Angela and gang on TLC

UPDATE: Clips of the actual episode now added …

The Learning Channel’s show Take Home Handyman premiered Saturday night with Ms. Angela Kinsey and The Office gang:

Angela Kinsey (NBC’s The Office) and husband Warren have just moved into a 1950s, bungalow-style home in Los Angeles. Although Angela’s addicted to watching “how-to” shows, she’s often left with little time to attempt weekend projects — but help is on the way! Andrew, along with Angela’s friends from The Office, spend 2 days helping the new homeowner check projects off her list.

Some of the videos are hilarious! And don’t forget to check out the photos of the renovated master bathroom. Very nice.

Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Behind the scenes clips

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  1. Those videos were priceless… but after watching all of them, if I hear one more commercial about how one flourescent bulb can save $30, I’m going to scream.

  2. That episode looks so great! I can’t wait to see it! Is anyone else having trouble watching the videos?

  3. I love the Mindy/Andrew bits. Mindy Kaling totally fascinates me because she wears ditzy so well in both real life and The Office, yet it’s obvious how hilarious and smart she is.

  4. Am I the last to know that Paul Lieberstein is Angela’s brother-in-law? I don’t remember hearing that before. I think these shows will be a hoot, thanks for the heads-up! (Angela has the wrong show time on her blog, btw.)

  5. Those videoes are great! I can’t wait to see the episode. I didn’t know that Paul is Angela’s brother in law, that’s really interesting.

    Holy cow! Next thing you know, Angela’s gonna say Steve Carell is her uncle and JKras is her nephew.
    I’m just as shocked as anyone….

  7. Was Angela on a clothing makeover show a while back? I swore someone that looked like her was on one.

  8. I already have the DVR set! Can’t wait to watch this and see Angela’s home plus the other cast members. And Angela’s mom too!

    And on another “who’s related to who in The Office” note, Greg Daniels is married to Paul and Warren’s sister, Susanne.

  9. I had no idea that Paul Lieberstein was Angela’s brother-in-law. Wow.

    And I was watching all the video’s out of order, so before that clip, I saw the clip where they were hanging the mirror. At first I thought it was Paul, then I said, naaah, that must be her husband. At least I can see the resemblance.

  10. Man, I love how almost everyone from the cast knew each other before the show. Either being in-laws, working with each other from the past, or went to school together. It’s awesome!

  11. Mindy is hilarious. You can really see how her character is an extension of her personality.

  12. I’m watching “Take Home Handyman” right now and it’s so cool to see Angela’s home! I just always assume that celebrities have ridiculous-sized mansions up in the Hollywood Hills, so it’s nice to see a down-home girl in a modest home. It’s lovely!

    And to Office Olympian (post #7) – I was just thinking the same thing about Angela’s husband being Paul’s Lieberstein’s brother! How did we not know this?! As soon as I saw his name on screen I started Googling him to see if they were brothers, then “Toby” showed up and Angela confirmed it. I’ve never seen anything mentioned in any articles about Paul being her brother-in-law. So cool!

  13. To start off with I’ve had a thing for Andrew ever since While You Were Out so there was no doubt I would watch this episode!! Then to get a chance to see Angela’s home, her Mom and husband, as well as some of her castmates was great!! I too didn’t know she was married to Paul’s brother. Jenna Fischer blogs about what a great friend Angela is and I can totally see that now. She’s so nice and of course, funny. How cute was it when her Mom said that she was going to talk to Angela’s Dad no matter what, stop production, etc..?? :)

  14. That was an adorable hour of television! A must see for any Office fan. Mindy was hilarious!

  15. This is really good so far! Angela is so cool. It’s kind of funny watching her try to lift heavy things!

  16. I also did not know Angela was Paul’s sister-in-law! It kinda reminds me of my own job…every so often I find out that someone I work with is related to another co-worker somehow.

    Best part about the show: I now know how to hang closet doors. Thanks Angela!

    PS…did Angela really not know she was going to be on the show when Andrew approached her in the Home Depot?

  17. I caught the end of this show and it was so cute. Angela is so funny and I loved seeing her mom.

    Does anyone know when it’ll replay again?


  18. Re 16: I had heard before that Angela was married to Paul’s brother, but I had forgotten…I was so confused when the clip of Paul and Warren started playing… I was like hey, Paul looks good with some scruff, and then the real Paul came into focus and it blew my mind how much they look alike. And sound alike too!

  19. It was so great that Oscar and Kate showed up too! They should’ve made it Take Home Handyman: The Office edition. So many of them showed up!

  20. That was a very entertaining watch! I don’t have cable so I’d forgotten how addictive TLC shows can be!!

  21. Like when I watched Lollilove, there is something sort of weird and wrong feeling about being able to see the houses of my favorite Office people. And yet, I can’t stop myself from watching.

  22. What a gorgeous bathroom! That show makes it look so easy.

    I had no idea Angela and Paul are in-laws! I also read that Paul and Warren’s sister is married to Greg Daniels. Its easy to see why the cast acts so much like a family.. they actually are!

  23. Bloody hell! Andrew Dan-Jumbo! I saw him at Circuit City a few weeks ago. And I’m naming my cat after him, either that or Garbage. Those are both awesome names for cats and/or people.

  24. I don’t have cable so I wasn’t able to watch the actual hour-long show. I did, however, watch all of the videos on TLC’s website (thanks for the link, tanster) and it looks great. I just continue to be amazed at how modest, funny, and good-natured all the actors on The Office are. I can’t imagine what it’s like to show up to work every day and love the people you’re working with so much. It seems like a charmed collaboration. I’m sure that this is a huge, albeit intangible, part of why the on-screen chemistry works so well.

  25. Wow, we have the same toilet that Angela has! And almost the exact bathroom faucet. Is Andrew really going to head out to Bertie’s house to do the sewing room?

  26. Also, when she does her English accent for Andrew? Major “Product Recall” flashbacks.

  27. Just wondering … was Jenna actually on the show? She was credited in the second hour, but I never saw her.

    On another note, I had no idea Angela was married to Paul’s brother.

  28. Aww great videos!
    It’s so weird to see them on the learning channel lol.
    My little sister was obsessed with that channel and now I am! haha

  29. The behind the scenes clips are REALLY funny. Especially the ones with Paul and Mindy. I love these people.

  30. Okay, I already thought Paul was a cutie – but now he’s good with power tools too – YAY!

  31. Did y’all see the picture of Andrew (the handy-man) lifting Angela up to look over the fence? (It’s in the behind-the-scenes pictures). That is too cute. She’s so tiny! Adorable. I just LOVE this cast so much.

  32. Are Paul and Warren actually brothers, or was Angela just joking. They didn’t make any other comments about it, so i was a bit confused.

    Angela is freaking adorable. I love her.

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