Tori’s Christmas Video

From Tori:

“The strike started one month ago. While negotiations are ongoing, it’s pretty clear we won’t see a Christmas episode of “The Office” this year. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support the writers and the WGA. But, the Christmas specials hold a little spot in my heart because “Christmas Party” was the episode that made me a regular viewer of the show.

I put this little Christmas video together for the fans, writers, cast and crew of the show. Miss you!

P.S. Anyone want to Yankee Swap an episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” for some real television? Write a letter.”


  1. Wow. Thanks so much for that little trip down memory lane. You made me smile…but it’s bittersweet. I still haven’t given up hope.

  2. Okay, I just cried. Within the first 20 seconds. Amazing video Tori! The scene with everyone throwing snowballs in the parking lot is one of my favorites, and it paired with the lyrics absolutely got me. Please come home Office!

  3. Total downer, but it was lovely. Great song choice, and the clips were perfect!
    It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without an Office Christmas party. I hope they still make the annual holiday episode, no matter when the strike ends. Besides, we seem to start celebrating Christmas two months early in this country anyways, so let it keep going two months later so we can get a holiday ep in February!

  4. If not one in time for Christmas, maybe we’ll get a Valentine’s Day episode. Or a St. Patrick’s Day episode. Or something where Dwight gets to light something on fire again.

  5. Okay – I’m crying. Blubbering might be a better word for it, actually.

    Tori, that was awesome blossom. Extra awesome because it was set to Death Cab!

    Please, Office, come home!!

  6. Wow, this made me more emotional than it should have. Nice song choice! John would be proud! Both of the Christmas episodes are so great, and it breaks my heart that we won’t get one this year. Come home to me, Office! That is, of course, once the writers have fair contracts.

  7. Wow. The lyrics were perfect…”And all the fun we had last year” and “Baby, please come home”

    I can’t go a year without my Christmas Office…or any Office for that matter.

  8. Tori, thanks for that, it was amazing. GOD I MISS THIS SHOW. Great job on the video, great editing and perfect song choice.

  9. Tori – that was just beautiful! Thank you for putting this together. I started watching The Office at the beginning of Season 2 but it wasn’t until Christmas Party that I became a true Office fanatic. Also, ABC was one of my fave episodes of season 3. The Christmas episodes the past two seasons have just been really special and I’m sad we’ll miss one this year. But hopefully the strike will end soon and we’ll get a special episode for some other holiday before the summer!

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