10 things you didn’t know about The Office

TV Guide has a really interesting list of things you may not know about The Office:

  • The Office was originally developed with FX or HBO in mind.
  • Steve Carell almost missed out on becoming Michael Scott.
  • Jim and Pam might have been an interracial love story.
  • Dunder Mifflin branches exist all over the Northeast.
  • The original Office spinoff idea: A parody of PBS’ An American Family.
  • Parks and Recreation could have been an Office spinoff.
  • Oscar (Oscar Nunez) wasn’t supposed to be gay.
  • Dwight’s backstory was inspired by Wilson’s family, Daniels’ grandparents and UPN’s Amish in the City.
  • Fischer regularly hears from viewers who don’t like stronger-willed Pam.
  • Had NBC ordered The Farm to series, Dwight would have left The Office in midseason.

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  1. I read about these things in the print magazine version of TV Guide. The article went into more detail than what is listed here. For instance, the writers originally wanted Pam to be African American. Also, Andy was going to be the lead character in the original Office spinoff idea. He was going to be married with kids. His wife was going to be played by Catherine Tate, which is funny b/c she’s now on “The Office” too as Nellie.

  2. Thank god NBC didn’t pick up The Farm. Dwight becoming new manager was a great part of this season and I don’t think it would’ve been good anyway.

  3. “Fischer regularly hears from sexless misogynist jackasses who don’t like stronger-willed Pam.”

    ^ Fixed it for you.

    And I’d really love to learn more about how Rainn and Greg’s families inspired the Schrutes! Fingers crossed for no Nazi-collaborating grandmas puttering around Argentina.

  4. False. This is not 10 things I didn’t know, it’s 4 things I didn’t know, 5 I did know, and one (item #3) that I don’t understand the notability of.

  5. My little known Office factoid: Ed Helms originally auditioned for the part of Jim.

  6. Did none of you click on the link to the actual story? There’s a lot more there than what was written here. I didn’t know that Paul Lieberstein wanted to spin off The Office with a copy machine, for example.

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