Cafe Disco song list

Here’s the Cafe Disco song list — a complete list of songs played in The Office episode Cafe Disco.

In the order that they were played:

Tipsters: Fabric Softener, Leonora, KD


  1. Thanks a bunch! There was no way I could have found “Various Disgraces” without this. Cheers!

  2. I can’t find “Take Me” anywhere! The song when Angela walks in. I really like it!):

  3. Are you sure the name of the song is “Take Me” by Image??? I can’t even find a band by that name anywhere, or the song. I’ve searched all over the internet for that song. No luck. It’s the song where Angela walks in. I’ve searched itunes, amazon, etc…nothing. :(

  4. The song when Angela walks in is definitely not Take Me by Image. Image is a male rapper. That song is on Spotify and is definitely not the one in Cafe Disco. The Cafe Disco one has a female vocalist and the word “Whiplash” is repeated and there are lyrics that sound like “I lose control” “body and soul” or “break it, twist it, turn it, check it” or “mr dj won’t you turn it up a little on the dancefloor” in it. No one seems to be able to identify it. It may have specifically written for the episode like Boy Hangover was.

  5. What is the one where the girl goes choo choo like 3 times someone help please

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