1. geez, dwight is so off. ‘better not risk it’… looked like phyllis was about to break there for a second.

    condensed milk??? wtf?!?!?

  2. Condensed milk is *so* important on sales calls. Everyone knows that! It could mean the difference between life and death. :-)

  3. hmm.. well, condensed milk *is* pretty tasty.. but i could punch him for what he did to phyllis. nay, *slap* him. ^_^

    and how sad is it that i bought a blue striped scarf because it reminded me of jim’s?

  4. Oh, does your heart break just a little more every time you see Toby? If his lost puppy bit wasn’t so funny this stuff would really hurt.

  5. The Toby/Pam scene makes me think that those promo pictures from the JustJared site that’s posted under “The Return” are actually from “Traveling Salesmen.”

  6. if that man does not get some lovin’ soon my heart just might break in half! he is beginning to over shadow jim. and im beginning to think i’m okay with that.

  7. I didnt think it was disturbing, just very sad. Its obvious that Toby has a thing for Pam but he never is able to even so much as look her in the eye

  8. i’m so confused…why did toby throw away his coffee?

    He’s so adorable, he does need some serious lovin.

  9. I took it to mean (I could be wrong) that he stalks her a little, knew what her favorite Starbucks drink is, and ordered it just so they’d have something to talk about that they have ‘in common’ for two seconds.

    But he didn’t really want the drink itself, so he threw it out.

    OR he just ordered it so she’d come bring it to him later and provide more interaction. But he was disappointed that she handed the stuff to Kelly instead, and so he threw it out. Either way…man. Pathetic. ;)

  10. I have done that exact thing. Oh . . . and she ended up marrying “Roy”. It still makes me sad.

  11. WOW – the kevin part was good and the fact that you got to see the other faces in the office was good…but toby getting into pam is too much…i don’t want that goin’ down
    and he like stalked her to know her fav. coffee so he could make conversation

  12. Yuck. I’m bordering on Michael’s dislike for Toby. That was definitely a creepy encounter between him and Pam. Does he not realize that Jim is back?!

  13. I told you Toby’s crush on Pam is more creepy than adorable!Perhaps Michael’s been right all along.

  14. And yet there are all those people who think that Pam and Toby will wind up together…

    Where are those people now? Oh wait… they’re probably the same people who think Dwight is gone for good.

    Makes me laugh how some people can watch the show and just not get what’s going on. I guess delusion is preferrable to some.

  15. Also, I just noticed that one of the promo photos for “The Return” looks to have been taken during this latest and (and truly nausea inducing) deleted scene.

    I think someone over at the network got their promo photos mixed up.

  16. I really don’t think there’s any possibility of a Toby/Pam union – it’d throw the ‘being real’ mantra of these writers out the window.It just mystifies me why a sympathetic character(Toby)is being made so pathetic.

  17. SAY SOMETHING, Toby! Poor guy. I think he’s actually going to wind up asking her out. Whether she goes or not is a different story. Hmmm. Could be interesting to watch a feud between Michael and Pam because of Toby. I LOVE how much Michael hates him. It’s so ridiculous.

  18. yeah the promo photos are without a doubt for the traveling salesman by the way… a lot of people already got that

  19. whoa, that was kind of freaky. I don’t know what is going to happen with that storyline…Toby is not confrontational, so where is this going? But what if Pam does accept a date with Toby? Could that be what brings Jim back to his senses?

  20. Let me get this straight. Toby notices that a girl he likes drinks chai lattes and orders one too, plus he’s too shy to talk to her. This makes him creepy? Sheesh.

    I love Toby. Even if he does have a girl’s name.

  21. If Pam starts dating Toby, I think Jim would just get angry, like, why TOBY and not me? That might provoke him to make a comment, which could cause Pam to explain herself. I think Jim and Pam need to get into confrontation mode before anything’s going to develop.

  22. I don’t get the creepy thing, either. Awkward, maybe. Kelly’s cartoonist neighbor was creepy; IMO, this encounter with Toby doesn’t qualify.

    I think it would be interesting to see Toby and Pam go out. Has she gone out with anyone since the double date with Kelly and Ryan? I don’t think Pam can imagine anyone but Jim treating her nicely. It would be interesting to see how she would handle the concept. It might make her examine her belief that Jim is the only one for her. Now, I certainly don’t think that she and Toby belong together, but they need something to keep Jim and Pam apart for a while, and this would provide a little roadblock as well as a chance for some character development for both Pam and Toby.

