Carell Gets Past First Base

The Washington Post talks to Steve Carell about his success in The Office and 40 Year Old Virgin. The funniest parts of the article, however, are interviews with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Carell’s compatriots from The Daily Show.

An excerpt:

So, seriously, what makes him tick?

“Steve Carell? I’ve never spoken with him.”

(We play along, but you know, you can’t win this game against a professional.) Okay, so is it sex or drugs or greed?

“I’m assuming it’s greed,” says Stewart. “But again, he’s an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in what appears to be prosciutto.”

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P.S. The article mentions a skit called “Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food,” and naturally, I had to look it up.

With ‘Office,’ NBC Goes Off the Beaten Laugh Track

William Booth of the Washington Post talks to Greg Daniels, executive producer, and B. J. Novak and Mindy Kaling, both writers and actors, of The Office.

To give “The Office” its docu-parody vibe, the show hired camera crews from reality series such as “Survivor,” and so the look is rough and jumpy, the action shot through potted plants, sometimes intimate and sometimes panning back and forth as characters engage.

“The camera guys from the reality show are going wherever they’re interested,” Daniels says. “So the cameraman isn’t 100 percent sure where he’s supposed to be, and you get things at just the right moment. You get these happy accidents, because they follow their instincts.”

Link: With ‘Office,’ NBC Goes Off the Beaten Laugh Track

Source: Prince at LiveJournal