers in New York about her trip to Scotsdale over Christmas. She doesn’t work for the Scranton branch and nobody from the Scranton branch was there, but she was still being filmed. In the context of the show, the crew must just record people of interest who are related to the Scranton branch, even the Scranton folks aren’t present.

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