1. i was kinda bummed about jims reaction. however, it’s too soon to draw any conclusions.

  2. Earlier time! SUCCESS!

    I am stoked for the finale like you would not believe. Just praying for no cliffhanger.

  3. Omg! That’s even better than the Spider-man 3 trailer! Thursday can’t come soon enough!

  4. Was I seeing things or was Dwight smoking (literally…) when they cut to him and Michael during Pam’s speech? If so (and I’m not going crazy), that’s hilarious!!

  5. Great trailer! I’m so stoked, I was holding my breath through that, even though I’d already seen tonight’s episode… lol! I can’t wait for next week.

  6. pam is amazing. i don’t even care about the finale. now that’s she’s done her thing, I really think she should just move on with her life. if jim doesn’t care, whatever. she is awesome all on her own now!

  7. Team Gryffindor – who are you kidding? You KNOW it will be the mother of all cliffhangers. But keep that optimism alive.

    I am so excited for what’s next for Pam and Jim… I don’t think I took one breath the whole time she gave her speech in tonight’s episode. And it was GREAT!!

  8. I don’t get why everyone is disappointed by Jim’s reaction! Obviously he was shell-shocked, what else was he supposed to do? Karen was sitting right there so it would have been jerky of him to start clapping and yelling for joy (like we all wanted him to do, don’t lie) I really do have complete faith in the writers and where they are taking JAM, so I’m definitely giving Jim the benefit of the doubt and hope we get answers in the season finale.

  9. Also be sure to watch the “non-human resources” video from list on that site (as Jenna is featured in it).

  10. WOW!! I am so pumped for the finale! I mean we’ve got the whole corporate job thing to resolve, this Michael/Jan thing and Jim’s reaction/decision. (Which yeah I don’t think they gave enough time for him to react, but we WILL see it I’m sure.) And yeah Pam freaking rocks my socks!!!! Love love love her speech.

  11. The video was more of a two minute replay. I think the only reason they can’t show clips is because they haven’t picked an ending yet. Didn’t they shoot two because of Rashida’s new show?

  12. I’m Excited about the season finale, but then again bummed because there is no office on Thursdays to look forward to=( Catch 22…

  13. I completely agree with Alison (#12) after that incredible speech I’m all set…end it however you want…you can’t bring me down now!!

  14. Ah! I cannot wait for the finale! Please let it be amazing, Pam did her thing, what more can she do? I held my breath through her whole speech again, even though I already saw, it..makes me tear up. lol

  15. Yeah I think they did shoot two endings because of RJ but I think that’s stupid. Why would they wait on her?? They should have the ending regardless of whether she stays or goes. I guess I just want her to go and not end up with Jim but BIG SURPRISE it looks like she’s staying cuz her new show was a flop. Whatever I just hope she leaves. People say they;re starting to like her cuz her and Jim look like they have a fun and good relationship but come on people…it’s JIM HALPERT!!! Who wouldn’t get along with him?!?! She just needs to go…GO JAM!!!!

  16. I have to say that even though that promo showed no new information, I have goosebumps!! IT WAS AWESOME. Actually, I wish all the promos were like that. I feel like when i have seen too much of an episode before it airs, it isnt AS OH MY GOD than it should be. Dont get me wrong i am usually beyond hysterical even when I have seen some of the promos ahead of time. But When you have no idea whats coming, it really makes the show better.

  17. i love how NBC is like “EARLY TIME. GOT THAT? 8:00!!” cause of how everyone in the world missed the first half hour of “The Negotiation.” good job, NBC. thanks for the heads-up.

  18. PS. Also Re: #14 Karen the Jim Slayer…You are so right. Now actually Jim is in the same exact position that Pam was in last season (which I think is awesome – he can feel what she went through) when he told her that he loved her. And in that moment, especially with your girlfriend sitting next to you, would you just say screw you, I love you Pam? Jim is too good of a guy to do that in front of everyone. It is a shock and needs to sink in.

  19. I’m glad they stressed ‘earlier time 8/7C’ because I totally didn’t catch it the first time he said it. How monstrously would it suck to get the time wrong on this one?

