Jenna Fischer narrates Grilled Cheese Academy

grilled cheese sandwich

The Office’s Jenna Fischer lends her voiceover talents to the delectable foodie website, Grilled Cheese Academy, created by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Listen to Jenna as she describes each beautifully photographed glamwich! Omigod, I’m so hungry now.

As tipster Kathy says, “How perfect that ‘Pam’ narrates a website about grilled cheese sandwiches, the meal she shared with Jim on their first date.”

18 thoughts on “Jenna Fischer narrates Grilled Cheese Academy”

  1. UPDATE! i made the bianca (#30) as a dessert for a dinner party, and it was SO! GOOD!

  2. ok, cross the “lisa marie” off of the list of sandwiches i want to try…. yes, it has chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter in it… but it also has BACON in it! EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! i’m convinced that this sandwich was thought up by a pregnant woman.

  3. this is TOO funny! my sister is a huge foodie… sent me this website… the second i hear it i say “that’s jenna fischer!” i hadn’t seen this post so i search on google.. and it brings me right back to this beloved website. what a small, delicious, office-y world. :D

    [from tanster: lol, that is awesome. :) ]

  4. @14 (Hannah) – i thought the gorgonzola one was hilarious too!

    i’m a sugar addict, and i so want to try the lisa marie and the bianca… “mommy has a new friend”

    but ugh, about 2/3 of them contain meat. ew.

    my favorite description: #22 – the athena. “yes, the athena is what your mouth has been practicing for.”

    aaaaaaaaaaand that’s what she said!

  5. Seriously, can Jenna sounds any cuter than this? She makes each and every sandwich sounds so delicious. Well…the pictures help a bit ;)

    Also, the cheese index is so funny! “Gorgonzola: sometimes I can’t even pronounce gorgonzola.” Lol…so random.

    All those books-on-tape/CD companies need to hire Jenna stat! Stat means now!

  6. Awesome. Imagine what Kevin would think of this. Two quotes come to mind:

    “I was looking at pictures of food on my computer.”

    “Yeah, it’s kind of a turn-on for me actually…
    Like librarians…
    Could you just say, ‘These are due back Thursday’?”

  7. This is cute! Click on cheese index and then “mascarpone”. The way she says “goodness” makes me giggle. ^_^

  8. Even though I have lived in WI all my life, it was a little strange listening to descriptions of cheese, but Jenna made it cooler : D

  9. Honestly… my two favorite things… Pam and Grilled Cheese… throw in my favorite state… love it!

  10. Love it! As someone born and raised in the state, I love the way she says “Wisconsin”, too. Cuz she says it right!

    I wonder if she thought of Dwight while describing the Verde’s roasted beets.

  11. What “a little work of deliciousness” her voice-overs are. She sounds so excited about each sandwich … I wonder how many she’s tried?

  12. Yummmm, those look so good… Also, I love the way she says “Wisconsin!” I don’t know why, but it cracks me up!

  13. That’s hilarious. I loved ‘The Drake’ and her British accent at the end. Not exactly spot on as the would say, but it made me giggle. Also, I loved when Jenna said the numbers, almost as it she was laughing as she said it. Those sandwiches looked so good! Is the Grilled Cheese Academy a restaurant??

  14. I don’t know why I find this SO funny! It’s so cute. “I do believe your tummy is smiling.” She sold me, I want some of those sandwiches!

  15. HAHAHAHA… go to “cheese index”, and click on “cheddar”…

    “it’s true – a mouthful of cheddar is a mouthful of happiness.”

    and now i’m craving a grilled cheese. but a very simple one: made with kraft cheese.

  16. Oh my goodness. nom nom nom they all look so good! and that’s awesome Jenna got to describe them!

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