Battle for the Bobblehead

dwight schrute bobblehead

Want to win an Office Prize Pack, consisting of a Dwight Bobblehead and Office t-shirt?

Then create a caption for my bobblehead picture!

Simply enter your caption as a comment to this post, along with a valid email address.

The deadline for entries is:
Sunday, August 13, 11pm PT.

One winner will be chosen soon afterwards …

The Office Prize Pack is provided courtesy of NBC.


  1. Best way to describe OfficeTally browsing in the ‘ol orifice … one word, 2 syllables: fixation

  2. – please note that I did not see deron’s “two syllables” post before submitting mine … don’t want to think I’m copying anyone ;)

  3. Question: Why is my head twice the size of my body? Answer: Superior genes, I’m a Schrute.

  4. No one touches Michael’s computer unless they get past me! And I know the fine art of karate, I have a purple belt…

  5. Dwight: “The outright malfeasance of using my image twice in this picture is unthinkable. I shall be contacting the proper authorities.”

  6. Dwight Schrute: Quiet,…please…uh uh uh uh. I am booking my trip to Mordor on my laptop I won as regional salesman of the year! I will be assisting the pilot on our Pan Am flight TO Mordor. I will be the assistant pilot (In the background Jim says, “You mean assistant to the pilot!”)

  7. Dwight: Fact- You have a better chance of being hit by a meteorite than eaten by a wolf, except if you wake up naked in the woods.

  8. Schrute: “Alright… which of you cretins touched my bobblehead?! I shall maim, with my bare hands, anyone who dares to touch my stuff in this office!”

    (brief pause)

    Schrute: “Did you know the sheer weight of this novelty item could irreparably damage my Esc, Tilde and Tab keys? If they no longer work… you’ll pay!”

  9. Question. Does this bobble head come with an offical Jedi robe? If it does can you also include a light saber? Red would be prefered.

  10. Attention, everyone. I have an announcement. As Assistant Regional Manager I would like to announce that I shall not be touched nor toyed with. I am valuable Schrute property and anyone who decides to disobey will feel the wrath of my purple belt skills. That is all.

  11. Dwight: ” Did you know that because of betacyanin, the red color in beets, Every member of the Schrute family for the past three generations, has urinated red? It’s true, that’s why I have an annual prostate exam. There’s just no other way of checking for blood in the urine.”

  12. Inanimate objects can’t feel love? Bobblehead Joe’s obsession with tanster reaches new limits.

  13. Finally I shrunk the enought to fit them in my computer screen. Now I can rule the office as I please!!

  14. HA, HA, HA!……. I have finally shrunk all of these inferiors into this visual vessel they call monitor. They wont pock my head or shake my base any longer in their amusement. I WILL RULE ALL OVER THIS OFFICE LAND AND BE KNOWN AS “KING OF ALL DESK TERRAIN”, HA,HA,HA!

  15. Dwight Bobblehead: Who put me here, on the edge of this keyboard? I could hurt myself! Or worse, if I fell and damaged myself, sales would go down. a LOT.

  16. As Assistant Regional Manager, I am going to report you for wasting company time looking at non-work-related websites.

  17. Someone please help my master get out of this screen. You can feed the other four to the wolves…

  18. Question? do I look good on OfficeTally or What? Oh Jim you are so lucky that you don’t have a bobblehead, you are so lucky.

  19. I don’t know what these girls are talking about. Jim Halpert isn’t all that. YES!!! I managed to type that without laughing.

  20. “Well, at least now all of my… organs are proportional to the rest of my body.”

  21. Despite the fact that I am made of plastic and have no opposable thumbs, I have learned to use the Internet.

    Don’t be too impressed.

    My human form can raise and lower his own cholesterol at will.

    I envy him.

  22. Small Business Man


    Through concentration, I can raise and lower my bobble frequency at will.


    Honey, I shrunk the Dwight!

  23. That’s right, this bobble head is on the internet.

    I’m the guy behind all the words.

  24. Unauthorized usage of company internet bandwith is malfeasance and cannot go unpunished. It is my duty as a volunteer sherriff to report this to Michael.

