1. i went and saw craig robinson at the improv tonight. not only was he hilarious, but when i requested a picture after the show he kissed me on the mouth.

  2. @Flenderson- He will be in Scranton Friday and Saturday. Friday for a block party and Saturday for the fan tour! If you’re close and can go I highly recomend it.

    @Caleb-I saw him in Philadelphia a couple months ago and waited around after the show but no luck getting a picture or anything. I was bummed.

  3. I’m visiting the office set on either Aug 16th, 17th, or 18th. Man, I hope it’s on the 16th which is Steve’s birthday!

  4. thursday, november 4, 2010 – “Lighting Guy’s birthday”

    ….. does said lighting guy not have a name?

  5. John Krasinski’s film, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, is on the Sundance Channel (the U.S. one, but not the Canadian) tonight at 10:00 p.m. (EST) in case anyone hasn’t seen it and wants to check it out!


  6. I just found out that Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery are guests on the most recent installment (July 1) of the podcast “Doug Loves Movies”, hosted by Doug Benson. You can also listen to it for free on iTunes.

  7. Bought tickets for the Rainn Wilson & Friends event in Seattle this morning. The password for purchasing tickets for this event was LAUGH. I look forward to hearing what other stars of The Office will be joining Rainn :)

  8. @jmsteely— so so jealous! How did you get to go? Also, I wish some of the cast would come here to Vegas so I could see them! :)

  9. Hey Tanster!

    I just saw that Jenna’s film A Little Help will be playing at the San Fransisco Independent Film Festival on February 8th. There was actually a showing last night too, but, ah well.

    Here are the details: sfindie.com/movie/?fid=86 (link no longer available)

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  10. on NBC tonight, it said a new episode, The Office Proposal will be next Thursday at 9.. that will be the 24th. Just fyi, as it isn’t listed that way here :)

  11. Just a note that this Thursday, June 2 at 10 pm is the premier of Love Bites on NBC and Craig Robinson is a guest star.

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