  20. Sure it was essentially a two-minute replay, but it still made me crack up this morning on the train en route to work. :-)

    Is it Thursday yet?

  21. Let’s all say a little prayer that they don’t leave us unsatisfied and frowning (that’s what she said). But seriously, I think I speak for many people when I say that I would like to see what the writers can do with a Jim and Pam relationship – there’s so much great material potential in that!!!

  22. Please writers, don’t disappoint us!!!!!!!!!!!! We have waited long enough and to be quite frank, the Jim/Pam union IS the next logical step!

  23. I thought Jim’s reaction was perfect. He looked heartbroken that he had hurt Pam so deeply.

  24. Allison – I so agree. I’m so proud of her character now, that whatever Jim does doesn’t matter. She’s gonna be okay. Only makes me love her all the more.

    KarentheJimSlayer – I also agree with you. Jim’s reaction was TOTALLY appropriate. He hasn’t heard anything from her and has been laboring under the totally-retarded guy reasoning that she must have no feelings for him. This was a definite shock to him. And his response is going to be complicated now, because Karen and he obviously have an established relationship. It’s not the “engulfing flames” kind of love, but it’s got a long slow burn that is going to make his decision really tough. (But we ALL know he LOVES PAM!!) *sigh*

    Whatever happens, I’m on board. These writers are great. And everyone just keeps getting better and better. I LOVED me some Stanley last night. And Creed ROCKS. Even Andy was absolutely at his best. This show is great!

  25. Is it wrong that I’m more excited for the season finale than I am for my graduation on Monday?

  26. I hate to break it to everyone but there is no way karen is leaving. Either Michael of Jim are getting the job. But which would be worse?

  27. i think i must watch every episode leading up to the finale. from season 1 through last night’s episode.

    is that weird?

  28. I am loving how the writers have given Pam so much confidence in these last few episodes and it all came full circle last night, not when she said her speech, which was amazing, but when she walked across those hot coals, it screamed liberation. If she doesn’t end up with Jim in the finale, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. She has gone thru this entire season virtually alone, and her speech pretty much summed it up for me, she is all she needs. Go Pammy!

  29. First off, there is no way, period, that Michael or Jim would leave, at least long-term. We already saw Jim left at the beginning, and it was weird and didn’t last long. There is no “Office” without Michael Scott. Again, like Jim, if he left, it’d only be short-term til he screws up or something. I predict that Karen will get the job, and Pam/Jim finally start progressing towards a relationship, and then…. SUMMER VACATION. Yuck. Folks, there has to be a cliffhanger again…that is what a season finale is made of!

  30. Karen is leaving. And if her sitcom gets picked up, for good – otherwise they’ll have her followed in the NY office for the documentary. Mark my words.

  31. Emily – I felt the same way during her speech. I didn’t move, I just sat there frozen with a huge smile on my face. I am so glad she finally said something to him.

  32. I can’t wait!! I wonder if they really won’t release any new pics and promos for the finale.

  33. John #35: I was thinking about doing the same thing. I guess I’m not alone in my weirdness.

  34. I read in Us Magazine that the best bet for the person to take the job is Jim. It said we’ll be seeing a lot more of the NY offices in season 4 and Karen is signed for another season so shes not leaving. It also stated that “Jam” will probably not happen and she will find happiness in her “self-realization.”

    This was all stated by one of the producers of the show.

  35. Nicole – Dunder-Mifflin is wacked out company but even they won’t give a head job to a receptionist

  36. i bet jim gets offered the job then doesn’t take it hoping karen can get it. That lines everything up right, because he didn’t want that job anyways, karen put his name in for the interview. No way it works out perfectly though, I bet pam gets promoted too.

  37. Isn’t there a possibility that more people than Michael, Jim, or Karen are up for that job???

  38. I love the “show known for jaw-dropping finales” line. How many has The Office had? Two. How many jaw-dropping? One. “Known for.” Sheesh.

