1. i was kinda bummed about jims reaction. however, it’s too soon to draw any conclusions.

  2. Earlier time! SUCCESS!

    I am stoked for the finale like you would not believe. Just praying for no cliffhanger.

  3. Omg! That’s even better than the Spider-man 3 trailer! Thursday can’t come soon enough!

  4. Was I seeing things or was Dwight smoking (literally…) when they cut to him and Michael during Pam’s speech? If so (and I’m not going crazy), that’s hilarious!!

  5. Great trailer! I’m so stoked, I was holding my breath through that, even though I’d already seen tonight’s episode… lol! I can’t wait for next week.

  6. pam is amazing. i don’t even care about the finale. now that’s she’s done her thing, I really think she should just move on with her life. if jim doesn’t care, whatever. she is awesome all on her own now!

  7. Team Gryffindor – who are you kidding? You KNOW it will be the mother of all cliffhangers. But keep that optimism alive.

    I am so excited for what’s next for Pam and Jim… I don’t think I took one breath the whole time she gave her speech in tonight’s episode. And it was GREAT!!

  8. I don’t get why everyone is disappointed by Jim’s reaction! Obviously he was shell-shocked, what else was he supposed to do? Karen was sitting right there so it would have been jerky of him to start clapping and yelling for joy (like we all wanted him to do, don’t lie) I really do have complete faith in the writers and where they are taking JAM, so I’m definitely giving Jim the benefit of the doubt and hope we get answers in the season finale.

  9. Also be sure to watch the “non-human resources” video from list on that site (as Jenna is featured in it).

  10. WOW!! I am so pumped for the finale! I mean we’ve got the whole corporate job thing to resolve, this Michael/Jan thing and Jim’s reaction/decision. (Which yeah I don’t think they gave enough time for him to react, but we WILL see it I’m sure.) And yeah Pam freaking rocks my socks!!!! Love love love her speech.

  11. The video was more of a two minute replay. I think the only reason they can’t show clips is because they haven’t picked an ending yet. Didn’t they shoot two because of Rashida’s new show?

  12. I’m Excited about the season finale, but then again bummed because there is no office on Thursdays to look forward to=( Catch 22…

  13. I completely agree with Alison (#12) after that incredible speech I’m all set…end it however you want…you can’t bring me down now!!

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