B.J. Novak’s Cadbury egg exposé

[In honor of Easter, here’s B.J. Novak’s exposé from April 4, 2007.]

B.J. Novak appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien tonight.

Ice Cube and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah also appeared.

Here’s an excerpt of B.J.’s investigation of the Cadbury egg — hilarious!

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  1. I’ve posted this on THE OFFICE board on IMDb.com as well to let all fans know. Will stay up late to watch this tonight!! Yay!! Go BJ!! I hope he’s the first guest, not the middle. He’s A-class in my book!

  2. No way, I absolutely love B.J Novak, he’s such a great comedian and his character in The Office is so funny. I’ll make sure to watch Conan tonight. I work for a site called Dotcomedy.com and there are also a ton of clips from Late Night with Conan O’ Brian that are absolutely hilarious. You have to check this site out, there are also clips from The Office and great stand-up. I suggest checkin’ out Triumph the Insult Comic Dog clips, they are never before seen and extremely gut-busting! Dotcomedy.com has new clips every week, so make sure to keep goin’ back! Go on now, get your laugh on!

  3. I have noticed that BJ is easily the funniest and sharpest cast member off the show so this will be a must watch

  4. Hasn’t he been on Conan before? That should be good, BJ and Conan are both hilarious. CYHSY are really good, too, btw.

  5. That’s cool/a coincidence that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is going to be on too. They’re playing in the background during Jim’s party in the episode “email surveillance”

  6. Finally! I knew those delicious cadbury eggs were smaller!!! I’ve always loved the office and thought B.J. was great, but now he’s my hero. Hopefully Cadbury will restore the creme egg to it’s original size and stop cheating those of us with creme egg addictions.

  7. Whoa… the Cadbury website won’t come up. BJ must have caught them! He’s so funny. I loved the pic of him at the Lakers game!

  8. BJ was awesome…I’m totally floored. That was the best thing I’ve seen on Conan in years…and when Conan was like, “Oh my God, they advertise with us?!” Bj just kept a straight face the whole time. That was BRILLIANT.

  9. I’m glad I wasn’t crazy thinking Cadbury eggs had gotten smaller somehow. That is the kind of random talk show chatter I enjoy. The picture of the corner of his head that his mom cut out of the paper was very funny too.

  10. b.j. freaking made my night (TWSS) ha, anyway, i agree, that was the funniest convo on conan in a long time. i love conan, but lately the show has been a little lackluster. leave it to a writer of the office to make it awesome!!!

  11. I can’t believe I missed this. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t want to watch Ice Cube so I said, I wait another 10 minutes when I know either the a skit or BJ will appear. Instead, 20 minutes passed and I forgot! Please post the video soon!

  12. check out “cadbury creme egg” on wiki – thanks to bj, the whole world will know the truth.

  13. BJ = funny! Conan = funny! BJ did well last night. Loved the part when Conan realized that Cadbury does buy advertising on their show, hahahahaha – priceless!

  14. did you see this on the bottom of henry’s cadbury link::

    “Why has the size of the egg changed?
    It hasn’t – you’ve just grown up!”

    haha, liars…. :-)

  15. This was very funny, love the Lakers game pic and the cadbury eggs of course!!

  16. Anyone else watch the rest of the episode? I love Conan, watch it all the time, but weak episode. And normally I like CYHSY, but HOLY CRAP they sounded like garbage. Like a high school band.

  17. That interview was hilarious! Glad I finally got to see it since I missed it when it first came on.

  18. The Cadbury website was revised to state that they HAD changed the size in the U.S., but not in the U.K. or Canada, so the mystery has been solved.

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