    Just a thought…

  23. Pam was being nice to Toby by asking him if he wanted a drink. He couldn’t bear denying Pam anything. But he’s so unbearably shy HE could probably never bring himself to ask HER if she’d like a coffee. I think it’s totally in character for him to order the drink even though he didn’t really want it, just to have the chance to talk to Pam for a minute. I don’t really think it’s creepy. And I also don’t think he could EVER screw up the courage to ask her out!

  24. So Toby is shy and a little bit lonely. That doesn’t make him creepy! He just needs to work up his courage to ask her out.

    Toby is still at least the second-most awesome man in The Office, behind Jim. (Or maybe even tied with Jim.)

  25. I think it’s kind of funny that Toby is the Human Relations rep and he doesn’t have the people skills to talk to Pam in a non-creepy kind of way.

    It really seems like Jim would be the HR guy instead of Toby-you know, because he is friendly and outgoing.

  26. If Pam was to accept a date with Toby I can imagine Jim thinking ‘um first Roy and then Toby(?) but not ME!’I really believe it would be a roadblock too far for Jim to contemplate ever again pursuing Pam.

  27. Maybe its me, but it almost seems like Toby is the one creeped out by Pam: Pam says “I’m gonna start stalking you!” and Toby gets a strained smile and says “better not…” in that same he tone he gets when his “official human resources attitude” takes over, like when he collected the kama sutras.

  28. A man of Toby’s age and experience feigning shared tastes(why discard it otherwise) to ingratiate himself with the receptionist is being creepy IMO. I liked Toby in previous seasons but this storyline is making it much harder to do so.Sorry Toby fans!

  29. “I’ve been seeing and doing a lot of Jan recently.”

    Oh Michael did you not learn anything since you e-mailed the picture to Packard?

  30. “‘isn’t that special'”

    “kanye west”

    “whaaat?” andy’s response cracked me up


  31. That left me mildly happier. Oh well… this show picked Dreamgirls over Borat, so I’m not too enthused about the validity of it all.

  32. I’m sorry, but it’s utter crap that betty beat the office. it’s basically wow. i’m deeply disappointed.

  33. “A man of Toby’s age and experience feigning shared tastes(why discard it otherwise) to ingratiate himself with the receptionist is being creepy IMO. I liked Toby in previous seasons but this storyline is making it much harder to do so.Sorry Toby fans!”

    PL is only 7 and a half years older than JF, it’s not like he’s old enough to be her dad or something.

  34. *sigh* No Carell, no Office, no 24.

    Three strikes and I’m out. The Globes suck. Of course, had my shows won, then the Globes would be the most legitimate awards around, so…

  35. Double “eww”. Toby is really creepy in the 2nd deleted scene. If Pam desperately needs to date someone in the office, why not anyone else? I don’t hate him like Michael does, but he is really creepy around Pam. Yuck.

    I am definitely not a Toby fan after that one.

  36. thanks for that, tanster!

    that last deleted scene really cheered me up some. the last two impressions were my favorites. =]

  37. LMAO!

    Andy trying to get Michael to do the Night At The Roxbury head bop and then Michael busts out with “I’m doing Jan, ya know.”


  38. Why couldn’t Stanely, for once, just shut up and be nice? Grrr… I am bitter. Need Dwight back already.

  39. I could see Pam accepting a date with Toby. Toby is totally missing his window of opportunity here. I really don’t think Pam would turn him down. The deleted scene shows that they are at least tinkering with the idea.

  40. I think its kinda harsh to describe Toby as creepy. I guess because he’s quiet and shy he gets the creepy tag. Everyone in the office can be considered creepy in some shape or from. They have all had creepy moments. I mean who is creepier than Kelly for instance, but I guess since she is so perky no one calls her creepy.

  41. Dwight – Stanley heres my staple remover

    Stanley – I have a staple remover

    Dwight – Well mines better, plus i modified it.

    LOL i loved the part when Dwight ask if Andy was out to get him!

  42. yes calling toby creepy is harsh…any guy here who hasnt pretended to like something to spend time with a girl is a liar

  43. I have a quick question, and this seems like a good place to ask it:

    If you don’t want spoilers, why do you come to a website like this?

    I honestly don’t mean to sound mean–I’m genuinely curious. If I didn’t want to know about the future of a show, I would not go to a website like this. Yet, again and again, people get really, really mad if they come across a spoiler on here! Why is this?

    Seriously, Curious.

  44. whatever happened to kevin’s “stinkiest bowel movement” award? i’m surprised to hear michael speak so positively about his hygiene.

  45. God, hopefully Dwight won’t be gone for too long. I already miss him and I already want Andy to just get hit by a bus already.