  39. OK, after lots of contemplation, these are my predictions.
    1. Michael gets the corporate job. I can’t figure out why on earth they would give it to him, but maybe Jan wants him closer so they can work on their relationship – who knows. Though this strays from the shows “realism”, but provides the most comic opportunities. They can’t move Jim AGAIN, the Dwight/Jim interactions are so great and Andy/Dwight just doesn’t replace it. And Karen’s character just isn’t interesting enough to make us care about what it going on at corporate.

    2. Jim gets the regional manager job. Will Dwight suck up to him like he did Michael? More interesting comedic opportunities. Jim has to become more responsible.

    3. Jim tells Pam that he misses her too, but he is trying to make this thing work with Karen (b/c Jim still hasn’t gotten it thru his thick head that the subtext of her speech was that she loves him, and as he has said before, he doesn’t just want to be her friend). Pam has nothing to stay at scranton for, it makes her sad going to the office every day, she takes graphic design internship in NY. Pam/Michael interactions can then happen at corporate.

    4. Eventually Michael is disruptive enough that he gets sent back to scranton/he misses being the big fish/he misses his children.

    5. Karen and Jim has drug (dragged?) on long enough. They break up,.

    6. Graphic design internship over. Pam is given the choice to stay at corporate, or go back to scranton (i don’t know what they would use a graphic designer for, but maybe she could do the work in whatever office she wanted). Jim and Karen are no longer together…

  40. i think karen’s gonna get the job. the writers seem to be pushing her character out of the way, and she’s only signed on for part time next season. shes pretty much off the show of her pilot for another show goes through

  41. I just can’t imagine a scenario where Michael would be considered for a corporate job… But I’m sure they could come up with something. I would be really surprised if Jim got it, because that would be such a similar story line to last season… So my guess is Karen, but I can see the arguements against that also.

    My head hurts from theorizing… But I have a feeling that we’re going to have a cliffhanger- and may not know who’s where until next season. Boo.

  42. In a real life situation it seems that Jim might be best for the job and especially since he made a good impression on the CEO. However, I think that Karen is the hardest worker and certainly the most professional. Of course there are many reasons I hope that Karen will get the job, but perhaps Jim angles for Karen to get the job. I think a corporate position would mean more to Karen than Jim and I think he would realize that. Right now Jim or Michael getting the job would really upset the applecart and makes me uneasy so I do hope Karen gets it.

  43. Sooo Rashida/Karen is signed on for part-time next season?? Is that true??

  44. Wow, a preview with no actual preview footage has actually gotten me all giddy and excited..

  45. The video is labeled “private” so I can’t watch. Anyone else have this issue?

  46. It tells me that the video is private, as well. I only saw it once. I want it back :(

  47. I wonder if Creed really caught that fish? That’s not so easy to do.

    It’s about time that Pam came into her own and put the ball in Jim’s court. He and Karen do have a lot of fun together but that’s not much at all compared to the chemistry and fun he’s always had with Pam before.

    What was going on at the end when they were singing The Flintstones theme? I assumed that would’ve occured on the way to the lake because they wouldn’t be there all night although Jim and Karen were kind of of cold towards each other like Pam’s speech had already happened.

  48. each episode impresses me more and more, just when you think you’ve seen the greatest episode yet, the next one is even better..

    next thursday night will..be…amazing!

  49. Jim’s response: I can’t break up my six month relationship with a girl no one believes I’m actually dating for you Pam! Not even to spend season 4 reigniting our season 2 friendship and then ending s4 with a lovely “maybe we should date now” kiss. Maybe then I won’t be possessed by the evil spirit of Josh.

  50. Heres a couple possibilities…

    Scenario 1 – Michael gets the job at “Jan’s request” to attempt to rework their relationship, considering the “surprise” is big, and I assume its that she is pregnant, BUT the twist maybe that she doesn’t know who the father of the baby is (there’s a possibility she had an affair on the side with her therapist)…and if that is the case…leads to

    Scenario 2 – Jim getting the job, except he is away from Pam “again,” so we know that won’t happen, which leads to…

    Scenario 3 – Karen gets the job and is written off the script assuming that Pam and Jim finally start something. If Rashida stays on tho, that means…

    Scenario 4 – NOBODY GETS THE JOB FROM SCRANTON – either an outside hire or somebody from a different branch gets the job.

