1. geez, dwight is so off. ‘better not risk it’… looked like phyllis was about to break there for a second.

    condensed milk??? wtf?!?!?

  2. Condensed milk is *so* important on sales calls. Everyone knows that! It could mean the difference between life and death. :-)

  3. hmm.. well, condensed milk *is* pretty tasty.. but i could punch him for what he did to phyllis. nay, *slap* him. ^_^

    and how sad is it that i bought a blue striped scarf because it reminded me of jim’s?

  4. Oh, does your heart break just a little more every time you see Toby? If his lost puppy bit wasn’t so funny this stuff would really hurt.

  5. The Toby/Pam scene makes me think that those promo pictures from the JustJared site that’s posted under “The Return” are actually from “Traveling Salesmen.”

  6. if that man does not get some lovin’ soon my heart just might break in half! he is beginning to over shadow jim. and im beginning to think i’m okay with that.

  7. I didnt think it was disturbing, just very sad. Its obvious that Toby has a thing for Pam but he never is able to even so much as look her in the eye

  8. i’m so confused…why did toby throw away his coffee?

    He’s so adorable, he does need some serious lovin.

  9. I took it to mean (I could be wrong) that he stalks her a little, knew what her favorite Starbucks drink is, and ordered it just so they’d have something to talk about that they have ‘in common’ for two seconds.

    But he didn’t really want the drink itself, so he threw it out.

    OR he just ordered it so she’d come bring it to him later and provide more interaction. But he was disappointed that she handed the stuff to Kelly instead, and so he threw it out. Either way…man. Pathetic. ;)

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