  46. Chris, I think it’s completely natural to visit a fan site/blog and yet want to avoid spoilers. Spoilers are a small part of fandom and makes up only a bit of the information on this site. So why wouldn’t someone want to visit a site/blog to get at all the other info. This site has a specific spoiler policy for this very reason, to protect people from info that they don’t want.

    I’m a spoiler-phobic guy myself, but as long as the spoilers are appropriately labeled, then there’s no problem.

  47. i don’t know where to post this, and sorry if someone already mentioned this, but i just noticed a michael scott joke in a pearls comic

  48. OMG! My friend brought that into school today and I personally am not a fan of Pearls Before Swine but I noticed that right away! I then proceeded to inform her that is she were a racist I would attack her with the north and then she said that’s not funny…yay two office references in response to an office joke! wootwoot!

    PS: I’m slowly converting all of my friends to office junkies they’re dropping like flies :D

  49. I must be blind but I don’t see any Michael Scott reference in that Pearls before Swine link.

  50. Casino Night the whole aids isn’t funny. Certain topics are off limits for comedians. The abraham assasianation for example just became funny, “I need to see this play like I need a whole in the head.” It’s not really a conscious office reference so much as my accute office fan radar sounding off at anything that remotely reminds me of the office :D what can I say? I’m obsessed!

  51. Seriously, those lincoln lines are some high quality entertainment…might have something to do with me being a history nerd too :D

  52. Drunkbiking,Toby is 39 (his myspace page) while Pam is 28 but it’s his relationship experience I was alluding to.He is a divorcee with kids and I’m sure he didn’t visit Amsterdam (Dwight’s Speech) afterwards to admire the tulips!

  53. Does anyone else find the Stanley character annoyingly harsh? I know he’s supposed to be the cantankerous old guy in the office, but they haven’t given us ANY reason to like him. Pretzel Day doesn’t count either…it only showed nasty he can be to others. I wish the writers would give us a reason to route for him. Right now, he seems rather one dimensional.

  54. I can’t believe how sad I am to see Dwight gone (for now). I always thought one of my favorite things about the show (aside from it being absolutely hysterical) was the whole Jim/Pam thing. In recent weeks I’ve decided that I really like Dwight. Maybe this past episode had something to do with Andy being such an unlikable jerk.

  55. Did anyone notice that Michael was in a particularly foul mood this episode. Any speculation on why this was?

  56. Stephen:

    Probably because Andy’s brown nose was so far up Michaels . . . it was making him uncomfortable.

  57. Thanks BlueJeanBaby…I had suspected that but normally Michael seems to enjoy it. This past episode was certainly over the top though, even for Andy/Michael’s standards.

  58. It sure is fun seeing Michael finally appearing to think about what kind of brown-nosing is going on here. While he’d brush Dwight off in the past, he never showed the irritation he is with Andy. So I guess this just demonstrates that Andy’s days are numbered as #3!

  59. Yeah, I actually found Michael’s behavior in this episode kind of refreshing. Sure he was serious, but every time he gets down to business, he’s been serious (note The Client and Salesman Convention). I liked how he was starting to see through Andy, finally.

  60. Agreed. Dwight’s departure opens the door for Andy’s departure. I wonder how long Ed Helms will stay on the show? Dwight’s return will be glorious!

  61. That Abraham Lincoln joke is pretty old. It certainly wasn’t originated by Michael Scott.

  62. I hate Andy, too. I don’t see how Ed Helms (who is a fabulous actor and comedian) is going to be able to stay on the show past tomorrow.

  63. HATE Andy. HATE! And I dont know why, but I didn’t like Michael in that clip either, so I am really happy that this scene was deleted.

  64. Dwight has always walked the fine line between a likeable and an antagonistic character. Two examples that come to mind are Diversity Day when he snaked Jim’s largest customer and in The Coup when we saw him try to backstab Michael.

    However, lately he’s becoming a more likeable character (the arm around crying Pam), so for the audience to invest in the character, we have to see him relinquish more of the antogonistic role. Enter Andy.

    He’ll always be “Dwight”, but Andy allows the audience to actually root for Dwight.

  65. The look on Jim’s face after Andy talked about the “bag of important work things” completely explains why he answered “Yes” to Dwight’s question in the car in the previously deleted scene. They should have put those out in reverse order. I couldn’t figure out why Jim thought that Andy was out to get Dwight until I saw the 5th deleted scene.

  66. When Andy finally goes (and he will, just deal with it), it makes me wonder what Jan will think of the fact that basically the entire Stamford branch is all but gone.

  67. Cousin Mose, I was wondering about that too. Didn’t they theoretically retain all these people to do jobs? If so, wouldn’t they need to hire some replacements? They have now lost (by my count) 4 workers, 5 if you count Andy’s inevitable departure.

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