    Pam “WILL NOT” get the graphic design internship cause that was way back in season 2; she is taking art courses right now for her free-time. And she was offered only then in “Boys and Girls,” and she ditched the idea (Roy); if it comes up again, then maybe. Dwight may possibly move up (from the synopis of the finale). thats my opinion

  51. The only thing I can say about the new clip….FINALLY it looks like “Jim” gets a haircut!!!! NO MORE WIG!!!!!!!

    Why didn’t they just do that months ago?!?!?!?

  52. Karen made him cut his hair? I’m sure she did. That’s it missy, you have crossed the line. I don’t care if the wig looks bad, that’s “JIM” hair. New Coke, New Coke, everyone will love New Coke.

  53. “See Jim’s response to Pam’s Bombshell.”

    His response will probably be, “I don’t know what I think, right now.”

    Then, we have to go through season 3 yearning for JAM. I understand they are trying to keep from wearing us out on them, but it’s getting old.

  54. I REFUSE! I want to watch, but c’mon. SEASON FINALE! It’s gotta be special, if only just this once.

  55. I’m pretty sure karen isn’t signed to another season…I know for sure that she has another pilot so she’s been working on that…and usually people aren’t on two television shows at the same time…

    pee ess…I dunno if anyone agrees with me but I really felt that the way pam “confessed,” was unnatural…I’ve been trying to understand how she has developed over the season and I totally understand the part about accomplishing something (the coals) and then trying to “start over and come clean,” but I just think that whole thing went really fast.

    hmm…but then again…now that I think about it…I guess it should feel unnatural because if I was watching that happen…it’s like everyone knows that she’s into him…and that she dumped Roy for Jim…but I guess to actually hear shy Pam say the things she said would be a bit uncomfortable. Ugh…going on such a tangent.

    I love how everyone has developed this season!

  56. Ok, please tell us. Where is this talk about a haircut coming from? I didn’t see it in the promos.

    Also, I’m dying to know what happens! And because I don’t watch the episodes until the Monday after it airs, it is going to be a REAL struggle not to spoil myself (like I did with Beach Games and Pam’s speech).

  57. Where is this new haircut you all speak of? I am only seeing old stuff. Is it in the dotcomedy one? I can’t get that one to open. Help a spoiler whore out!

  58. You’re not alone, Jack. I’ve been livid about that supposed haircut since the spoiler pics of John and Rashida came out a few weeks ago. I really hope it was Jim’s idea, because if it was Karen’s? *seethes*

  59. Super cheesy music in that first promo. I’m not falling for it this time NBC!

  60. I am willing to bet

    -Karen ultimately fills the position, even if she isn’t the first person the CFO hires for the job or the first person who occupies the role. (Jim could get hired and pass up the job; Michael could get the job, decide he hates it, and go back to Scranton.)

    -Karen calls the relationship quits after questioning Jim about Pam’s speech and realizing finally that Jim isn’t “all in.” (Karen isn’t the personification of evil – she really likes this guy who really loves this other girl, so she’s clinging to him, but even she has her limits! I think we should all expect to see those limits very soon. This is the most dignified ending for Karen. I’d hate to see the girl tossed aside by Jim. She deserves to be the one who puts an end to it.)

    -Jim and Pam don’t get together in the finale or during a good portion of Season 4, but that Jim’s relationship with Karen ends sometime soon, especially after she moves to New York. (There might be some attempt at a long-distance thing.) Season 4 will be about Jim and Pam re-establishing their friendship, Jim working his way back to Pam, Pam working her way back to Jim, and Pam growing as an individual. I think the Season 4 finale might be the culmination of all that, not to say that Season 4 won’t have some great moments. I think it’ll be like Season 2, but with not so many secrets. They’ll be in a more honest place.

