Dwight Schrute/Angela Martin child contract

Thursday, May 13th, 2010 | 6 comments


Baby contract

Read the complete Dwight Schrute/Angela Martin child contract, as shown in The Office episode ‘The Chump’!


  1. 1. Grace  

    Why can’t the Child be read Harry Potter?

  2. 2. Kenna  

    “Struwwelpeter” by Heinrich Hoffman! I knew before I clicked to the next page that that book would be included. Very nice work, writers. :)

  3. 3. Christy  

    What is with all the blacked out parts. I wanna read the whole thing.

  4. 4. Tracy  

    I seriously read that as “MartiAn Child”.

    [from tanster: lol]

  5. 5. GKCfan  

    I believe that this contract makes it clear that Dwight and Angela are actually married since it describes them as “married persons”– Angela must not have gotten the foreign-language ceremony annulled.

  6. 6. Meghan  

    i absolutely LOVE the office.. don’t get me wrong.. but all of this “contract” stuff is unnecessarily disgusting.

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