  25. Question: Who is better looking, me or the tall, lanky guy with the rumpled hair in the picture to my left? Answer: Me, and I’m tired of not getting my share of attention. I also know how to grow healthy, nutritious vegetables, so…win win win.


  27. “No wonder OfficeTally has been down a bit lately, look who they’ve got running tech support! Bobblehead Joe!”

  28. What are you doing Ryan? You are in violation of Dunder-Mifflin policy 22-06-a1, which states that all Dunder-Mifflin employees shall not use company time or resources for personal entertainment and/or enjoyment.

    What? I know it’s your Powerbook!

    Whose internet are you surfing? That’s right!
    Fact: It’s Dunder-Mifflin’s internet.

  29. I really crapped the bed on this contest. So many funny posts, and I froze every time I tried to think of one. Good luck choosing.

  30. You may THINK I look ridiculous, but if you were listening to this Michael Bolton track, you’d be headbanging too.

  31. I thought of another one.

    “I would never, ever bobble for you. Not in a million, billion years.” (Casino Night!)


    “Everyone has been calling me ‘Bobblehead Joe’ all day…I think Jim Halpert paid them to.” (Conflict Resolution!!)

    Yeah…this was how I spent my day today.

  32. “Some say Dwight puts himself on a pedestal, while others suggest that he might be glued there.”

  33. You really think someone was able to shrink me down and put me inside a computer screen? I don’t believe you. Continue.

  34. “Man is by nature a political animal”- Aristotle.
    I am the Beast of Dunder-Mifflin.

  35. “Dwight the bobble-head: the mini-me of the next generation”

    “ok… ok, ok, i got it. shut up”

  36. The Mighty wit of Dwight the Bobblehead paired with the strength of Michael the Action Figure- unstoppable… get down on your knees and pray Scranton.

  37. Caption for the image!

    “Dwight the bobblehead is taking over! Run away from the huggy hugs! AHHH!”

  38. “Damn it, why am I smiling?!”


    “For some strange reason, I can’t stop bobbing my head.”

  39. Small, yes… But behind these glasses lies a brain with the force of a thousand orangutans

    …angry orangutans…in one tiny brain

  40. Dwight Bobblehead: The best thing about being a bobblehead…is not the women or fame. I’ve already acquired those things. No. The best thing about being a bobblehead is being able to psychologically dominate people with my ability to bobble. When I bobble my head, it not only confuses them but puts them into a vulnerable state into which I can exploit and manipulate them. It gives me headaches…but who’s the bigger loser? The guy who has the headache or the guy who has been forced into psychological submission by the guy who has the headache?

  41. Not only do I have the chiseled looks of a young Ralph Macchio, but this two-of-a-kind Bulgarian suit I found at the outlet mall is amazing. Are you jealous, Office-Tally…and Jim? You should be. Bigtime.

  42. so, uh, where are you staying tonight, dwight? super 8, motel 6, best western, holiday inn, the hyatt in wilkes-barre?
    …are you going to ferd’s house?

    unfortunately those pathetic little plastic lips sneered back, “i think i’ll be going to lauren’s house”

  43. Question- do you think i can hire a bodyquard, you know to protect me from giant pnomes..and jim halperts?!

  44. “NO, my password is NOT Gandalf. Sheesh. It’s Angela.”


    “We don’t have Internet access at my farmhouse, so I have to come to work to surf the web. We used to have a DSL line at the farm, but Mose abused the privilege, so I had to take it away. Now he just watches the teenagers out in the field.”

    I can’t believe how long I spent thinking about this. And I hope the second one’s not too … gross. Yes. :)

  45. Dwight K. Schrute’s Favorite Websites

    4) (?)


    (Oh, Jim, thanks for this by the way)

  46. “My new bobblehead is not simply a perfect replication of my rugged masculine frame. It is a tool. A tool that enables me to be in two places at once. I used to have to take my laptop with me wherever I went, for security. But now, when I play lasertag on Thursday nights, I can just leave it at home with the bobblehead and all of my sensitive documents are guarded. It is therefore completely safe. Why? Because I’m watching it. Because… *I’m* the bobblehead.”

  47. Bobblehead Joe opened the internet only to find that Jim had changed his homepage again to his favorite site:

  48., my favorite website. Next to And actually that one comes directly after That is all.

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