Battle for the Bobblehead

dwight schrute bobblehead

Want to win an Office Prize Pack, consisting of a Dwight Bobblehead and Office t-shirt?

Then create a caption for my bobblehead picture!

Simply enter your caption as a comment to this post, along with a valid email address.

The deadline for entries is:
Sunday, August 13, 11pm PT.

One winner will be chosen soon afterwards …

The Office Prize Pack is provided courtesy of NBC.


  1. Best way to describe OfficeTally browsing in the ‘ol orifice … one word, 2 syllables: fixation

  2. – please note that I did not see deron’s “two syllables” post before submitting mine … don’t want to think I’m copying anyone ;)

  3. Question: Why is my head twice the size of my body? Answer: Superior genes, I’m a Schrute.

  4. No one touches Michael’s computer unless they get past me! And I know the fine art of karate, I have a purple belt…

  5. Dwight: “The outright malfeasance of using my image twice in this picture is unthinkable. I shall be contacting the proper authorities.”

  6. Dwight Schrute: Quiet,…please…uh uh uh uh. I am booking my trip to Mordor on my laptop I won as regional salesman of the year! I will be assisting the pilot on our Pan Am flight TO Mordor. I will be the assistant pilot (In the background Jim says, “You mean assistant to the pilot!”)

  7. Dwight: Fact- You have a better chance of being hit by a meteorite than eaten by a wolf, except if you wake up naked in the woods.

  8. Schrute: “Alright… which of you cretins touched my bobblehead?! I shall maim, with my bare hands, anyone who dares to touch my stuff in this office!”

    (brief pause)

    Schrute: “Did you know the sheer weight of this novelty item could irreparably damage my Esc, Tilde and Tab keys? If they no longer work… you’ll pay!”

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