  61. I’m wondering which job is available in NY, they left that part wide open– is it possible Jan’s big news is that she quit as a result of her anger at Michael? Perhaps that’s why she’s “out of town” when David calls him. Any thoughts?

  62. Are any of those clips new in Promo 2? They all looked like things we’d seen before, but I could just be making that up in my head…

  63. This promo didnt really say anything for me, of course even the stupidest person knows that Jim will have to respond to Pam’s speech. I am really getting sick of the whole JAM scene, what happened to the everyday humor???

    p.s. Officetally is so much better than the NBC office website.

  64. I haven’t read all the comments (so many!)…

    Does anyone else think that Jan may have asked to be placed in the Scranton office which would open up the position at Corporate and be a move to show Michael that she’s serious AND give Jan more air time on the show??? I definitely think Karen ends up with the job. Then perhaps, we see Jim and Karen trying the long distance relationship next season WHILE he rekindles a “friendship” with Pam without his girlfriend’s prying eyes.

  65. about the haircut, there were some spoiler pictures awhile back with jim and karen in new york and jim had normal john hair which is shorter due to leatherheads filming, however that seemed to be part of one of the alternate endings. i don’t know which one they chose, but it didn’t look like jim got a haircut in the promos, so i don’t really know what to think…anyways, can’t believe i just spent this long talking about a haircut. the most important thing is how is Jim going to react to FNB? What is Jan’s big news?

  66. I think you could be right, Emily. I see 3 scenarios for Jan’s “big” news/surprise:

    1. She quit and is moving to Scranton to be closer to Michael and try to work things out.

    2. Pregnant. I know some have said that isn’t it, I can’t help but think so because of her erratic behavior and feeling nauseous in “Cocktails”.

    3. I think this is the least likely, but she gets breast implants. This would go along with the reference to her “shrunken chesticles” in “Women’s Appreciation”.

  67. First… did anyone else thing that Karen’s face during the Pam speech was completely disappointing?? I was hoping for a reaction from her…SOMETHING would have been nice, but instead we just see her sitting there completely expressionless. I didn’t buy it. Rashida is the only actor on the show that I cringe during her parts because it’s just not convincing!! So please, please writers…don’t base the results of the story line on her!

    Second… I thought the phone conversation with Davide Wallace was meant to imply that it is Jan’s job that is up for grabs. Anyone else get this impression?

    I will love the show no matter what happens with the Jim/Pam storyline, but wouldn’t it be out of Jim’s character to just blow off Pam? The whole reason for taking the job in Stamford to begin with was becasue Pam wasn’t interested…so why stay. But, now, she is interested…and has made that clear. So if the writers make him take the job in NY it will be out of character.

    Okay, enough ranting…!! :)

  68. Re: Jim’s hair…I think it does look a little shorter in the second promo…right after Dwight says, “You have no idea what’s in store for you,” there’s a shot of Jim, and though it could be an older shot (I don’t remember), his hair looks a little shorter at his ears.

  69. i’m really am rooting for jam but i felt closure after pam’s speech. i don’t think jim will break it off with karen right away…perhaps jim will warm up to pam in this episode in terms of friendship rekindling.

    what if….some new guy gets introduced that will catch pam and our eyes????

    just trying to think out of the box

  70. NBC is really going far to protect this finale, no photos or anything have been disclosed, that’s a first!!!

  71. About the whole Jan being pregnant theory . . . I really hope it’s not true, just because Michael is clearly unhappy with her, and it just wouldn’t be fair! (Of course life isn’t fair, but this a show(!) and as ridiculous as Michael can be, I want him to have a family with a woman he loves) So all this got me thinking . . . remember in “Women’s Appreciation” when Jan called Michael to tell him to come see her, and she told her assistant (James Van Der Beek. Haha) to buy more VODKA?! Let’s hope she’s not preggers, or at least that she didn’t drink the vodka!

  72. I’m not expecting a Casino Night kiss between Jim and Pam, but I can’t imagine that Karen and Jim are fine after this. Dump him! I would love to see Karen flirt with someone in New York. Alan, Hunter, Devon, anyone.

