The Office Flintstones song

Many of you mentioned in last night’s comments that your DVR didn’t record the tag (final scene) from ‘Beach Games.’ Mine didn’t either!

Luckily, I was able to find it on YouTube. Whew.

I guess the supersized episode end time befuddled our poor recording machines … thank goodness for good ol’ human intervention. :)


  1. Okay, so was that the next morning when they were driving home or just another part from earlier?

  2. That’s why I always watch it live AND TiVo it. I saw the end originally, but when I wanted to go back and watch it a bazillion times before bed, the TiVo stopped on Jim’s stunned face after Michael gave Pam her kudos. I thought that NBC placed way too many commercials into the first few minutes after the 8:40pm mark – so the actual episode content got bumped. I could be wrong. I can hardly tell time.

  3. I noticed that when this part aired, it said on my clock 9:21pm. So I was like OH no, what if people missed it.

    And yeah, I agree that it was a deleted scene, from the on the bus scene in the beginning. For some reason when I first watched it, I was imagining them not in character and just singing for fun, mostly because Angela is so into it…

  4. SchruteFarms (#5)–I laughed *hysterically* at your comment! Really! I don’t know why …I suppose I’m still giddy about Pam’s speech last night!

    And I love how Ryan was so into the Flintstone’s song (like when he was singing along to that Alanis Morrissette song in the christmas episode)–very cute.

  5. 7- I agree, all of them were really into it, including “Ryan” and he hardly ever smiles.

  6. I’m going to throw in another vote for ‘deleted scene.’ It’s daylight in the scene, and I don’t think there’s any way they spent the night at the beach.

  7. I’m surprised so many people think this might be from the return trip. If that were the case, the following would all have to be true-

    1. Michael required the staff to stay overnight.
    2. The entire staff actually complied, including Oscar and Stanley, who are quick to bail on these types of activities.
    3. Everyone took the same seats for the ride home.
    4. Everyone actually still looks fresh and in a good mood after probably not sleeping well.

    Not likely. So, enjoy the scene for what it is – an outtake of the cast/characters having a good time.

  8. i agree it was a deleted scene-its light out, dwight is perfectly clean, pam is pre-speech pam and andy is dry & not angry at angela. but its wierd cuz jim is not singing. at all. when even the most unlikely ppl-ie. angela are.

    also notice. when they say “gay old time”. oscar raises his arm and ryan & pam look at him. good stuff.

  9. that was amazing…my stupid VCR didn’t record the office last night so I’m just catching little bits and pieces of last nights episode until i can find a place to watch it

  10. I agree that this was definitely just the cast having fun and not part of the episode.

    It looks like they were just hanging out, look how everyone looks to be enjoying themselves (even Ryan). Thats probably the first sign that it was the cast, not the characters singing. :)

  11. I’m voting again on this thread for the tag being an extra “bonus” from the ride TO the beach. I don’t think I can express my reasons for believing this any more concisely that PhiladelphiaBranch (#13).

    My dvr didn’t pick up the tag, either. I ended up doing a manual recording of the first 5 minutes of Scrubs in order to catch it.

  12. Here’s my two cents on the tag.

    I think it was the characters having a sing-a-long on the way out to the beach. It probably occurred sometime after they sang “The Gambler.” You know, they finish the song, then someone (probably Michael) suggests they sing another, and they just kind of keep going along. I loved, loved, loved this tag! It was weird, and stupid, and funny, and even a little touching. Brilliant!

  13. on the comments about it being out of character…

    Michael Definitely was not out of character.

  14. i dont think the wilma was scripted..everyone was cracking up after that. lol…

  15. But honestly can you blame him, I mean sometime you just gotta get yo’ freak on. :)

  16. Maybe it was just that everyone was out of character but no one let Steve in on the idea and he figured it out for himself…

    Probably not but that would be funny none the less.

  17. Ooooh. Poor Andy looks so happy here… makes the rest of the day seem so sad… I guess it could have been worse – at least he didn’t get pepper-sprayed again.

  18. Kevin definitely looks in character, though.

    My favorite part is in the second half of the song, when it seems like most are mumbling the lyrics very confidently.

    Being the nerd that I am, I looked up the lyrics, and they don’t sound like anything they’re singing there.

    “Let’s ride with the family down the street through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet.”


    “Some day maybe Fred will win the fight, then the cat will stay out for the night.”

  19. i HATE that. I record Earl and my DVR just tapes the Office on the end of the Earl episode and only taped 1 min of the Office. I thought I was going to have a panic attack until I realized my Ealr episode was really long.

  20. For what it’s worth, I always program my DVR to overlap into Earl and Scrubs a few minutes just to be sure. ;)

    Where did the phrase episode ‘tag’ come from?

  21. Ok, the scene was definitely “planned” and suppose to be in “character,” but the whole Wilma thing was totally Steve and the rest of the cast just fell into it.
    However, gotta say, John/Jim and Rashida/Karen do *not* look happy at all, which might bring up the point that they’re separating themselves from everyone.

  22. I think it might just be an “homage” to John Candy from Harold ramis. Its right out of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. I know, I know, Ramis did not direct that film, but he was in “Stripes” with Candy and SCTV.

  23. haha I don’t care what it is…

    I LOVED the “Wilma!!” – it cracked me up! I didn’t catch Oscar raising his arm during gay old time – heh!

  24. Totally the cast just having fun. Angela was having a good time, Ryan was grinning…it was adorable.

  25. everyone’s commenting that john & rashida aren’t singing, but the camera only shows this for a bit & not after when everyones starts singing.. they could’ve been singing

  26. Pretty funny people are making a big deal out of Jim and Karen not singing. The only time you see them is in the very beginning as Andy starts the song. They’re on camera for about 1/2 a second when the camera zooms in on Andy. There’s no way to tell from that that they didn’t join in.

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