1. Her interview was fun. She seems a lot more at ease these days, but how awkward must it be to discuss self-destructive men suffering the consequences of their mid-life crisis with David Letterman?

  2. Great as always!

    Quick question for anyone who knows: when she was being vague about her wedding date, Letterman said something about it being like a trip to Belize. Was that something from earlier in the show or a previous visit?


  3. @Sarakiya, I’m pretty sure it was referencing something the guest before her said. I’m sure she doesn’t want her wedding date out there.

  4. So so fun, and sweet. And I agree – I used to get this crazy, kind of nervous feeling when I watched “my” office peeps on live shows because I was like all anxious FOR them, and hoping they wouldn’t look too awkward or get sucked into some bizarre conversation or something. Now that they are all humongous stars that barely mention the office on these shows, i noticed I am all sorts of relaxed watching their interviews these days. Way to GO Jenna! and Happy Wedding!

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