  73. Ahhh! Why do I have a feeling that’s not Pam he’s smiling at? I really wish Pam just moves on, has a rebound with Toby and just leaves Jim behind.

  74. 1. Jim will be offered the job, but will turn it down
    2. Karen will be offered the job.
    3. Pam will spend the summer doing that art internship referenced last season


    Jim and Karen broken up or on the rocks all summer
    Jim and Pam apart to start up again next summer
    Karen gone

  75. Maybe Jim is smiling at Kevin in the one shot…

    Or maybe all of those clips are old. That’s my guess.

  76. I think that first clip of them standing around reacting to news is from Safety Training…no?

  77. yes it is. the only new ones was dwight with the hand-stengthener and michael in his talking head.

  78. now that i watch the promos again it does look like jim got a haircut in the one little new scene thingy…

  79. So I am so glad the promo clearly shows haircut for Jim. I’ve (along zillions of others) HATED the Planet of the Apes toupe thats been bristling off his head in the last several episodes.

    Great they stuck a hat on him in beach day, so we could concentrate on the pain in his eyes, rather than the ridic hair.

  80. Oh no!
    My kid is in a concert Thursday night! These things are hard enough to sit through, but knowing I’m missing “The Job” will make it unbearable!
    I don’t have Tivo but, as luck would have it, I’m watching my neighbors’ house while they’re on a cruise. They’ll be deeply indebted if I can figure out how to work their Tivo gizmo and record it for them… any pointers?

  81. I think Jan has left corporate, thus the open position. I also believe that in the unfolding events of the interview and such, that the Big twist is that Scranton Branch will be temporarily relocated to New York. For one it would reflect “the big changes” as noted by BJ and it would explain Daniels quote “seeing more of new york in the next season” or something to that effect. Everyone would be affected by this and it would leave the possibilies of Jaren/Jam dramas to continue in S4.

  82. Hot Dog Fingers…

    Tivo is pretty self-explanatory so it should be easy. First thing to do is to check the “To Do” list to see if your neighbors are already set to record the show. Click the Tivo button on the remote. From the Tivo Central screen, choose “Now Playing” and then “To Do List.” This will show you what programs are scheduled to record. You’ll also want to take note of what else they may be recording around 8pm Thursday. If they have other shows programmed in, you’ll have a conflict and there’s not much you can do.

    If you’re free and clear, hit the left arrow key on the remote a few times to go back to the Tivo Central screen. Then choose “Pick Programs to Record” and follow dirctions from there.

    To get out of Tivo, hit the “Live TV” button.

  83. Happy Finale Day, everyone! May all your dreams come true!

    And yay, it’s finally here! Wow, I’m reading through some of your theories about The Job, and I have so many new possibilities in my head. Part of me can’t wait for tonight, but it’s also bittersweet, because that means we have 4 months to go with new episodes! At least last year we had the webisodes to tide us over.

  84. HotDogFingers, that is so “Toby” of you. Hehehe. “My kid is in a show that night.” Hehehe. For Tivo…I know it’s easier than it looks. That much I can tell you. You might be able to find a guide on the internet somehow. Go to tivo.com. I bet that will help. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! You just CAN’T miss it!

  85. #113 – I hear ya. I agree but I do want Karen out of the picture. She is so out of touch with everything that the real Jim is – at least from what I can tell.

  86. Jake and Cayce-

    Thanks for the advice! I checked and they did have Direct TV set to record The Office on their “To Do” list. I just tweaked it to start a lkttle early and go a little long.

    Now the tough decision: When I get home about 8:15, do I tune in “In Progress” or go watch it on DVR. We’ll see….

    Fancy New Brookly- I totally agree with you. JAM is gonna take its time…

  87. Watch it on the DVR! That’s the beauty of it. You can watch in from the beginning WHILE it’s still recording. And, after zipping through the commercials, you’ll catch up and be able to watch it live.


  88. OK, then. I guess I’ll survive the finale after all. And since I’ll be at a sixth grade concert performance, I won’t be able to read the posts and spoil the plot!

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